Non-destructive partitioning tutorials for disk partitions with Windows Server 2008 Systems

If you want to make lossless adjustments to disk partitions, it is often necessary to download the use of professional disk management tools to complete, such as the common tools are partitionmagic, PowerQuest and so on, so there is no professional

Windows 7 System detailed core graphics architecture

As you now think, Windows7 is actually an improved version of Windows Vista. Windows 7 has done a lot of work on the basis of Windows Vista and has added a lot of new features. Vista offers a great deal of improvement over its previous generation of

Windows 7 Installation FAQ

With the increasing number of genuine Windows7 users, many users are beginning to try to install Windows7 systems on their own to reinstall or help their friends. However, the installation process for Windows 7 May cause installation to continue for

Basic security hardening methods for Windows Servers (2008) _win Server

The United States Cloud (MOS) provides the Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Windows Server R2 Data Center version of the cloud host server. Windows Server security issues require extra attention because of the high market share of Windows servers,

Introducing the Windows Server 2003 family

(Extracts from MS for the following content) The Windows Server 2003 series follows the advanced technology of Windows Server and makes it easier to deploy, manage, and use. The indows Server 2003 families include the following products:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core

Starting with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, a new Server Core model, which is a minimal system installation option, includes only Server core subsystems such as security, TCP/IP, file systems, RPC, and so on. In Server Core we can install the

Optimizing Oracle9i performance under Windows 2000

oracle|window| Performance | optimization Oracle performance optimization Under Windows 2000 requires consideration of disk I/O, CPU, network subsystem, memory subsystems, which focuses on Oracle memory tuning in Windows 2000 environments.

Brief introduction to Windows 7 start and stop

Before you start using Windows 7, it is important to have a more comprehensive understanding of the new Windows operating system. Whether it's a new feature or a feature improvement, Windows 7 has changed significantly compared to

Microsoft's next Generation Windows 7 version Quiz's Paul Thurrott produced a FAQ about Windows "7", which focused on some of the problems with this Microsoft's next-generation Windows major version. Q: Is Microsoft still developing a new operating system after Vista? A: Yes, the

Windows Server 2012 Cluster Shared volume combat

Cluster shared volumes, a simple understanding is a distributed Access file system for Hyper-V optimization, where nodes in a cluster can write to a disk at the same time, and are controlled access to avoid data-writing conflicts. This feature is

Windows Server 2008 R2 RC Trial notes

Windows Server 2008 R2 RC has been providing downloads for some time, and in Microsoft's version number, RC represents release candidate, the candidate release version, which is the closest to a formal release. From the RC version to the official

Windows 2003 64-bit Web Server installation configuration considerations

Yesterday deliberately to the computer room to install 64-bit system, with a 250G new hard drive to go. In order to reduce the time to break the net, first the hard disk partition, a lot of data also copied to a section. I am using the Windows

Graphics and text tutorial on installation configuration of XAMPP under Windows system

This is a tutorial on XAMPP installation configuration under Windows, what is XAMPP? When installing the configuration lamp under the Linux Ubuntu system, it is mentioned that XAMPP,XAMPP provides us with a type of Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac A

Printer cannot be deleted on Windows print server

A problem has been encountered these days that printers on a Windows 2008 print server cannot be deleted. You can remove the printer from the device and the printer, then refresh it, and they come out again. These printers have long been absent, and

Windows R2 SP1 Deploying WSUS 3.0 SP2

This article references and reprint to: experimental environment1) WSUS server:Windows2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise Edition;Host name: WSUS01;Host

Windows Runtime and DLL files

Windows 10 includes versionsWIN10 Home EditionWIN10 Professional EditionWIN10 Education EditionWin 10 Enterprise EditionWindows 7 includes 6 versionsWindows 7 Starter (primary edition), respectivelyWindows 7 Home Basic (Home normal edition)Windows 7

Windows 7 SP1 x64 flagship Microsoft Official installation USB drive production

[This topic by Zhongshan 艹 mud Meow in 2013-08-20 23:14:33 set as the essence 1, Reason: good ~] Finally withered in the wind in 2015-12-15 17:44:15 modifiedThere are four main ways to install the Windows 7 operating system: CD installation, hard

100 cmd commands commonly used under Windows and common operations

100 cmd commands commonly used under Windows and 100 cmd commands commonly used for common operations gpedit.msc-– Group Policy2. Sndrec32 ——-Recorder3. Nslookup ——-IP Address Detector is a command-line tool that monitors whether DNS servers in

Introduction to getting the deployment tools for Windows 10 (3)

The final version of Windows 10 will be officially released on July 29, and it is believed that many administrators, including me, have tested the Windows 10 preview and expect to find an optimal deployment tool to deploy to the enterprise at the

AD Domain installation (install active Directory in Windows Server 2003)

A set of servers is provided as an authentication server or a logon server in Active Directory, which is called a domain controller, or DC. The process of establishing an ad domain is actually the process of installing ad on a computer that is

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