Network Card driver installation method Windows 7 64-bit system

Windows 7 64-bit system, NIC driver problem has been very annoying, small seven also see a lot of students asked similar questions, in fact, the solution is very simple, as long as the administrator-mode installation, the problem will be solved.

Windows 2003 SP1 Vol. MSDN Standard Edition + Enterprise version with registration code _ Common Tools

Windows_2003_sp1_vol_msdn_ Standard Edition + Enterprise Edition value 8000 RMB1. Why not XP? This issue has been discussed by the major forums tens of thousands of times: XP is less than 03 performance is the fact [even with the theme of XP], at

64-bit Windows Vista system four installation methods

What is the difference between a 64-bit Windows Vista operating system installation and 32-bit? Well, how about the installation? Here are four ways to do this. One method of hard disk installation Vista64 bit system 64-bit Vista installation from

The functional level of Windows 2003

In order to adapt to the development of the times, there are many companies to upgrade the Windows NT domain of internal server to a higher version, which involves the problem of ad migration. What are the advantages of a more advanced domain

Windows Server 2003 IIS6.0+PHP5 (FastCGI) +MYSQL5 Environment Building Tutorial

Prepare the articleFirst, environmental description:Operating system: Windows Server 2003 SP2 32-bitPHP Version: PHP 5.3.14MySQL version: MySQL5.5.25Second, related software download:1.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing creates a Windows virtual machine deployment Web site in the portal

Azure virtual Machines (VMS) can be created from the Azure portal. This method provides a browser-based user interface to create VMS and their associated resources. This quickstart shows you how to deploy a virtual machine (VM) running Windows

How to show a message to users who are trying to log on to Windows 10

If you are the administrator of the computer, in Windows 10, you can display a message for each user who tries to log on to Windows 10. This message tip includes the message title and message body, and the text content in the title and body can be

Windows Server 2016 activation

The following information outlines preliminary planning considerations that require attention when using Key Management Service (KMS) activation involving Windows Server 2016. For information about KMS activation involving the operating system

Windows Runtime and DLL files

Windows 10 includes versionsWIN10 Home EditionWIN10 Professional EditionWIN10 Education EditionWin 10 Enterprise EditionWindows 7 includes 6 versionsWindows 7 Starter (primary edition), respectivelyWindows 7 Home Basic (Home normal edition)Windows 7

Setup of the Windows server R2 DHCP server

A DHCP server is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is a client-server technology that allows the DHCP server to assign IP addresses to computers and other devices that are enabled as DHCP clients, and to allow the server to lease IP

Download address for Windows Storage Server (x64) Chinese version!

Windows Storage Server (x64) Chinese version!1. Windows Storage Server (x64)-DVD (中文版)Filename En_windows_storage_server_2016_x64_dvd_9327790.iso SHA1 3f136fe5c44bce158e5f044121e43438fda058e5 File size 4.26GB Release

Windows Server 2008 System Basic optimizations

A few days ago with Windows Server 2008 was really not used to start, after all, it is a server with the system and entertainment operating system is very different. Summarize the points first, and then update slowlyTo install the Win2008

Common vulnerabilities in Windows XP and Windows 7 systems

Common vulnerabilities in 1.Windows XP systemsCommon vulnerabilities in Windows XP systems include UPnP Service vulnerability, escalation vulnerability, help and Support Center vulnerability, compressed folder vulnerability, Denial of service

Install SharePoint SP1 on Windows Server 2012

Now a lot of enterprise systems are starting to use Windows 2012, the company recently need to build a portal system, the first thought of Microsoft's SharePoint2010, this thing is really strong, 2008 has faded, of course, directly installed on

How to add MP3 support from source compilation chromium (CEF3) on Windows

First, what is CEFCEF, the chromium embeded Framework, is extended by Google's Open source browser project chromium, and can be easily embedded in other programs to get browser functionality.CEF includes two versions of CEF1 and CEF3, and CEF1 has

Windows Server R2 Create an ad domain

??ObjectiveWe follow to create the first domain in the first forest. Create a method to install a Windows Server first, and then upgrade it to a domain controller. Then create a second domain controller, a member server with a domain-joined WIN8

Windows 10 Release: Microsoft's Return and progress

"We hope that all Windows 7 users will feel the same way: Yesterday they were driving the first Prius, and today Windows 10 would make them feel like they were driving Tesla." ” Early this morning, Microsoft released a new generation operating

Wave nf5280m3 Installing Windows Server R2 considerations

Recently, a unit has purchased several wave nf5280m3 servers, each configured with 2 e5-2630 CPUs, 16GB of memory, and 5 2.5-inch 600GB SAS hard drives. After the server is in place, there was a problem installing Windows Server R2, either booting

Win under compile FFmpeg library, Compile and build FFmpeg library and DLL on Windows x64 (genuine)

Reprint please specify: from Ericking,thanksNever thought of compiling a library so pit dad, again remind you Baidu things can only refer to, want to save time or to the official online to see Docum. No nonsense, start the detailed process:---"1.

Brief Introduction to IIS7 Performance

Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) is not only a Web server, but also a platform with enhanced security and ease of management. It is suitable for developing and reliably storing Web applications and Services. IIS7 is a major enhancement of

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