Windows 10 Development Network Programming tutorial

The main content of this tutorial: HttpClient class, Socket communication, WCF communicationHttpClient classThere are two httpclient classes in UWP that can be used for network communication. System.Net.Http.HttpClient and

Windows environment variable path and other detailed tutorials

An environment variable is an object with a specific name in the operating system that contains the information that one or more applications will use. For example, the PATH environment variable in Windows and DOS operating systems, when the system

Win 8/8.1 boot Prompt Configure Windows Update failed problem resolution

First, after entering the system, click into the Control Panel ---" system and Security "----" Windows update "---" View update History ". Here you can find the previously failed updates. As shown in figure: It appears that

How Windows 10 systems quickly enter Safe mode

1, in the WIN10 desktop we click "Start Menu" and then open into the " computer settings " and then we click on it 2, after the opening of the computer settings to find " Update and Restore " after we click it into; 3, then go to the "

Windows XP Ultimate Setup System Optimization Chapter _windowsxp

First, system optimization settings.    1. Delete Windows imposed attachments: 1) with Notepad to modify Winntinfsysoc.inf, with 檎? Replace the function, enter in the lookup box, hide (an English comma followed by hide), set the Replace with

Windows through BAT to get the actual name of the network connection, strengthen the IP class settings script compatibility _dos/bat

One of the more difficult problems to solve is to get the actual name of the network connection, most people use the IP settings script to write "local connection" in the code, but in fact not all computers are called local connection, for example,

Domestic BT Download: Windows Vista 32/64 Chinese official retail version download _ Common Tools

Domestic BT Download: Windows Vista 32/64 Chinese official Retail edition Windows Vista official Chinese 32-bit official edition (MSDN): Http:// Windows Vista official Chinese 64-bit official edition (MSDN): Http://bt.

How to configure Rsync synchronization files in Windows _win Server

Rsync is a good file free synchronization software, can be mirrored to save the entire directory tree and file system, while maintaining the original file permissions, time, soft and hard links. At the first synchronization, rsync copies the entire

Windows Server 2008 Server Management New Tricks 6 1th/4 page _win server

In the long-term management of maintenance ServerSystem process, I believe that many network managers have summed up a set of effective management experience, good use of these experience skills can greatly improve the management efficiency of the

Windows+xampp+yii+sqlserver Configuration Tutorial

First download XAMPP website address: this.width=650; "Src=" 71bd4ac129c94b1fbced14094faec37e932d33b78077cdf9ca86893782ce0c1a0f17b8bd20b0647a8fbbd89696b66

Windows 7 Professional installing multi-language packs

This article is from the "Wang Chunhai blog" blog, make sure to keep this source downloading the English version of Windows 7 Professional N, you want to install the MultiLanguage Pack in Chinese.

Windows installation OpenSSL

Http:// File Type Description Win32 OpenSSL v1.1.0b Light 3MB Installer Installs the most commonly used

The PATH environment variable in Windows system is detailed

In the process of learning Java, the concepts of multiple environment variables (environment variable), such as path, are involved. Correctly configuring these environment variables is a prerequisite for the smooth learning and development. And

Windows 101 Anniversary Update official version official ISO image (1607)

Microsoft has started to push Win10 The first anniversary of the official version of the system, in accordance with the previous notice Microsoft Official website also launched the WIN10 first Anniversary update official version of the official ISO

Windows 7, WINDOWS10 System directory Migration, modifying the default path for installation: Users,program Files,programdata

Tips: This article has been tested only for Win7, Windows 10 systems, and other systems have not yet been tested, but you may want to try. This experiment was a new thing I did.WIN7_32-bit system to test, WINDOWS10 of course 64-bit system is also

Cuda installation and configuration: Windows 7 64-bit environment

Recently there are new projects to do, this time is about CUDA---multicore high-performance computing problems, so recently has been learning Cuda programming problems, yesterday installed the software completed, run the first program when still

Windows CMake using the manual Part 1

Wikipedia Introduction "CMake is an open-source cross-platform automation construction system that uses a configuration file to control the build process in a way similar to the UNIX make, except that the CMake configuration file is named CMakeLists.

How to completely disable or uninstall in Windows 10

OneDrive is Microsoft's personal cloud storage platform that provides services such as file hosting, storage, and syncing for individual users, and OneDrive is built into the Windows 10 operating system by default, and OneDrive is enabled by default

Access to NFS in the Windows environment (33 articles in storage)

Accessing NFS under Windows environmentWhen using Solaris, if you want to share data between two Solaris, the easiest and most convenient way to think about it is NFS. But now the students ' desktops, estimated at more than 99% are windows,windows

Windows kernel reading note--windows exception distribution processing mechanism

IDT is the gateway to handling exceptions and implementing the interaction between the operating system and the CPU.The system will fill in this structure during the initialization phase.Each of IDT's table entries becomes a gate descriptor because

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