10 things you need to know to install the Windows 10 preview

Recently, Microsoft officially released the next-generation desktop operating system, Windows 10, and provided a technology preview for all users to download. If you want to taste, may wish to go to Microsoft website Download, Microsoft offers

Windows 2003 Full Optimization _windows2003

Overall optimization plan Microsoft (R) Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Win2k3, the launch has also been a period of time. Used to have been used WinXP, feeling still very cool, from the game to the network can be said to be unimpeded,

How to convert Windows Server 2003 to workstation systems _ security Settings

With the advent of Windows Server 2003, many people can use the leaked version, relative to the workstation system, where the server is To do more kernel optimization, so there is a great improvement in stability and security. However, many people

Create secure Windows 2003 Server _ security settings

Windows Server 2003 is one of the most common server operating systems. While it provides a powerful network service and is simple to use, its security has been plagued by a number of network administrators, how to take full advantage of the

Methods for installing Websitepanel on Windows Server 2008 R2 _win Server

Websitepanel is a virtual host management system in a more easy-to-use windows system. He can manage multiple servers at the same time, and has a concise, stable unified management interface. Today to share with you the installation of the next

Selection of Windows Server 2008 R2 version

After Microsoft updates the Windows Server operating system to Windows Server 2008 R2, that version no longer provides support for the x86 architecture, only x64 and Itanium 64-bit 64-bit architectures. The version breakdown for Windows Server 2008

Build Openjdk7__windows under Windows 7

The process of compiling OPENJDK under Windows 7 is introduced. First, obtain the JDK source code In http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk7/download the latest OpenJDK7 source Openjdk-7-fcs-src-b147-27_jun_2011.zip, unzip it to the E: Disk

64-bit Windows run 32-bit IE7 Beta1 tips

window| Tips Microsoft has not yet released the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1, but foreign netizens Rafael Rivera has posted on his blog How to install Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows x64 system. The specific steps are as follows:1.

New feature Rollup for Windows Server 2008 R2

On the basis of the previous release, Windows Server 2008 R2 continues to promote applications in such areas as virtualization, System Management resiliency, network access, and information security, with a number of features that need to match

db2--command windows and command-line processors

The DB2 Command window and the command-line processor are actually generated by the CMD Command window, with the following specific differences:The corresponding relationship between the menu and the executable fileD:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin\DB2

DLL file 32-bit 64-bit detection tool and Windows folder SysWow64 pits (in very detail, there are also automated hands-on probing DLLs)

Read Catalogue DLL file mismatch causes the database to fail to start Is it System32 or SysWow64? Distinguish DLL files 32-bit 64-bit program It makes me feel confused. Again to judge whether it is System32 or

Windows 10 Spotlight Enterprise: More secure, faster to update

Terry Myerson officially announced on January 21 that customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices will get a free upgrade to Windows 10, and that day after lunch, they can actually The first year to upgrade. We suspect

Microsoft Architect interprets Windows Server R2 new features

At present, many enterprises have begun to find a more suitable for their own development of the server operating platform. Microsoft's Windows Server R2 is able to solve the problem of server platform for everyone. Microsoft's latest server

Migrating from 2003 to 2012R2 using Windows Migration Tools Introduction

With effect from July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003, but many companies are still using Windows Server 2003, and once Microsoft stops supporting Server 2003, means that third-party software developers will no longer

Microsoft releases Windows 10: Even windows 7 is free to upgrade

Early this morning, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10.WINDOWS10 The overall reset of the WINDOW8 design, restore the original Start menu settings, the system has added virtual desktop function, search box and the form of classification

IBM x3650 M4 Server installs Windows Server R2 Enterprise

Project Background :The company needs to install a Windows system on the IBM x3650 M4 server as a test machine for the expansion of business projects. installation time:2014-10-17installation location: Chongqing xx RoomPreparatory work:First of all,

OpenSSL windows compiled 32-bit &64 bit

OpenSSL version: openssl-1.0.0k64-bit compilation1, the compilation environment:OPENSSL-1.0.0A must be compiled with vs2008 (Open Visual Studio x64 cross Tools Command Prompt), Vc6+nasm32 cannot be compiled, Because openssl-1.0.0a requires cl.exe

Windows platform compiled openssl-0.9.8k library (32-bit, 64-bit)

Recent work in the use of OpenSSL Win64 information, so the preliminary investigation, the summary results are as follows:     Note that the OpenSSL code is in a directory that does not have Chinese, otherwise "nmake-f Ms\ntdll.mak" may prompt

Imagex fills Windows 7 to vhd, differential vhd restoration protection, bcdedit creates XP & Windows 7 multi-system boot

Windows7/windows2008 R2 differential vhd restoration protection bcdedit [The actual operation section above this article is original. For details, contact. The subsequent materials are sent to the network without verification .] This article

How to install and configure PHP5 using FastCgi and ISAPI methods in IIS7

When talking about the configuration and installation of the PHP environment, Apache is usually mainly equipped with PHP configuration. As the PHP version is constantly updated, the support for the Windows IIS platform is getting better and better,

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