Windows Server R2 iis7.5+php5 (FastCGI) +MYSQL5 Environment Building Tutorial

Prepare the articleFirst, environmental description:Operating system: Windows Server R2PHP Version: PHP 5.4.4MySQL version: MySQL5.5.25Second, related software download:1. PHP:Http://

Maximum number of threads allowed in the Windows operating system (thread stack reserved for 1M space) (56 Windows blogs worth a look)

Maximum number of threads that can be allowed in the Windows operating systemBy default, a thread's stack is reserved for 1M of memory spaceWhile the memory space available in a process is only 2 G, it is theoretically possible to open up to 2048

Windows Server 2012 Virtualization Combat: Network (i)

Virtualization can be relatively familiar with computational abstractions, perhaps with the experience of using a single machine such as Virtual PC or virtual box. The first impression of using these virtualization software is that our CPUs can run

Windows 7 Pro Installs VS2005 and WinCE6.0 development environments

Recently updated its own little black from XP update to WIN7 Pro Edition, I spent two days verifying that the following software installed in WIN7 Pro is fully compatible.1:2011 Latest update of the SourceInsight3.50.0066 version, this is supported

Windows Apache latest download, installation configuration

One, Apache download:Login This address, find 2.4.20, as Location:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_4079845085.png "title="

Set pseudo-static methods for IIS under Windows Server with IIS rewrite component


1. Unzip the downloaded IIS Rewrite component and place it in the appropriate directory (e.g. C:rewrite), and the IIS Rewrite component downloads, IIS Rewrite Simplified version of the components

WIFI wpa1/2 Crack for Windows

0x00 Preface At present, WiFi WPA cracking mainly in "aircrack-ng" as the representative, running on Linux systems (such as Kali Linux), Windows system is relatively rare, mainly in Windows system WiFi NIC Transceiver Original package is more

Install Ubuntu 16.04 Dual system under windows

Although I heard that the next version of Windows10 can run Ubuntu, but I still like the pure, original flavor of Ubuntu system, so installed Ubuntu official will support the latest Ubuntu 16.04, the following is the installation process:First,

Windows compilation installs Mod_wsgi, with DJANGO+APAHCE

Compilation Environment:Are 32-bit versionsMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Microsoft SDKs v7.1Apache2.4Python3.4mod_wsgi-4.5.0 Requirements:1 Apache and Python are both 32-bit or 64-bit,2 Apache and Python are compiled by the same version of the C

Advanced application of entity classes in Windows programs--------------------the state of mind is a realm.

First, the businessWe have learned this in a more or less understanding of the business. I have a deeper understanding of the business today. For me, I would like to share with you.Resolution: 1.ADO. NET provides transaction processing

Windows & Office 2016 installation

Office Edition Vol Http:// Edition Collection:magnet:?xt=urn:btih:772912c80f19b7dc145c88810dd8fcd8031d4478Standard Edition

Using VirtualBox virtual machine installation win7--The third step of installing Windows 7 on a virtual machine under a Mac system

Step three install Windows 7 on the virtual machine After waiting for the virtual machine to enter the Windows 7 installation interface, in the language, currency, keyboard input method This side, it is recommended to keep the default settings,

Create a REMOTEFX-enabled virtual machine in Hyper-V in Windows Server R2

Create a REMOTEFX-enabled virtual machine in Hyper-V in Windows Server R2Today a netizen asks in Hyper-V creation, supports 3D content. There was a time without Hyper-V, and today at home on the PC, install the test.1. Install Windows R2 on Windows 1

Windows App Installation Tool survey report

How Windows apps are installedThere are two main ways to install Windows apps: EXE: executable (executable program,exe File) Microsoft Windows Installer ( MSI) When it comes to MSI files, you have to talk about Windows Installer,

Quick access to country and region information on Windows systems

The Windows system contains data from more than 200 countries and regions, and sometimes programming requires this information. The following code can help you get this information quickly.The console statement is commented out and the analysis can

Some alternative applications in Windows Safe mode

believe that there is a part of the user to Windows Operating system security mode application is also relatively vague, below we will tell you Windows application tips for Safe mode. First, the basic knowledgeSafe Mode is Windows operating system

Windows Life Cycle Manual

Original address: Http:// life cycle Specification Last updated: April 2014Every Windows product has a life cycle. The lifecycle is counted from the time the product is released and ends when it is

Use of a batch file (. bat) under Windows

Batch processing, which is batch processing, the first three letters of batch file suffix bat are usually considered as a simplified scripting language , which is used in DOS and Windows systems. A batch file is a text file with a. bat or. cmd

Using beyond Compare as the default comparison and merging tool for git under Windows platform

In the Windows platform using the GUI is used to, so under the cmd command instead feel uncomfortable especially when using git, especially obvious (this is basically git in the work is necessary) the most common function of using git is to commit,

Allow Windows Server 7+ + IIS to support 100,000 concurrent requests

Original:, around 17 o'clock in the afternoon, Blog Park blog site This error message appears:Error Summary:HTTP Error 503.2-service UnavailableThe [email protected] setting is being

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