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Storage and data center infrastructures are key to building cloud computing business. Any cloud platform attaches great importance to performance, scalability, and the value of Low-cost data storage in direct contact with customers or through service providers. The customer's data center is its lifeline, and data center security is the primary criterion for measuring cloud success.   At the same time, efficient and flexible management of the data center is also the building of cloud services to achieve the basis of cloud delivery.   What companies around the world have a breakthrough in cloud computing and deserve attention? 1.Abiquo abiquo ...

How to choose cloud computing service provider?

& ">nbsp; When the enterprise is just beginning to use the public cloud services, the market has emerged a large number of cloud computing providers, the type of cloud computing, the number of service providers, so that enterprises dazzling. So how do our companies choose a suitable cloud provider to get cloud services? In general, the study of cloud computing service companies to spend a few months time, but after many more than ...

IBM opens cloud computing experience Week

Recently, the "IBM Cloud Computing Experience Week" held in Beijing, this is the first time in the country to experience weeks in the form of a full display of IBM in the mixed cloud development trend of all-round capabilities.   Many companies, partners, and industry leaders share with you how to innovate through cloud computing in their respective domains, working with IBM. BEIJING Poly-Xuefeng Information Technology Co., Ltd. general manager of the 2014 is the rapid development of IBM Cloud computing a year, through years of strategic investment and layout, cloud computing business has made great progress. Just released IB ...

Cloud computing will continue melee in the next few years

On April 28, Amazon investors got big news: Wall Street's concerns were completely dispelled as earnings reports showed all first-quarter earnings and profit margins were well above analysts' estimates, Amazon shares soared 16% within a day on Friday under the single-day record of gains from October 2009 to the present day, which for Amazon itself means that its market value soared over the course of a single day Nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars. Now Amazon is no longer just a shopping site, it has become a set of shopping, living, video, entertainment ...

Visit Shenzhen Cloud Computing Center: 520 units, 120,000 CPUs

In the early Monday, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Shenzhen, woke up and the smart floor in the house had been set up last night to adjust the air temperature and humidity in the room. After breakfast, when the car started, the system has been automatically booked in the destination parking spaces, traffic jams will be issued to remind the road, and proposed changes in the route, the car park will automatically identify the vehicle after the arrival of the designated location, and will guide the car to the reserved parking space. Noon, work afternoon break, Mr. Liu use 3G mobile phone to view the real-time image of home, to understand the family situation, remote visits to family members; If there is no burglary in the home, the automatic alarm signal ...

Is cloud computing really cheaper?

"Is cloud computing really cheaper?" "In all the questions raised at the recent event, the question is the hardest to answer." A few days ago, I hosted the Cloudcamp seminar at the New Jersey Institute of Technology-an informal meeting designed to communicate and popularize information about cloud computing. Since the opening of this series of non-traditional conferences more than four years ago, it has been around the world in more than 300 cities. During the period of scientific and technological change.   The topic of discussion has been defined from cloud computing to what can be done to cloud computing? I began to seek the answer to the question. Many of the people I talked to Will ...

Cloud computing-shifting focus to PAAs, analytics and mobility

If you look at the hour clock, you will not notice that it is walking, but you cannot draw the conclusion that the hour is not going to go. Similarly, if you look at what is happening on cloud computing every day, you can hardly see any change. Then, if you take a step back and compare the situation with the current two years ago, you will see a more realistic change. Do you want to know what is hot in the cloud computing field and what is not? Then you should think about where these startups are putting their entrepreneurial energies, and under the radar conference is a good place to look for promising startups. This conference is a year ...

Yat Chong Cloud customer Service: A SaaS-based cloud Enterprise Services tool

The SaaS Pioneer Series is CSDN cloud computing channel, dedicated to free reporting on domestic SaaS market segments including OA, CRM and other fields of pioneer enterprises, in the previous reports, we have reported the different customers, Worktile, DAYHR, the market has a warm response, Many SaaS start-ups have joined us. Today's recommended business is from the beautiful abundance Chengdu, Yat-Chong Cloud customer service is a SaaS based Cloud Enterprise Services tool for enterprise external customer Support services (after-sales service) and internal staff support services, ...

Loathe cloud computing? Being cloud is your destiny!

You despise the loss of personal computing power, hate ordering service, not trust our security model, not optimistic about our reliability, but also do not believe that the existing broadband can be a good connection to the cloud, it does not matter: because you will eventually become a part of us, we are cloud computing, you can not resist. Yes, cloud computing is still a lot of problems and a series of threats, but I believe this is a trend, unstoppable trend, so no matter how much you hate cloud computing now, you will soon be assimilated: while holding your personal computer data, peripherals and NAS ...

Smash bubble talk about development, inventory OpenStack Business Eco-circle!

"Editor's note" OpenStack Paris summit just ended, some participants feel is: the manufacturers look at each other, not many users. Also some people are asking: OpenStack in the end rely on not reliable, have got the case of shot? In this article, Unitedstack founder and CEO Chenghui in the Paris summit, the OpenStack Ecological circle of commercial companies in the inventory. Chenghui said: "OpenStack has been too high expectations of the peak, is experiencing a bubble in the bottom of the valley, for startups, this is the hardest time, this is the most ...

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