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Internet of Things Overview

Internet of Things Wang Xiufeng, Tri Gang, Mo Chang, the Internet of mob-health is known as the third wave of the world's information industry after the computer, and it is another revolution in information industry. Governments and enterprises have made a positive response to this, because the arrival of the Internet of things will be driven by the relevant technology and industry development, this article mainly from the Internet of things, the key technology and application areas are elaborated in detail respectively. The paper gives the graphical representation of the open, layered and extensible architecture of the Internet of Things, and introduces the key technology, composition and working principle of the Internet of things in detail. Finally, we introduced ...

Application of cloud computing in interactive TV

Cloud computing, which has been recognized by more and more enterprises in recent years, has been widely used, since the concept of cloud computing in Google, cloud computing in China is a "cloud" revolution: Whether it is Microsoft, SAP, IBM and other internationally renowned software industry giants,   Salesforce and other software, such as the pioneer of service manufacturers, have launched a cloud based technology products and services. The application of cloud computing in business why is it that so many IT companies have invariably entered the development and application areas of cloud computing systems?

China Cloud Computing: Great Potential and Rapid Development

In recent years, China has actively explored the innovative applications of cloud computing in such fields as city management, e-government, park services, healthcare, the Internet, education and finance through various regions and has achieved remarkable results. At present, despite the cloud computing industry to cultivate and apply innovation into a new stage of development, but it also faces the problems of lack of overall planning, inadequate research on application areas, rush to put on model agendas and increased investment risks . In order to promote the rational, healthy and sustainable development of demonstration projects of cloud computing services innovation across the country, ...

The feature freeze point for Ubuntu 10.10 is starting to give up SPARC architecture

One feature of the ">ubuntu release is that there are many versions that support different application areas and hardware architectures, but Sun SPARC, which is too far away from the average user, Intel IA64 (Itanium) is being discarded. The level of use and maintenance of the Ubuntu SPARC transplant has been severely degraded, and its quality is lower than the minimum required for the Ubuntu porting version. &N ...

Mobile e-commerce promotion in the ear

New Express News (reporter Coulius correspondent Guanche) May 13, China Mobile Communications Group announced that the Guangdong Provincial people's government will establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, this year and two years next year, China Mobile plans to invest 300 million yuan, will be Guangzhou into the national mobile E-commerce pilot demonstration City. China Mobile expects the Guangzhou mobile E-commerce market will reach 10 billion yuan next year, and the scale of related industries will exceed 50 billion yuan. According to the introduction, in Guangzhou mobile E-commerce construction, Guangdong Mobile In addition to the plan to build national mobile ...

A survey of large data technology

A review of large data technology Zhihui the generation of Zhangquan data brings new challenges to the massive information processing technology. In order to understand the connotation of large data in a more comprehensive way, this paper elaborates from three aspects, such as the concept characteristic of large data, the general processing process and the key technology. The background of large data is analyzed, and the basic concept of large data, Typical 4 "V" features as well as the focus of application areas, summed up the general process of large data processing, for the key technologies, such as MapReduce, GFS, BigTable, Hadoop and data visualization, ...

In-depth interpretation of domestic robot industry investment opportunities and risk points

The Chinese market is the world's largest robotic market in the future, and has grown rapidly in recent years. International robot giants have to occupy the Chinese market, to ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa motor, hair that the four families represented by the foreign robot enterprises occupy more than 90% of the market share of China's robot market, through the domestic robot market space, industrial chain, domestic and foreign competition, domestic robot enterprises competitive trend analysis, Identify the following investment opportunities and risk points for the robotics industry. I. China robot market (i) China has become an important city for industrial robots in the world.

"Mechanical Beauty" to explore the robot components-precision reducer behind the story!

The sophistication of the modern industrial robots is amazing, in particular, the smart 5-axis 6-axis robot, with so many joints, but also able to do the precise movement and instruction transmission, the various parts close together to complete the complex work, people can not help but wonder what their transmission system is-you make, The precision reducer used in the joints of global robots is almost always made in Japan: The Japanese say kneeling, few of the world's robots can stand ... In sci-fi illustrations, the robot's joint handling is always the key. 70 's Japanese illustrator of the Empty Mountain beauty Robot (phase 184th) and human ...

Mobile App or Web, who is the portal to capture the moving end?

Absrtact: A brief talk on the two main forms of mobile-end market: The advantages and disadvantages of application (app) and mobile website (mobile web) and its application the development of mobile Internet today is obvious to all, and the smartphone also keeps high growth rate. Mary Meeker's 2014 internet trends on the two main forms of mobile-end market: The pros and cons of application (app) and mobile site (mobile web) and its application areas today mobile Internet development speed is obvious to all, and the smartphone also maintains the high growth rate. Mar ...

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