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Cloud computing will continue melee in the next few years

On April 28, Amazon investors got big news: Wall Street's concerns were completely dispelled as earnings reports showed all first-quarter earnings and profit margins were well above analysts' estimates, Amazon shares soared 16% within a day on Friday under the single-day record of gains from October 2009 to the present day, which for Amazon itself means that its market value soared over the course of a single day Nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars. Now Amazon is no longer just a shopping site, it has become a set of shopping, living, video, entertainment ...

Cloud computing War China: International giants landing public cloud

June the words of the editor of the War on Clouds/a battle over the cloud in the Chinese market. On the December 18, 2013, Amazon's Public cloud services AWS (Amazon WEB Services) announced a limited preview of its China Regional cloud computing platform service. Through extensive cooperation with the industry chain, the world's largest cloud services provider-Amazon's public cloud services will officially land in China. Although the previous Microsoft, IBM's public cloud has first landed, but the landing of the Amazon, whether Microsoft, IBM and other international giants, or Tencent, Baidu, Ali ...

Graphlab: Applying large data analysis from concept to production

Graphlab provides a complete platform for organizations to use scalable machine learning systems to build large data to analyze products, including Zillow, Adobe, Zynga, Pandora, Bosch, ExxonMobil, etc. They capture data from other applications or services, and transform large data concepts into predictive applications that can be used in production environments through system models such as referral systems, fraud monitoring systems, emotional and social network analysis systems. Carlos Guestrin is GRAPHL.

Review 2013: The Summer of cloud computing

Before 2013, there may be a wait-and-see or scepticism about the cloud, but after a year of development, cloud computing has completely landed: Big companies are busy with how to deliver faster, more stable and safer cloud services, how to snatch users in the cloud market, and small companies to consider how to use cloud computing to reduce their operating costs. How to make your system into a cloud structure; startups think about how to use the cloud to reduce upfront spending, and even how to use the concept of "cloud" to start a business and sell yourself in front of a VC. According to Gartner, 2013 Global ...

Cloud computing market into the Red Sea, big manufacturers can profit?

Just because a market is large does not mean it is profitable. Investors may be excited about short-term revenue growth, but at some point they will become impatient if they do not generate profits. Amazon's latest quarterly earnings story is a good example. What the financial data reveals is that cloud computing services-the business of leasing data storage and computing power to other companies-looks like a storm of rain that is ready to explode, and losses to investors ' portfolios. Before studying this unpleasant future, let's look at the Asian horse ...

The New York Times: Cloud computing will become the third driver of electric books

A New York Times reader commented: "I appreciate Amazon because it does not profit from the market through a ' right-wing market-oriented ' admirer, he will not use resources relentlessly, will not pursue power and wealth without restriction, will not control the government properly, and will not avoid the cost of social commitment, Not endlessly talking about the so-called truth and philosophy. "From the advent of the online electronics store to the Kindle model, it seems that Amazon is trying to remake the world, where is Bezos's next move?" T ...

Cloud computing: The key determinants of share price in public cloud performance

The latest quarterly earnings show Amazon's quarterly loss of $7 million trillion, less than the 7 million-dollar earnings of the same period last year. But after the earnings, Amazon's share price set a record of 313.62 dollars. The biggest contributor to this anomaly is the public cloud. Earlier, Amazon's competitors in the public cloud, Oracle and other companies also announced their latest quarterly earnings, the results are not satisfactory. To improve their performance, they say they will increase their investment in cloud computing. In the public cloud field, not long ago, VMware unveiled its new public cloud strategy ...

Cloud services: Gaofu game? Does a small company have a chance?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall in China, the pioneering company does the cloud service is like a group of "death squads".        What do they challenge giants? Article |   Liu April 2013, the Aliyun official Weibo launched the "I and Aliyun story" theme activities have been "unexpected" effect, the original micro-blog promotional activities in the developer's "saliva" in the dim exit. Play Crab Technology CEO Yeke (has developed "big Masters" and other game products) without taboo, will be the spear straight ...

What are the expectations of 2013 cloud computing

Cloud computing technology is no longer a concept, cloud computing is already very relevant, and when companies shout Virtualization (virtualization), start-ups have been buying computing and storage equipment in the long run. Now, big companies are ready to see big tech companies buy cloud-related technology start-ups to help transform cloud computing, or see more companies renting the bottom-tier hardware resources for businesses to build cloud computing platforms on virtual hosts. What is the possibility of a cloud computing industry? 1. Public cloud, Architecture enterprise Application System ...

Week review: 2014 turning into a profitable turn for cloud computing and big data

With the landing of Amazon AWS in China and the fall of the Hangzhou cloud Computing Data Center, the cloud computing industry at home and abroad is moving toward a thriving trend, and as Chinese entrepreneurs begin to question cloud computing, to preliminary exploration, to actual investment, we have been able to see the "wisdom" A variety of cloud computing entity projects landed in the country, with the government and entrepreneurs in many inputs, cloud computing may become the 2014 biggest aspect. Total investment 4 billion of the cloud computing project settled in Jiande News review: Zhejiang business return has good news-another technology "cloud" settled in Hangzhou ...

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