Configuring WebDAV on IIS on Windows 2003 server R2

Typically, file sharing is done on the LAN via the file protocol, which is common file sharing, and is typically done using FTP or HTTP protocols on the Internet. But the use of HTTP is generally only one-way sharing, not easy to upload files, the

Windows 7 IIS installation Configuration tutorial

First, IIS is installed. Open the Control Panel, find "programs and features," and click inside. Second, click on the left "turn on or off Windows features" Third, find "Internet information services", according to the

Win7 64-bit flagship system Windows Installer service stop

According to users, in the Win7 64-bit flagship system installed Office, QQ, anti-virus software, CAD and other software when all appear Windows Installer service stop prompts, can not continue to install, but have to choose the green version of the

Windows Server 2003 English Security manual Download _ Server

Windows Server 2003 Security Guide Language: English Manual Introduction: Brief Description This updated technical guidance provides information about you to harden computers that run Microsoft Wi Ndows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). A

Windows Server 2003 first session-Introduction and installation

Teaching content: Windows Server 2003Hours: 18 weeks, four lessons per weekTeaching method: Multimedia teaching, on-machine experimentLearning methods: Read more, see more, dare to do, more on the machine, more practice, make full use of the time of

Windows 2008 R2 Server Core. NET Environment Configuration

Some features of the. NET Framework are supported in 2008 R2 Server core, including a subset of. NET 2/3/3.5 and In addition, PowerShell is also available on the Server Core. The missing feature of IIS7 on Server Core is only the local

The top ten features of Windows Server 2008 that are ignored

A fully redesigned network protocol stack in Windows Server 2008 includes a new technology that allows a large number of packets to enter the network. It can also quickly readjust the size of packets on the network, making it more efficient. Windows

PHP5 and Apache server configuration in Windows environment

The apache|php5|window| server is currently PHP5 released a third candidate, and it is estimated that the official version will soon be released. The installation process should not change, the following article will describe windows2000/xp/2003

Server roles and features for Windows 2008

In the past, in Windows Server 2000/2003 systems, we wanted to add or remove features such as DNS servers that needed to be implemented with the Add/Remove Widnows component. In Windows Server 2008, the Add/Remove Widnows component is no longer

Add RD Connection Broker high availability for RDS deployments of Windows Server 2016

According to the following overview, I briefly wrote the RDS Add RD Virtualization Host, the following is a brief introduction of the high availability of RD Connection Broker, slowly improve the entire RDS deployment, please look forward to

Introduction to Windows X64 compilation (1)

Introduction to Windows X64 compilation (1)Tankaiha Recently intermittent contact with some of the 64-bit compilation of knowledge, here is a summary, one is a review of the stage study, and the second is to be helpful to the 64-digit compilation

Download Win10 iso download tutorial for Windows 10 latest version of ISO image

"Windows 10 Anniversary Update Official Edition"Released August 2, 2016, Development Code Redstone 1 (RS1), System version number version 1607, compile build number build 14393.Install the system need to download WIN10 ISO image, version number 1607,

Upgrade domain controllers-upgrade from Windows 2012 to 2016 Case 1

Microsoft has released the official version of Windows Server 2016, in order to learn more about this product, the first time to upgrade the server in my lab environment to Windows Server 2016, the overall upgrade process is smooth, Just after the

New features in Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016-windows Server 2016

This article describes the new features and changes feature on Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016. To create and move or import to a server using Windows Server R2, you will need to manually upgrade the virtual machine

Installation of Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 Systems

Tag: Bio represents disk format disk option Start Direction start screen authorizationSay it in the front.  Windows Server 2003Windows Server 2008 and   The installation of Windows Server 2012, method, is the same.How to install the Win7 operating

Windows 7 (32/64-bit) Gho Installation Guide (USB drive production) ~

This article goes on the introduction, for the students to explain the production of U disk Startup disk. Although this article on the official website of the Chinese cabbage also has a similar tutorial, but for the sake of completeness, I will be

Windows X64 Patch Guard

First introduce the next PatchGuard, from Baidu EncyclopediaPatchGuard is the Windows Vista kernel protection system that prevents any unauthorized software from trying to "modify" the Windows kernel, that is, the new Admiralty Hood of the Vista

Microsoft releases Windows 10: Even windows 7 is free to upgrade

Early this morning, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10.650) this.width=650; "Width=" 611 "height=" 384 "title=" image "style=" border:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px; Padding-left:0px;background-image:none; "alt=" image "src=" http:/

Windows Server 2012 Virtualization test: Domain

In Windows Server systems, some services must be built in a domain environment, not only for unified authentication and resource sharing, but also for network security. To build a virtualization test, we need to build a domain environment first. Get

Common settings for Windows Server 2003

1. Disable the Configure Server WizardSince the server Setup feature is not required, first we disable the "Configure Your Server" (Manage Your Server) wizard, which you can use in the Control Panel, Administrator tools (administrative tool s),

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