Wang Yung-Ching family declare 50 billion inheritance or tax 15 billion

Xinhua Beijing, June 6, according to Taiwan's "joint newspaper" reported that Taiwan's financial officials said that the founder of the Taiwan-plastic group Wang Yung-ching, the successor has to the Taipei Municipal Tax Office to declare estate tax.  It is understood that Wang Yung-ching left behind in Taiwan about NT $50 billion heritage, the widow King Guo Yualan has applied for "husband and wife surplus property balance allocation of claims" (in the total of half of the estate value of inheritance tax), the successor may have to pay 15 billion yuan estate tax.  However, the wangs three rooms are in consultation with sequel, Hope to donate Wang Yung-ching in the island's heritage, so the amount of future tax is still to be understood. Officials said the IRD is currently ...

Tao Liming: This year, the Postal Savings Bank credit growth will not be too much

At a large international forum on "How to crack the financing of small and Medium-sized Enterprises" held at the Diaoyutai National Guesthouse today, Tao Liming, governor of China's postal Savings Bank, told Sina Finance that the savings bank's credit growth would not be too much this year. Tao Liming said that large state-owned banks have more reserves than small banks, so they have more loans at the start of the year. For China's postal Savings Bank, credit growth will not be too much. "Other bank loan experience is more, risk control ability is stronger." We want to do more stable loans.  "Tao Liming said. In addition, Tao Liming also revealed that the current postal Savings Bank's non-performing rate of 0 ...

The housing rally mostly has nothing to do with rigid demand

Price hike in Shanghai real estate sales in Zhabei January-February, almost all of them came to buy their own homes, March-April, began to contact individual buyers of the house, after the May, investors significantly increased.  In mid-May, a wealthy Wenzhou businessman came to the door, intending to the above two first batch of the remaining 80 sets of housing "buy all." According to Xinhua News agency, June 5, Shanghai, China "March I think the house there is 12000 yuan per square meter is too expensive, did not think now Vanke's opening price is 17000 Yuan 1 Shanghai white-collar Chen Xiandong Marvel." ...

New LUN technology proposed 10 to increase 8-10 shares cash allocation plan undecided

New LUN Technology (002341) Thursday Evening Notice said that the company initially proposed to the total shareholder of the Capital Provident Fund to 8-10 shares per 10 shares, do not send red shares, the cash distribution plan is undecided.  However, the distribution plan still needs to be submitted to the Board for consideration.  Thursday New LUN technology closed 41.85 yuan, Rose 2.45%. Responsible Editor: NN045

Related report on "Rubber Project" of Zhejiang Dragon Sheng

In response to relevant media reports, Zhejiang us (600352) March 10 evening issued a clarification notice that the "Brominated Butyl rubber Project" Pilot phase II is still under the plan, the company currently has no investment in the project to carry out mass production plans, the company's current sales revenue and profits will not have an impact.  The company announced that Chen Ganqi confirmed that it is the actual cooperation of the butyl bromide rubber project, because of its advanced age, all business cooperation are entrusted to his son Chen Su carte blanche to deal with, cooperation contracts also signed in the name of Chen Su, but the process of cooperation in the pilot-per capita participation. Company public ...

Bao Sheng shares non-public offering completed 800 million

Bao Sheng shares (600973) March 10 Night notice, the company to the holding shareholder Bao Sheng Group Co., Ltd. eight of the issue of non-public offerings of the new 47.1543 million shares have been completed on March 9, the registration of shares and shares restricted formalities.  The issue price is 18.05 yuan/share, the net amount of fund-raising is 822 million yuan. The company announced that, in this issue of shares, Bao Sheng Group subscribed 2.36 million shares from the end of this issue 36 months from the date of transfer, is expected to circulate for March 9, 2014;

Sea shares acquired 6.9% stake in Heng Hao Mining

The potential value of mineral resources let many listed companies moved heart. Sea shares disclosed today, the company May 25 and Tim Hui Investment signed the "equity transfer agreement" to 108 million of the total price of the investment held by the Heng Hao mining 24 million shares, equivalent to 4.5 yuan per share of the transfer price.  After the completion of the transaction, the company holds 6.9% stake in Heng Hao Mining. Data show that Heng Hao Mining since its inception has been engaged in the development of nickel resources and smelting, with mining rights and development needs of the qualification conditions and industry access conditions, nickel, copper and other non-ferrous metal resources, such as mining, selection, metallurgy and other links mastered the mature ...

