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The thief changed his mobile card to unlock the security software two SMS caught the thief

You want to change your card after you steal it? Do not dream, you have been the mobile phone anti-theft software on the stare. Recently, a thief in Fuzhou staged a "shooting the foot" farce. The defendant Chen wants to be stolen mobile phone unlock, so two consecutive SIM card to operate, did not expect the phone has long been "360 mobile phone defender" lock, and his number was sent to the owner of the machine. 360 Mobile Guardian Two text messages let Chen some nowhere to hide. It is reported that Chen, while no one in Fuzhou, a company office thief take a step iPhone4. For the use of mobile phones for their own, Chen, two consecutive insert ...

Qihoo 360 alleged abuse of market dominance by claim 5 million

Guide: M-time Technology says, the two software since 2012 after the launch of the market has been under the Qihoo 360 products "360 mobile guardian" interception suppression, on the "Yi-meter", "Mi King" related communication messages in the case did not inform the user forcibly intercepted or directly placed in the dustbin. November 28, the second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing held a formal hearing of rice Technology v. Qihoo 360 abuse of market dominance and unfair competition case. This is the Internet field after the "3Q war", the mobile Internet in the field of abuse of market dominance and unfair competition in the first lawsuit, is called ...

Meitukiss 360 mobile phone guards to create the safest self-portrait artifact

The world's first with 8 million front camera's self-portrait artifact Meitukiss recently unveiled, the phone is fully equipped with 360 mobile phone guards, with mobile phone anti-theft, privacy, cell phone acceleration and other security features, this is the United States figure for the first time to join hands with 360 mobile guards, For the love of self-portrait of female friends to create the most secure and reliable self-portraits artifacts. It is learned that in order to pursue the perfect image processing performance, Meitukiss not only equipped with professional digital camera ISP image processor, but also equipped with ARMCORTEX-A7 four core processor and PowerVRSGX544 ...

Mobile phone left in the green belt 360 phone guardian Alarm sound two hours back

Bicycle accidentally dropped the mobile phone in the roadside green belt, with 360 mobile phone guards "sound alarm tone" function within two hours quickly to retrieve the phone, Fudan University, the students in the mobile phone after the regained emotional mood, released micro-blog released the detailed process of the phone back. Figure 1: Netizen over 360 mobile phone guardian "sound alarm tone" function to find lost in the green belt cell phone Netizen "Congcong happy" cycling from the dormitory to school, inadvertently in the corner of the mobile phone dropped in the roadside green belt. Because the handset is in the mute state, dials oneself the telephone to have no answer. Under the feeling of being nasty, "Congcong happ ...

Visible Cloud 360 Mobile defender push Android 1.81 version

Since the Google proposed "cloud computing", the heat of cloud concept has never subsided, it seems as long as it companies, are beginning to like more or less and "cloud" near.   In the Internet security industry, "cloud security, cloud killing" concept also continued to be hot, but perhaps because the user is often difficult to see the cloud (server side) of the operating mechanism, so not excited about it, clouds like a mirage, illusory. Now, the trend has been to the mobile Internet. At the end of 2010, Geinimi (give you rice) and so on specifically modified Android application rights ...

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