Windows Server 2008 R2 Server system Security Defense Hardening method _win Server

A. Change the terminal default port number Steps: 1. Run regedit 2. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\wds \rdpwd\tds \tcp], see Portnamber value? The default value is 3389, modified to the desired port, such as 12

History of the most cattle Windows system files detailed 1th/3 page _ Application Tips

We are using Windows every day, but are you familiar with its system files? The so-called system files generally refers to the windows are closely related to the normal operation of the system can not be separated from the files. Most of these files

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration Ultimate Tips Tutorial _win Server

The network circulated a lot about the security configuration of the Windows Server 2003 system, but the careful analysis found that many are not comprehensive, and many still configured not reasonable, and there is a lot of security risks, today I

Windows Server 2003 analog Ip-san graphics tutorial _win Server

Simulate Ip-san with Windows ServerTest operating system version: Windows 2003 Server SP2,Software: Ms_iscsi_target Configuration steps: 1. First download ms_iscsi_target, can download from Microsoft Official website. Windowows 2003 corresponds to

Consolidate IIS6 and TOMCAT5 on Windows 2003

First describe my system, Windows 2003 Server Chinese version +iis6+tomcat5.0.14,jdk 1.4.2 installation directory for C:\JDK,TOMCAT installation directory for C:\TOMCAT, environment variables Java_home and Tomcat The _home are set and point to their

Windows 2000 solutions that cannot be started

window| solution 1. When the system starts displaying the list of operating systems, press F8 to appear advanced startup options; A. Safe mode: Only basic services and drivers are loaded. Used to troubleshoot situations where additional hardware

PHP4+PWS installation and configuration under Windows 9x

Pws|window This paper mainly introduces the installation of PHP4.04 and mysql3.22.32 under Win98 system pws4.0. The software in this paper can be downloaded from the Software section of this website. .... The required software php4.04 Win 32-bit

apache2.0.39 php4.2.3 is built under Windows XP module mode.

Apache|window Windowsxp+apache2.0.39+php-4.2.3-dev source File Download: 1. The apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi below or Apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe. (A full setup package (. exe)

To install the authoritative guide for Apache2 and PHP4 in Windows

Apache|window Apache 2 and PHP are popular scenarios for creating interactive Web sites, and the cost is low. It's easy to install Apache 2 in Windows, but it takes a lot of skill to make PHP 4 work seamlessly with Apache 2. In the Windows

How to install Apache (PWS) php4mysqlphpmyadmin under Windows 98

Author: Tony Reeves () Publish Date: 08/08 16:52 1. Install PHP4 The software obtains: The foreign, the domestic, and so on obtains the compression package to extract after the C:\PHP4

How to configure DHCP failover for Windows Server 2012

Task 1: On the domain controller DC1, install the DHCP service locally 1. Log on to DC1 using administrator account. 2. Open ' Server Manager ' from the desktop's ' taskbar ' and click ' Add roles and features ' in the right pane after clicking '

How to install XP, 2003 under Windows Vista

Windows Vista computer users, because it involves game compatibility issues, or programming problems, and so on, often need to install a dual system, or even multiple systems, so many friends, asked the question, how to install Windows Vista System

Using Evtsys to convert Windows logs to Syslog

We know that both Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, routers, switches, and so on, generate a lot of logs, which are typically in the form of syslog. Debugging a firewall, intrusion detection, security audit and other products, friends should be familiar

Windows 8 Hands-on Experiment Tutorial: Introduction

Windows 8 Hands-on experiment Learn to create a Windows application store application using C # and XAML September 2012 Welcome! This series of hands-on experiments will allow you to immerse yourself in the development of Windows 8 applications,

How to get Windows 7 to automatically update hardware drivers

So far, Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, Windows 7, has been officially released for more than a year, and the author has changed its computer's operating system for the first time since it was released. After more than a year of use, I

New features of Windows Server 2008

In the past few years, the previous generation of Windows Server---Windows Server 2000/2003, has been unanimously praised by users. Windows Server 2000/2003 is affirmed by both large business users and small and medium sized users. With the release

Considerations for installing Windows 7 with Win PE

Because of the new features of "carrier-independent" installed in Windows 7, you can allow us to install or deploy Windows 7 flexibly and arbitrarily. At present, there are many kinds of information about how to install Windows 7, such as: How to

8 common problems with Windows Vista operating system installation

1, believe that a lot of friends install all appear anerroroccurredwhileeditingbootentries error hint should do? It turns out to be the reason boot.ini this file, boot.ini this file must be [bootloader] timeout=30

Introduction to the new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 RC

Windows Server 2008 R2 RC, which is about to be released synchronously, is rarely mentioned compared to the much-watched Windows 7 RC, but the new system should never be missed if you value server applications more. Although the name is similar,

Using Windows 95 virtual device drivers

You know, all day long talking about the CIH virus using the VxD technology, mastered the VxD programming, is tantamount to breaking the CIH virus myth, complete removal of CIH virus. Study this article carefully. VXD introduction This article

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