DB2 Memory Summary

Label:Understanding how DB2 uses memory can prevent over-allocating memory and help tune memory usage for better performance.This article will teach you the basics of DB2 memory usage, as well as the concept of shared memory and private memory.

MARIDB Installing the Audit Audit plugin

Label:1. Download pluginsHTTPS://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb-audit-plugin/Compare the new MARIADB version audit plugin directly embedded in the version, can be installed directly' server_audit.so;2. Log in to the MySQL server to perform like '

802.11 MAC Basics

Label:1. Challenges faced by MacRF Link Quality802.11 adopt a positive confirmation mechanism. All transmitted frames must be responded to, as long as any one link fails, the frame is considered a loss. -------Atomic operationproblems with hidden

Installing lamp

Tags: installing lamp<--Directory--1) RPM mode to build lamp platform2) source code compilation build Lamp Platform3) Lamp Configuration analysisFirst, RPM way to build lamp platform"Server Configuration ("1) Install each

Package Management: RPM

Tags: package management: RPMPackage Management: rpm/usr/share/man/ etc,/bin,/sbin,/lib, operation of the system itself to run and start the required path, these directories can not mount additional partitions must be on the root/usr/ operating

JVM Performance Tuning

Label:excerpt from: http://uule.iteye.com/blog/2114697Summary of JVM garbage collection and performance tuningSeveral strategies for tuning the JVMFirst, JVM memory model and garbage collection algorithm1. According to the Java Virtual Machine

Get the number of files in the current directory

Label:First, get the number of files in the current directory1. CommandLs-l | grep "^-" | Wc-l2. DescriptionLs-l long list output The file information in this directory (note that the file here, different from the general file, may be directory,

Zabbix 2.0.X Installation

Tags: mysql fileFile/sbin/init #查看32/64-bit machineUname-r#查看linxu版本Yum-y install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf httpd php mysql lrzsz mysql-server php-mysql httpd-Manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql php-gd php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-Xmlrpc

4.2 File Format Analysis

Label:4.2 File Format Analysis20135206 at Jia Xin?The generic Elf file consists of three index tables: Elf Header,program header table,section Header table.1) ELF header: At the beginning of the document, a roadmap was saved, describing the

Trading System Featured---

Label:Trading System Featured---(2011-03-08 12:52:03)reproduced The analysis of the applicability of securities investment theory and securities investment strategy, the principle of computerized technology

int *const && INT const * && const INT * Difference

Label:Ansic allows you to declare constants, constants and variables, constants that cannot be changed, and modifiers with the keyword constFor example: const int Aint const AThe above two declarations are the same, we do not need to consider the

View the primary key of a table in a library, identify columns, computed columns, field types, allow nulls, default values, and other properties

Label:View the primary key of a table in a library, identify columns, computed columns, field types, allow nulls, default values, and other properties SELECT [Table name]= Case whent.column_id= 1 Then

Introduction to Qt 5

Label:QT 5 Introduction qt 5 Overviewin this version of QT 5, QT Quick became the heart of Qt. But QT 5 also continues to provide powerful local C + + capabilities to achieve a better user experience, as well as full support for Opengl/opengl es

In fact, Unix is simple.

Label:A lot of programming friends on the internet asked me such a few questions,Unix how to learn? Why is Unix so hard? How can you learn? And let me give them some experience of learning Unix . Most of the time, I find that friends who ask these

Nginx Installation Tutorial

Label:Nginx:linux PackagesCurrently, Nginx packages is available for the following distributions and versions:Rhel/centos: Version Supported platforms 5.x x86_64, i386

3 View Detach

Label:Before we explain the application of session and Kookie, we must separate the code appropriately. If the HTML of the page and PHP are written together, then it means that 1 files are responsible for 2 people (the Web designer is responsible

Changes to the Split function, which enables the splitting of all columns of the entire table through a stored procedure

Label:/* First, create a database*/if exists (select 1 from sys.sysdatabases where name= ' web_1 ')BeginDrop Database Web_1EndCreate DATABASE Web_1On PRIMARY(NAME = Web,Filename= ' E:\test\web.mdf ',--this path must exist in order to build the

CGAL+VS2015+QT Configuration

Label:Because the Cgal computational Geometry algorithm Library was used in the lab project, I groped for the configuration of Cgal.Cgal is a particularly powerful open Source library for computational geometry algorithms . Connect to an official

Abstract, interface

Label:<?php/*class Ren {public static $color;   static function Show () {Ren:: $color;   Self:: $color;  }} class Car {public static $name;   }*//*/abstract class Dongwu {public $dong;   

Hash table

Label:Concept of a hash listThe hashing technique establishes a definite correspondence between the stored location of the record and its key words, so that each keyword key corresponds to a storage location F (key).This correspondence, F, is called

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