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Taxi software into the ear from the cost of the rational

Yesterday, the news revealed that the domestic phone call car software tick-tock taxi and quick Taxi is engaged in negotiations, will carry out equity cooperation, in the industry, this is a taxi software market holding group heating signal. Moreover, from the taxi software nearly two months in Guangzhou into retreat from the situation, taxi software is farewell to the noise and speculation, become rational and pragmatic. A number of companies are known in Guangzhou, as early as last November, a quick taxi on the first outgoing message opened in Guangzhou business, only the past 2 months, the taxi software This January hastily withdrew Hangzhou. From Beijing Tick-tock taxi, E Tatsu recruit cars, easy to reach a taxi 、...

The weakening of domestic mobile phones

Introduction: Domestic mobile phone is declining is an indisputable fact, not only in the software and hardware, even in the development of thinking, are lagging behind the brand a big cut. Can a simple hardware stack solve the current challenges of survival? Domestic mobile phone is not lack of technology, not lack of brand, but why is not to make "Apple flavor"? 4G is coming, this is the opportunity of domestic mobile phone reverse attack, or 3G of pirated? All sorts of questions, and the market answers. The gradual decline of domestic mobile phone Gao far domestic mobile phone when the rise? This seems to be a commonplace topic, but throughout the mobile phone market, almost all of the "ocean ..."

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