Windows oracle11g Manual Build library ____oracle

Windows oracle11g Manual Build library In the course of the project, you will inevitably encounter the need to manually build the library. This article mainly describes how to build a library manually in a common Windows environment.Environment

Kinect Development Environment configuration: Kinect for Windows SDK + OpenCV2.4.10 + VS2010 + Win7 (x64)

Assume that the VS2010 is installed and ready for use. I. Installing and configuring the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.7 Download the Kinect for Windows SDK and developer Toolkit on the official website: Kinectsdk-v1.7-setup.exe (mainly provides the

Issues with DB2 spatial Extender and ARCSDE installed on Windows

Because the customer's DB2 version is version 9.7, the test environment can only install this version, but in the minimum supported version of ARCSDE requires V9.7 Pack 4 version, below this version is not possible.Installation of DB2 and spatial

Windows cmd command Daquan (for reference only)

CMD command: Start-to-run, type cmd or command (you can see the system version, the file system version on the command line)CHCP modifying the default character setCHCP 936 Default ChineseChcp 650011. Appwiz.cpl: Programs and functions2. Calc: Start

Windows installation uses OpenSSL to create PKS p12 certificates

What is OpenSSL?OpenSSL is a well-known open source Cryptography Toolkit for secure communications, including key cryptographic algorithms, common passwords, and certificate encapsulation capabilities.1. OpenSSL websiteOfficial:

Windows Server 2016-store new features

This chapter introduces new features for storage in Windows Server 2016, as follows:1. Storage Spaces Direct:Storage Spaces Direct allows you to build high-availability and scalable storage by using servers that have local storage. This feature

Windows Server 2016-store new features

This chapter introduces new features for storage in Windows Server 2016, as follows:1. Storage Spaces Direct:Storage Spaces Direct allows you to build high-availability and scalable storage by using servers that have local storage. This feature

Installing Laravel 5.1.X in Windows

1. Preparation 1.1 PHP integrated environmentHere we are using XAMPP, the latest version: PHP version 5.5.27 (32-bit) | PHP version 5.6.11 (32-bit). These two versions of XAMPP no longer support the Windows XP operating system, which means you need

Installation instructions for Windows 7 system

ISP NETWORK Service providers: such as: 100Mbps upstream and downstream rate is 12.5mb/sDivided into family and business two kinds: the speed of the family is not up to, enterprise accurate.Speed with speedtest, do not use 360, because it is the

Expand Yaf under Windows, and generate YAF framework files

YAF Chinese Document: YAF Framework is a extensible framework developed by C, which belongs to PHP;2 Yaf performance compared to Yu Yuanseng PHP, performance only reduced by less than 10%;The following

Using MinGW + Msys to compile ffmpeg under Windows

This article refers to a lot of articles on the network, but because of the issue of the version of the Environment reference article and can not directly guide the compilation, this article absorbs multi-party experience, and in their own many

Chinese version of the keyboard that sets the Japanese format layout under Windows 7

a few years ago, wrote an article how to in the Chinese version Windows XP The Japanese keyboard is correctly set up on the system so that it reflects the character of the keyboard key. It was published only in 51nb and another unknown small forum.

WINDOWS®10 Mobile Technical Preview Upgrade method

Just early this morning, Microsoft released the Windows Mobile Technical Preview upgrade, people like to eat crabs always hope that the first time to try a new system, I am no exception.This upgrade covers many devices from Lumia 520 to Lumia 1520,

Detailed setup steps for Windows Server 2003 load Balancing (reprint)

Disclaimer: This article is reproduced.When a server (including Web servers, FTP servers, or streaming media servers, etc.) is put into the network, as the number of clients increases, people often need servers that are more powerful and processing

How to compile the OpenSSL VS2013 under Windows

OpenSSL is an open-source third-party library that implements the SSL (Secure Socketlayer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols that are used by a wide range of enterprise applications. For general developers, it is a good idea to download

Make DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged in advanced installer

About DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged version-------------------- Glacier Blade re-packaged version---------------------------------------------------------Based on the official original installation package +

Windows Optimizer Master Latest version V7.99 Build 12.604 released

This article is collected and collated by www.169it.comWindows Optimizer is a powerful system tool software that provides comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-secure system detection, system optimization, system cleanup, system maintenance, four

Windows installation Redmine 2.5.2 not complete guide

I decided to introduce redmine in the project to manage the development tasks and plans, as for the benefits of Redmine, ask Niang or brain repair.Internet search, basically are old version of, 1.2.1 the most, I want new Ah, so I had to come.This

Quickly build Windows 8-style apps 1-development tools installation and simulator use

Original: Quick build Windows 8 Style App 1-development tools installation and simulator useThis post focuses on the development of two common development tools used in Windows 8 style apps: Visual Studio 2012 and expression Blend for Visual Studio 2

IIS 8.0 IIS 6 is installed on Windows Service 2012

My goal is to install IIS6 on the server, but inspired by this article and follow his steps to see the "IIS 6 Management Compatibility", my problem is solved, I am here because to install VSS 2005 and U8 and other earlier software will encounter

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