Windows 8 's 23 Daxin inventory

It is reported that the Windows 8 user interface will not change much compared to the Windows 7 operating system, but the system kernel will be greatly improved. Currently, there are a lot of rumors about Windows 8 in the network, but it is

Windows 7 speech Recognition operating computer

The unit Xiao Li in learned that Win7 speech recognition function, very wants to experience this with the computer intelligence "the Exchange", after the colleague Xiao Wang explains, quickly understood this intellectualized operation. Originally,

Is the new Microsoft Edge browser the fastest browser on the Windows 10 platform?

Yesterday Microsoft Windows Insider Project members launched the version number 10240 of the latest Windows 10 preview, the most notable changes in the lower right corner of the screen no longer appear the watermark version. In addition to this

How Windows 8 Systems Enter Safe Mode tips

One, by setting "System Configuration" restart into Safe mode This requires access to the system, the ability to open the Control Panel, or the Start screen, or to run commands. The following are only the ways to enter the system configuration by

12 tips to speed up windows 7 system

In terms of overall operating speed, Microsoft's Windows 7 system has significantly improved beyond its predecessor Vista, but it seems less than the latest Windows 8, with at least a few Windows users able to experience a 15-second boot speed.

Windows 8.1 is set to complete these 15 places.

As an improved version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is clearly being given high expectations, such as the New Start button, the SkyDrive file Cloud Sync feature, and so on. However, no product is perfect, Windows 8.1 still has some annoying little

10 tips that Windows users should know

In the past few years, the Windows system has not changed significantly (at least on the desktop), but each new version of the update has brought some minor tweaks and upgrades. Of course, Windows is a large and complex desktop system, so if you

The magical function of Windows 2008 system auditing

enable the configuration auditing feature The auditing features of the Windows Server 2008 system are not enabled by default, and we must enable and configure their auditing capabilities for specific system events so that the functionality is

Analysis of Windows 2000/XP Service and Backdoor technology _ Web surfing

I. Preamble Service programs under Windows follow the interface standards of the Service Control Manager (SCM), which run automatically when they log on to the system, and even execute normally without a user logging on to the system, similar to a

Workaround for common errors in Windows Server 2003 startup _win Server

Absrtact: During the Windows Server 2003 startup process, there are a variety of issues, this article describes several stages of the operating system startup process, collects some common errors, and proposes solutions to these errors in the

Windows Vista Simplified Chinese version X86 version of the original image download _ Common Tools

Cn_windows_vista_x86_dvd_x12-59648.iso The original ISO file is relatively large, divided into three packages, please download the WinRAR open to get the ISO file No more introductions, original ISO With Vista "soft change" program Vista Loader 2.

Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (14) Advanced guidelines

The previous 13 articles described the most basic knowledge of various aspects of the Kinect SDK development. As this series of UBM titles, this knowledge is just a primer for the development of the Kinect for Windows SDK. This article will

Windows Server 2008:AD LDS application strategy

This article together we understand the specific installation of AD LDS and simple application operations. First, install the AD LDS server role 1. Click Start, and then click Server Manager. 2. In the console tree, right-click Roles, and then

Windows 2003 operating system four examples of wonderful questions and answers

How to forcibly shut down a computer remotely Q: The LAN server I manage is Windows Server 2003, and the client is all Windows 2000. How can I force remote shutdown of the specified computer in the LAN? Answer: There are many ways to achieve this.

Windows HPC Server 2008 Cluster Deployment Combat

Windows HPC Server 2008 is the successor to the existing Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 (WCCS2003), based on the Windows Server 2008 64-bit system core. It provides new high-speed networks, efficient and flexible cluster management tools,

Learn about Windows Phone7 Development (12 Tile Notification)

In push notification, Tile noftification is a special (raw notification is actually the data received by the HTTP POST method; Toast notification is implemented by the system, because the system is the one that needs to be developed, and half of it

Talk about the optimization of Windows 7 to solid State drive

When Microsoft developed Windows Vista, solid-state drives were not so hot, so they were not optimized. Windows 7 is different, Microsoft from the beginning of the solid state hard disk in a key position, and recently through the E7 official blog

Chinese Windows xp/2003 Disk Scan Tool

Users who have used Windows XP know that a disk scan of Windows XP can only be done on boot, but is there anything you can't do to face the full screen of English? In fact, the disk scan of Windows 2000/xp/2003 can display Chinese completely. 1.

How are Windows temp files generated by the Win7 system cleaned up?

Many partners know that in the operation of the Win7 system, will slowly produce some temporary files, and there are many kinds of temporary files, some of which are Windows temp files, how to delete these windows temporary files? Let's listen to

Windows under ping command knowledge Daquan

ping [-t] [-a] [-N Count] [-l length] [-f] [-i TTL] [-v TOS] [-R Count] [-s count] [-j computer-list]│[-k computer-list] [-w timeout] Destination-list Options: -T Ping the specified host until stopped. To see statistics and continue-type

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