British Tang Zhi controlled net income increased 17% to 10 to 12 to 2 yuan

British Tang Zhi Control (300131) March 10 Evening announced the annual report, 2010 the company to achieve total operating income of 371 million yuan, increased by 61.02% per cent, attributable to the listed company's shareholders net profit of 30.4957 million yuan, the year-on-year increase of 16.89%, the basic earnings of 0.85 yuan, increased by 2.41%. The company intends to 46 million shares in the end of 2010 as the base, to all shareholders 10 shares of cash dividend 2.00 (including tax), with a Capital Provident fund for 10 shares to increase 12 shares. After the implementation of the plan, the company's total share capital from 46 million shares to 1.01 ...

Shanghai Green New Check rate 1.05% frozen capital 81.94 billion

Shanghai Green New (002565) March 10 Evening announcement, the company's initial public offering of stock online pricing issue rate is 1.0512%, oversubscribed multiple subscription is 95 times times. NET effective purchase of the allocation of the proportion of 8.6956%, effective purchase multiples of 11.5 times times. According to the issue price of 31.2 yuan/share calculation, online frozen funds 79.537 billion yuan, the net effective purchase funds for 2.403 billion yuan.  NET, net under the total freezing capital 81.94 billion yuan. Responsible Editor: NF054

May Power generation has warmed Huadian international and China Resources Power is the first choice for electricity stocks

China Bank International According to the state Grid company news, May output was down 3.54% to 2, 89.72 billion kwh, the decline is comparable to April.   Output fell by 5.7% in late May, while early and mid-April fell 3.9% and 0.6% respectively. Electricity generation has warmed in May. Although the National Grid data and the upcoming official statistics of the China Electric Power Companies association may be different in specific numbers, but generally consistent. After adjusting for the holiday factors, we found that the May power generation has been warmed up. Due to Wuyi Labor Day ...

Jinya Technology and Taiwan enterprises to build a three-network fusion laboratory

Recently, in order to actively respond to the country to accelerate the promotion of "triple network integration" industry call, Jinya Technology (300028) to join hands with the world famous chip factory Taiwan-Yang technology to establish "Jinya-yang three network fusion joint laboratory."  Joint Laboratory product research and development direction of the main chip, three-network integration value-added service platform, network terminal products, network transformation and construction projects. It is understood that as a city-level enterprise Technology Center platform for Chengdu Radio and television, Jinya technology in the original digital TV system end-to-end design, integration and engineering construction on the basis of a clear "three-network integration" two-way interactive integrated solution system ...

China Railway Construction: No Land king risk controllable

China CRCC (601186) today released the 2009 Annual Report Supplementary Bulletin, supplemented by the company's 2010 real Estate industry trends analysis.  China CRCC said that in recent years the company acquired projects, land prices are relatively reasonable, risk controllable, not one is "King" project, so the impact of policy and market relatively small.  The announcement also shows that the company adhere to the "do not pursue profiteering, do not hoard, do not cover the plate" and other principles, the current project progress smoothly, according to the agreed time to start construction and opening sales, adhere to reasonable pricing. China CRCC that from the end of 2009 to 2 ...

Tongde Chemical takeover of the Yellow River chemical civil explosion assets

Tongde Chemical disclosed today, the company intends to acquire Daning Yellow River Chemical Limited liability company owned by the civil explosion-related assets, Tongde Chemical holding Daning Yellow River chemical 10.04% stake, therefore, the acquisition constitutes a related transaction. Data show that the Yellow River chemical registered capital of 25.3 million yuan, the main business for the production of civil demolition equipment, sales, currently has an annual output of 6000 tons of modified ammonium oil explosive production line, an annual output of 12000 tons of expanded ammonium nitrate explosive production line. As of December 31, 2009, the Yellow River Chemical industry unaudited total assets of 64.8753 million yuan, total liabilities 407 ...

