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How to allow users to find the exact application quickly and accurately

CNII Network News With the rapid popularity of Android smart machines, smart machine applications have sprung up. Application distribution platform as a collection platform for a variety of applications, it is more and more important. How to enable users to find the desired application accurately and quickly is the ultimate goal of every application distribution market. Application sinks serve as a "full-fledged" application store and hopefully bring better content to users. "Report" is the application of the exchange of the latest hot nowadays and the most popular applications, to recommend high-quality content to users. Weekly, the application of small series will be ...

How to promote app at low cost

The low cost promotion app strategy divides into three parts, the first part is the app promotion channel; the second part is the app promotion strategy; The third part is the summary of the Android product promotion channel. All for the industry to do the summary, its promotion channels, promotional strategies have a strong guidance and professionalism.   Whether new or old, I believe that after reading this article you will have a further understanding of the promotion of the app. The first part: the App Promotion channel summary first: Foundation on-line-Each big download market, the application store, the big platform, the download station coverage promotion First step is ...

The discovery of innovative workshops all invest in mobile internet projects

In the current era of the Internet, a number of projects flashed in the Silicon Valley, such as the prototype of Internet companies, innovation Workshop and its founder Kai-Fu Lee into the "cottage" questioning. Even a netizen has previously produced a website called "Plagiarism Workshop", which uses the theme style of the homepage of the Innovation Workshop, and puts into it the prototype of several innovative workshops and their imitation, which accuses this brand of innovation, but has been "copied". Plagiarism has been debated, there are controversial issues. There's nothing to be disputed about if plagiarism goes beyond. As for the final innovation workshop plagiarism will not ...

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