Spring Mail Send (asynchronous + sync)

Thank you: http://r164.blog.163.com/blog/static/19749695201043084930451/ Before the project to do a send mail, because the attachment is very large, sent very slowly, but after the asynchronous send, found The user experience is really good. JavaMai

Switch port Speed Limit summary

Speed-limiting switches are typically on three or more switches, and the new switch model two-tier device since 2008 can achieve the QoS speed limit of 1Mbps, such as the Cisco 2960 series switches. After this, most of the domestic standard two-layer

VC6 Install SP6 patch direct return failure

Install SP6 patch for VC6After clicking Install, return directly to Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6 Setup is not completed successfully.After Google finds it, fix the problem.The original registry is missing a value: REGEDIT4 [Hkey_local_machine/s

TCP Serial number and confirmation number detailed

transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/webnumen/archive/2007/03/26/1541330.aspx TCP Serial number and confirmation number detailedIn network analysis, reading the trend of TCP serial number and confirmation number, can help us to learn the TCP prot

Problems encountered in pointer learning

1. The concept of pointers In the computer, all the data is stored in the memory. In general, a byte in memory is called a memory unit, different data types occupy a number of memory units, such as the integer 2 units, the character of 1 units, etc.,

URLs and Resources

1. Concept #1: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI, Uniform Resource Identifier): Uniquely identifies and locates information resources worldwide. #2: Uniform Resource Locator (Url,uniform Resource Locator): Describes a specific location for a resource

Add spell Check to SOLR

In Schema.xml, add the following: <!--A copied field for SpellCheck. As it has the same stuff as the above _text_, you can use the _text_ for spellcheck in this case. But creating another dedicated copied field for SpellCheck have more flexibility

Test Case management Tool-testlink

Testlink is a web-based test case management system, the main function is the creation, management and execution of test cases, and also provides some simple statistical functions, the main functions include: test requirements management test case ma

Vector Container and iterator iterator

vector Container Vectors are a collection of objects of the same type, each with a corresponding integer index value. As with string objects, the standard library is responsible for managing the associated memory of the storage element. We refer to

WiX Packaging Series (i) How to use WiX to create the installer

Http://www.xuebuyuan.com/1798879.html Recently, due to the project needs, the need to create the installation program for customers, the first use of VS2005 to pack the package, but for some time found that vs packaging is too rigid, and use a lot o

Find the maximum length of a symmetric substring in a string (longest palindrome)

Background: The so-called symmetric substring, that is, the substring is either symmetric with one of the words: "ABA", "ABCBA", or completely symmetrical: such as "ABBA", "ABCCBA". Problem: Give you a string that finds the maximum length of the symm

MP3 file album art a little Bit of knowledge

mp3 file album art a little Bit of knowledge(2013-04-22 22:40:09) reprinted Tags: android mp3 id3 cover it Category: Android mechanism First of all, the MP3 file's album cover data is encoded in the MP3 file ID3, you need to p

Digit Generator generate meta (P52)/UVA-1583

1. If each test data, starting from its own to find its generator, it can also be done .... But.... Will time out: Every one to check ... It's obviously too slow. 2. However, given the range of data, the maximum number of lookup generators is 10000,

RABBITMQ Message Queue (a): detailed Introduction Detailed introduction

1. History RABBITMQ is an open source implementation of the AMQP (Advanced Message Queue) developed by Erlang. The emergence of AMQP in fact is also the needs of the masses of people, although in the world of synchronous messaging communication Ther

function dependency set closure and attribute set for relationship normalization X closure for function dependency set F

Recently learning database principle, the relationship normalization introduced several algorithms, the most basic and most important is to find the attribute set X about a function dependency set F closure. /*8 Week of Kung Fu a database basic princ

Choose the best switching frequency for your DC/DC converter

Author: Texas Instruments Richard Nowakowski and Brian King The benefit of increasing the switching frequency is obvious, but there are some shortcomings, designers should understand the pros and cons, in order to choose the most suitable switching f

MATLAB Learning notes 4:3-dimensional drawing

76. >> x=[0 0 0];y=[30 90];z=[0 0 0];% draw a straight line on the plane z=0PLOT3 (x, Y, z)On>> grid on>> x1=[0 0 0 0];y1=[0 36];z1=[3 3 3 3];% draw a straight line on the plane z=3PLOT3 (X1,Y1,Z1)Grid onOn>> x2=[0 0 0 0];y2=[

hdu1298 T9 (cell phone Input method, each press a number, find the most frequently occurring string, the dictionary tree +dfs)

Problem Description a while ago it is quite cumbersome to create a message for the short message Service (SMS) on A Mobil E phone. This is because nine keys and the alphabet had more than nine letters, so most characters could only be ENT Ered by pre

How does the Namenode of Hadoop manage metadata in the vernacular?

What is meta-data? The explanation of the Baidu Encyclopedia is that the data describing the data, which is primarily descriptive of the data properties, is used to support functions such as indicating storage location, historical data, resource look

Statistics scrolling effect of jquery visits, downloads, etc.

Sometimes we need dynamic display visits, download times and other effects, we can use jquery combined with background PHP to achieve a scrolling digital display effect. This article will combine the example using jquery background animation plug-in,

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