Detailed use of backup and restore features for Windows 7

Backup, restore is always a key component in the system. In Vista, the system backup, restore function has been strengthened.   So what kind of backup and restore scenarios are available in Windows 7? This article will have a experience with you in

Windows Server 2016 official version installation tutorial

Microsoft has provided OEM with the latest Windows Server 2016 official version of the ISO image, currently only 64-bit English version, the Chinese version has not been released, but we can install the language pack to solve the problem.

Turn Firefox into Windows 8 Ribbon style

On the eve of the launch of Windows 8, a foreign user has produced a Firefox Win8 style theme, can change the Firefox interface to Windows 8 Ribbon desktop style. If you are a Firefox user and intend to continue using it in Windows 8, try this topic.

Win7 how to start and stop Windows service programs using the command line

There are a number of ways to start the Stop service program: Some programs themselves provide a set of interfaces, you can set up the Kai-stop in this way, you can also use a number of Third-party programs to control the start and stop, such as a

Win7 how to start and stop Windows service programs using the command line

There are a number of ways to start the Stop service program: Some programs themselves provide a set of interfaces, you can set up the Kai-stop in this way, you can also use a number of Third-party programs to control the start and stop, such as a

Ways to make Windows 8 more like Windows 7

The biggest change in the operating interface of the Windows 8 OS is the introduction of the Metro UI interface, which automatically goes into the Metro interface, or "desktop", which is mainly for the use of touch screen users. However, this

Apache Configuration SSL secure connection under Windows

What is SSL? SSL (Secure Socket Layer): is a secure protocol for HTTP transmissions that ensures that data between the client and the Web server is secure through certificate authentication. Open SSL Download Address:

Ways to view windows 7 system Clocks

We click on the left mouse button on the Windows 7 system tray time, where we see local time and calendar. First, Windows 7 system clock Click Change Date and Time settings in this dialog box. Then the date and Time dialog box pops up, and the

IE11 for Windows 7 serial Uninstall

Previous Windows support for the previous version of IE will not be more than three (for example: IE 4/5/6 for Windows 98, ie 6/7/8 for Windows XP, ie 7/8/9 for Windows Vista), but with the current version of IE With the speed of change, and with

Microsoft inventory Windows 8 main features

The Windows 8 Developer version is already available for download, and Microsoft today took stock of the main features of Windows 8, explaining the new image of Windows 8 from a macro perspective, and if you are still just a vague concept of Windows

Use Windows Server 2003来 to build a Simple mail server

This to say with WindowsServer2003 build mail server, in fact, nothing to prepare, Microsoft has helped us to do all the preparation, as long as the mouse, you can complete all the necessary operation. What, listen to the heartbeat? Then follow

Improve Windows 2003 system security with configuration and tools

The most important thing for Windows 2003 system administrators is the security of the Windows 2003 system. In order to improve the security of the system, we may have a wide range of security settings for the system, but whether these security

10 major reasons to install Windows Server 2003 SP1

Server|window|server|window top Reasons to Install Windows Server 2003 SP1 Reduce your servers attack surface. Security Configuration Wizard (SCW), one of the new features added to Windows Server 2003 in Service Pack 1 (SP1), uses Intuitive,

A concise tutorial on APACHE2+PHP4+MYSQL5 integration under Windows

apache|mysql|window| tutorial One, software download 1. To download Apache2 installation file Reference link: Win32/apache_2.0.55-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe 2. Download PHP4 Zip package reference

PHP5.0 installation and configuration in Windows

Php5|window| detailed PHP5 includes some of the following important features: • Support for the new object model and many new features of the Zend engine. • Fully rewritten XML support, extending performance around the excellent LIBXML2 library

Installation and configuration of PHP5 and Apache under Windows

Here take PHP5 as an example of how to install and configure Apache and PHP5 under Windows. Download installation program Apache can download from PHP can be downloaded from the

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Rapid deployment of Windows

There's really a lot of stuff out there lately. Everything is 2010. Ha ha.. MDT2008, before this dish has been introduced to you, how to deploy WinXP, but only superficial. MDT2010 Beta also came out ... Follow me to see ... Write something that

Troubleshoot problems with Windows 2008 IIS7 not to display verification code


I've heard that IIS7 is very powerful, not only in the component installation control, or in security than IIS6 and IIS5 have a great leap in quality, and threatened the Apache market will have a great blow. The win2008 installation IIS7 is

dd for Windows downloads and brief

dd for Windows download address: [Url][/url] (or find from the Internet) DD is a very important disk mirroring tool under Linux and UNIX, and now it has a version of Windows. Although DD is a command-line based

NTFS advanced applications for Windows 7

Microsoft introduced the NTFS file system from Windows 2000, but at this point the user can choose to install the system in a non-NTFS-formatted partition. At this moment, Windows 7 can only be installed in NTFS format. We can see that Microsoft has

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