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China's cloud Computing conference held in Beijing

May 20, 2014-23rd, under the guidance of national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Informatization, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal People's government, cast, sponsored by China Electronic Society, China Association of Cloud Computing Technology and industry, China Electronic Society cloud computing Experts Committee,   China's large data committee of experts, CSDN, ZDNet to the top network and Itvalue co-organised by the "Six China Cloud Computing Conference" in Beijing National Conference Center held grandly. In order to better communicate the latest experience of the 2014, further promote the cloud computing ...

Conversation: Mobile Learning SaaS platform based on cloud computing

Dialogue person: "China Distance Education" (information) magazine executive Editor Charles Peak dialogue guest: Czech Library Power Education Technology Co., Ltd. Chief operating officer Liu Feng Branch "You and I like the use of electricity and water, easy to enjoy the cloud," this is one of the slogans of Beijing cloud base. As a member of the cloud base in Beijing, based on cloud computing, Czech library Power Education Technology Co., Ltd. provides mobile learning SaaS platform for enterprises and educational institutions. What are the new changes in the field of mobile learning in the 2013? Why do mobile learning platforms based on cloud computing? Mobile learning platform based on cloud computing has ...

A word about cloud computing

What would you say in a word about cloud computing? Welcome to express your opinion: Http:// #云计算 # is a large number of Low-cost computing nodes connected through the network, using distributed software to make it virtual organic whole, Delivers scalable, high-performance, reliable computing services-focus on cloud computing #云计算 #wiki definition Blue whale thinks: Cloud computing is a style of ...

"Cloud computing" talent market shortage

The domestic training market has just started, the number of people trained in schools is very few at present, the concept of "cloud computing" with the "cloud" market, become a hot emerging field. And the sense of smell sensitive training market also closely follow the footsteps, began to pay attention to "cloud computing" talent. However, cloud computing and its field of talent training as a new concept, as well as in the fog general, people have some unclear prospects. In the fog of "cloud computing" on the one hand, for "cloud computing" this emerging market, many institutions began to increase investment, eager. On the other hand, the existing "cloud meter ..."

Cloud World Congress Cloud Learning Link: Third training and cloud computing

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 Cloud World Congress, welcome to Mr. Liu Fung-ji, chief operating officer of Ceecou Beijing Education Technology Co., Ltd. 1 Liu Fung-ji: Nice to see the familiar faces below, there are new friends, also zhuang this place is very hot, because of cloud computing, this morning's meeting was very successful, there are more than 2000 guests to this building to participate in the day's activities and afternoon is a continuous forum activities, today I give you to share the topic is about training and cloud computing. A lot of people come on the road and think I heard Ceecou is not doing video ...

A brief account of the development of the major enterprises in cloud computing

Cloud computing has been a hot topic recently. Due to its unique combination of a variety of technologies, but also a high degree of maturity, there are large companies to promote the rapid development can be seen. Giants such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo are all pioneers in cloud computing. Other companies that have succeeded in cloud computing include Salesforce, Facebook, Youtube and Myspace. Amazon uses flexible compute clouds (EC2) and simple storage services (...).

Cloud Computing Case II: Wuxi Cloud Computing Project

Cloud computing is not out of thin air when users explore, and it is accompanied by the evolution of technology. IBM Greater China Chief technology officer, Li, dean of IBM China Research Institute, points out that the maturity of several key technologies has contributed to the emergence of cloud computing, including fast-growing chips and hardware technology, virtualization technology, massive multi-tenant technology, service-oriented architecture (SOA), interface technology, and network technology, The development and maturity of many technologies make the implementation of cloud computing possible. At present, the market "cloud" concept emerges endlessly, everyone is talking about "cloud", but everyone talks about "cloud" ...

Cloud computing is developing rapidly in four industries

2010 Cloud Computing has become the future strategic direction of information industry development and an important engine to promote economic growth, from the overall market development situation of cloud computing, although the cloud computing industry is still in the stage of commercial import, but the investment shows a rapid growth momentum. The good ecological environment of cloud computing is of course the government's guidance and construction. 2010, cloud computing has been under the guidance of the Government from the concept gradually to the application level, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "on the cloud computing Services innovation and development of the pilot demonstration work notice" to determine the first in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou ...

Eight industry CIO talk about cloud computing big data Landing truth

Assuming that the Internet can provide students with quality free education resources, then all universities have to answer parents a question--what is the cost to students and what is the best resource? On the evening of May 22, 2014, Xu, director of the Information Office of Shanghai University, threw out such a sharp topic on the "CIO Salon for cloud computing Big Data Industry". Indeed, with the development and popularization of MOOC (massive open online courses, a large-scale web-based open course), the traditional teaching model is being broken. Using cloud computing ...

The exploration of HP Cloud computing talent Training Strategic Framework

Cloud computing era suddenly came, we saw the company launched a cloud computing solutions, including from business requirements to business models, from technical solutions to the implementation of the route, is really wonderful, all flowers, and a little cloud fog around, the feeling of chaos and confusion.   In many scenarios we rarely see human factors, and human factors are often the success of cloud computing strategy of CFS, directly determine the success or failure of cloud computing strategy, "people" is the cloud computing engine, Steering wheel and soul! Because no matter what the cloud computing solution and the operating model, all need people to investigate the needs, people to screening programs ...

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