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Destined to be the home appliance electric power business even one day

This day, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/754.html "style=" line-height:1.6; > Beijing East announced that from the morning 9 to challenge suning Price bottom line, threatened to put Suning's offline trading all "killed"; Gome, the home appliance sales giant also unwilling to be outdone, you cheap me cheaper, price war without me certainly not; in the afternoon, Suning appliances (002024, shares bar) listed companies big ...

Suning will build wearable equipment experience Hall

Absrtact: As the home appliance sales retailer, in the gross margin generally low 3C products in the price war is not easy, but Su Ning still decided to chew this piece of stubborn, and hand over a beautiful report card, Suning Beijing general manager Shannong said this year will be as a home appliance sales retailer, It's not easy to start a price war on a 3C product that is generally low in gross margin. But Suning still decided to chew the "tough", and handed over a beautiful report card, Suning Beijing general manager Shannong said that this year will continue to increase the sales of 3C products, April will also be the first in the capital construction ...

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