Wo Wheel Point of view: A-shares strong still pay attention to A50 warrants

June 24, 2009, the Hang Seng index preference, after the early 45 points, followed by a A-share rose to 17,823 points, the afternoon first back to 17,912 points, back to fill the Tuesday decline, closed at 17,892 points, Rose 2.02%, the market contract shrank to HK $56.7 billion. On U.S. stocks, the main stock indexes were mixed overnight, with the Fed's open Market committee keeping interest rates unchanged between 0% and 0.25%, consistent with market expectations. But the announcement by the Fed's monetary policy meeting was not new, but it was disappointing to investors. Close to closing ...

Institutions without fear of Chinese construction 51 times times PE net frozen capital trillion super PetroChina

The new IPO system has a clear effect on the Chinese architecture, according to the Chinese construction yesterday's announcement, the Chinese construction IPO net and the online check rate is 2.61% and 2.83% respectively, set the IPO online since 2006 the third highest rate.  The lack of online proportions is also a sign of the agency's enthusiasm for Chinese architecture. China's construction of a network of frozen funds close to 1 trillion yuan, this size even beyond the release of the High-profile Chinese Oil (601857), which reflects the agency for China's construction up to 51.2 ...

US trade friction with China intensifies protectionism

A new round of trade frictions between China and the United States seems to be coming. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced 23rd that the US has taken China to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism in respect of the Chinese Government's restrictions on exports of important raw materials. It is the first time the Obama administration has brought a lawsuit against the WTO on China's trade issues.  It is noteworthy that the EU has also joined the relevant litigation. The US side carefully prepared Kirk in a statement that day, said China, as the supplier of these important raw materials, the adoption of restrictions on export measures, damage the U.S. Steel, aluminum and chemical industry interests, and the Chinese related industries have been "unfair excellent ...

Europe and America resort to WTO to intensify competition for China's scarce resources

The European Union and the United States 23rd jointly demanded negotiations with China under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, claiming that China's restrictions on exports of a variety of scarce raw materials violate its WTO commitments.  This reflects a tougher competition for resources in Europe and the US.  Threatening to take further steps the European Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton said in a statement that China's export restrictions on raw materials, such as export quotas and export taxes, distort competition, driving up prices in the international market and making EU companies more difficult under the current economic crisis. The European Commission claims that the EU has been ...

Blue chip performance split prev Low concussion

The market continued to concussion this afternoon, as of 14:00, Prev report 3419.08 points, down 0.49%. On the plate, steel, power equipment, agriculture, aerospace industry in front of the military. Most of the shares still fell, but the rise in the number of home, coal, banks, real estate and petrochemical weight shares fall more than before, but because of steel, electricity, communications and other blue-chip trend relatively strong, as well as the new energy concept of active, eventually stimulated the market rebound.

Inflation expectations rise four quarter price level will be increasing now

Wu Ting A few consecutive months of negative price growth in China, which makes deflation a concern, and the current amount of credit and the rise in international commodity prices have exacerbated expectations of inflation risk.  Experts say the macro-control policy should pay close attention to the increasingly approaching inflation risk. Inflation expectations to strengthen the National Bureau of Statistics, the General division of the recent article that, although the current price level is still low, but because of the early increase in monetary credit, the international and domestic market primary product prices generally rise, the public in the next phase of the possible inflation ...

Liu Jipeng: Asset price rise is normal can not be one-sided exaggerated bubble harm

The 500-year-old eclipse spectacle did not affect the stock market in the slightest.  July 22, the super large-cap stocks Sinopec, China's oil all the way up, pushing Prev to break 3,300 points, hit a new high, this is the first time since June 10, 2008 Prev to 3,300 points above. Not just the stock market.  The rise in asset prices, represented by the stock market and the property market, has worried the markets: is the policy going to have to come out of control again? Previously, liquidity-induced inflation expectations were identified as loose monetary policy to turn, but the first half of the macro data will be "disintegration": June CPI (...)

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