Install apache2.2 in Red Hat Enterprise linux4

The latest Apache server version is 2.2, but many Linux servers come with Apache 2.0. How should we install the 2.2 server. First download the latest Apache server following the, download the tar.gz package, use

Modify the host name in Linux (Red Hat 5.5)

I. Use the hostname command [Root @ Vin ~] # Hostname yourname In this case, the host name is changed temporarily. 2. modify the configuration file/etc/sysconfig/network and/etc/hosts of the Linux host. 1. Modify/Etc/sysconfig/NetworkHost

Configure the FTP service in Linux (Red Hat 5.5)

1. First, check whether FTP is installed in the system.ProgramPackage Rpm-Qa | grep vsftpd 2If not, go to the installation CD directory. CD/Media/CD name/Server Ls | grep FTP You will see many files with the suffix. rpm. You can

Red Hat releases an enterprise-level Linux operating system test

[CCID news] Open Source codeSoftware Vendor Red Hat announced on Monday a beta version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4 codenamed nahant. This is the first public beta version of Red Hat's next-generation enterprise-level Linux operating

Red Hat announced 05 net profit increase of Q2 settlement in accounting year 225%

[Journal reports by BP] Red Hat recently announced the 2004 quarter of the 2nd fiscal year (6 ~ Performance for the quarter of August. The quarter's turnover was $46.3 million, an increase of 60% from the same quarter of the previous year. It is 41.8

Install JDK in Red Hat Linux 9

1. download the latest j2se 1.6: jdk-6u17-linux-i586-rpm.bin from 2. Copy the JDK Installation File jdk-6u17-linux-i586-rpm.bin to any directory of RedHat. Example:/opt/JDK (directory JDK needs to be manually created) 3. Execute #

Microsoft's ally joins the Red Hat Partner Program site's latest information: Red Hat recently joined forces with Unisys to announce a partnership. In accordance with the Cooperation Agreement, Unisys will provide more server portfolio products in the future, including hardware,

Microsoft counterattacks Linux targeting Red Hat, Novell, and IBM

Microsoft is "Refining" its "get the truth" advertising campaign for Linux. This time, it focuses on Red Hat, Novell, and IBM, instead of generic targeting Linux. Taylor, General Manager of the platform strategy department of Microsoft, said in

An open letter from a Chinese hacker to a Chinese hacker and a red hat hacker)

All Chinese hackers and Hongke, my fellow citizens: First, I declare that my computer software technology and hacker skills may not be worse than anyone else: I have read the source code of minix, TCP/IP, BSD, Linux, and PL1. I have obtained the

Settings of the motif window manager under Red Hat Enterprise linux4

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux4, the default window manager is metacity. However, sometimes programs transplanted from Unix try to be as similar as the original Unix program, such as programs transplanted from HP Unix. You need to change the Window

Dell optplex 320 cannot install Red Hat Enterprise linux4 Update 4

Because of the project requirements, our server requires the use of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux4 Update 4 system, so we drew a new Dell OPTPLEX 320 machine as the server, and then the problem came. This Dell machine was originally pre-installed

Install the Realtek 8186 NIC Driver and network settings on Red Hat Linux Enterprise4

The Red Hat Linux guest ise4 operating system is finally ready. After the startup is successful, it is found that most drivers are good, but the NIC driver is not one of the most important drivers. Therefore, the most urgent task is to deal with the

How to add the current user to The sudo user group in Red Hat Linux

In Linux, the root user is a user with a high level of permissions, which threatens the security of the operating system, therefore, we usually use a common user name when operating the computer, and temporarily use the su command to switch to the

How can I configure VNC on Red Hat Enterprise linux2.1?

Solution: 1. First, check whether the required VNC package has been installed. Run this command as the root user: rpm -qa | grep vnc If the RPM command outputs vnc-doc, vnc-server, and vnc, go to step 2. If the RPM command is not output,

Red hat Simple Network Configuration

To add a host to a local network, follow these steps: Assign a unique IP address and host name;Sets the network interface of a new host when it is started;Set a default route. More routing configurations may be available;Point to a DNS name server

Manual IP address and DNS modification in Linux (Red Hat 5.5)

Edit the ifcfg-eth0 file under/etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/(if not, determine whether the NIC driver is installed) Cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts Vi ifcfg-eth0 -------------------------------------------- DEVICE = eth0BOOTPROTO = noneIPADDR =

Configure the TELNET service in linux (red hat 5.5)

1. Install the Telnet package (usually two) 1. telnet-client (or telnet). This package provides the Telnet client program;2. telnet-server software package. This is the real telnet server software package!Check whether these software packages are

Today, I know that I am a person who has been poisoned by Red Hat!

The story is about whether to set MySQL to run automatically after it is installed in Ubuntu... 1. My Ubuntu version: [Xport @ ubuntu ~] $ Uname-Linux ubuntu 2.6.17-10-generic #2 SMP Tue Dec 5 22:28:26 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux 2. Set

Red Hat-YUM

RPM is a good thing, but the only thing that cannot be solved is the dependency problem. That is, the software dependency problem. YUM can be used to solve the problem perfectly. YUM configuration process: 1. Install YUM Repository and configure it

Red Hat Q2 earnings increased by more than three times, and sales increased by 60%.

[Saidi news] In September 21, Hong Kong and Taiwan media news said, the world's largest Linux operating system agent Red Hat company (US; RHAT) said that the company's second quarter profit growth more than three times, sales growth of 60%. Red

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