Three programming environments built under QT in Windows

Respect the author, support the original, if you need to reprint, please attach the original address: about the supported platforms, compilers, and debuggers from the QT

Windows Path Operations API functions

Spare, easy to find:PathremoveargsRemoving parameters from a pathPathremovebackslashRemove the last backslash "\" of the PathPathaddbackslashAt the end of the path, add the backslash "\"PathRemoveBlanksRemove spaces before and after a

Install CDONTS Mail component and SMTP on Windows Server 2008

Original address: is mail component used to send messages from an ASP page. Instead of recoding Multiple Web sites I had created, I am just going to

Windows Server 2008 Core

First, before installing the Server Core, we must note that the Server Core does not support upgrading from a previous version of the server operating system and the full 2008 installation, or upgrading from a successful installation of the Server

UEFI bootable USB Flash drive-create in Windows (WIN7 WIN8)

How to Create a bootable UEFI USB Flash Drive for installing Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1InformationThis tutorial would show you what to create aWindows 7OrWindows 8Or8.1InstallationBootable USBFlash drive forUEFIFrom either a Windows 7 or

Windows installation Wamp Summary modify default port modify default directory

Popularize, Wamp for the Windows Next button installation of the deployment of the PHP development environment, including (MySQL Apache PHP phpMyAdmin. This post references: = = Original post

Microsoft publishes the third edition of Windows Server 2016 preview, and developers need to focus on nano Server

Microsoft has released the third technical preview of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016, which is already available for download. The third edition of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview is also the first version that includes support for

Installation of WDS for Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

Microsoft is committed to enabling eligible genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 devices to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The upgraded Windows 10 is the full version, and the time range is upgraded to Windows 10 within one year after Windows 10 is

Use vagrant on Windows to build Laravel homestead for a collaborative cross-platform development environment

ObjectiveEveryone is VMware VirtualBox not unfamiliar with, and the benefits of virtualization are naturally rooted, and now we can Vagrant build a similar Laravel Homestead complete development environment, which greatly reduces the time to set up

SDL2.0 Learning Note-The first test program under Windows 1

SDL Full name is simple DirectMedia Layer, is an open-source, cross-platform (WIN32,LINUX,MAC) multimedia development of the C language library.Official website first step is to download the source fileFirst go to this page

A detailed description of the Windows message delivery mechanism

Windows is a message-driven system. Windows messages provide a means of communicating between applications and between applications and Windows systems. The functionality the application wants to implement is triggered by the message, and is done by

Windows echo Command

The echo command is a sub-command of a DOS batch command that everyone is familiar with, but some of its features and usage maybe you don't all know, don't believe you see:1. As a switch that controls whether the batch command displays the command

Windows under OpenSSL installation process

Environment Preparation:1. Perl OpenSSL latest OpenSSL and unzip to C:\openssl-1.0.1e.Installation

Windows 2003 Configuration and Usage methods for VISUALSVN server (illustrated)

1. Why use VISUALSVN Server instead of subversion?Reply:Because if subversion is used directly, then on a Windows system, if you want it to boot with the system, you need to encapsulate the SVN server as the WINDWS service, and modify the

Windows 2012R2-based AD RADIUS wireless authentication

Environment Introduction:Ad one, containing CA Certificate ServicesRADIUS member Server OneAP Multiple UnitsCustomer computers more than onePremise: The Enterprise Domain root certificate service is installed and configured on the ad, the process is

Deploying a git Server (Windows Server 2008)

The original project is a person developed, did not do version management, I took over to build git version Management Server, convenient offline development and version management; One cloud host, operating system: Windows Server 2008, 64-bit; Java

"Translated from MOS article" using process Monitor to track system calls under Windows (Systems calls)

Reference from:Tracing Windows system calls via Process Monitor-truss equivalent for Windows (DOC ID 1447085.1)Suitable for:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version to [Release 8.1.7 to 11.2]Information in this document applies to

Windows Server 2008 Installation and basic configuration

Work Assignment DescriptionHT Company received a project: HW company to deploy Windows Server 2008, install 2008 on the new machine.Project requirements:1, the server has 1 blocks of cpu;1g memory, the use of LAN connection server network (Host-only

Windows uses CEF embedded based on Chrome kernel browser Small example

CEF came out for a long time, the use is also very extensive, QQ inside a lot of places are embedded CEF browser (profile, Weibo, find ...) ), the online information is also quite a lot of, we can search to see.The first is to download the CEF code

A detailed reference to the main functions used in Windows service development

Programming implementationA complete service is divided into the installation service program, the principal service program and the uninstall service program. Let's write the main body of the service first, the sample code is as follows:void Main ()

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