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The eyes of the use of ISO calibration tool to distinguish between true and false windows 7

Although "> Microsoft officially released only the Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) and RC (builds 7100) two versions,   But the various Windows 7 versions that are available on the Internet are dazzling, and if you want to download a trial, you need to be able to discern what is true and what is false, and the fake mirror resources are likely to include threats such as viruses. ...

Windows XP and Vista system uninstall Windows 7 tips

Dual-System Uninstall Windows 7 is also tricky, and there are different techniques for uninstalling Windows 7 under XP and sanctioning Windows 7 under Vista. Dual system uninstall Windows 7 tips for-- ">vista system Uninstall Windows 7 if you install Vista and Windows 7 dual system, want to ...

How to burn the ISO file downloaded from the official Ubuntu website to CD

& ">nbsp; Ubuntu is published on the internet mainly as a CD image, known as the ISO file. To install Ubuntu, you must first burn the ISO file to a CD disc. For this job, you need a CD/DVD burner that works. This document will describe the Window ...

Easy to start with Windows 8 Consumer preview version Experience

Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 Consumer preview in Barcelona, Spain 22 o'clock last evening, and what is the difference compared to Windows 7? Sina Digital First time to download and install. Through a few hours of use, Sina Digital found that the Windows 8 Consumer preview version of the traditional interface and window 7 difference, users can quickly start, the Metro user interface is more suitable for the use of touch screen devices, Windows store application has been localized. Download Windows 8 Consumer preview: ...

A new interface for Windows 8

It is widely accepted that the new Windows 8 interface is not compatible with traditional desktop computers or notebooks.   But that's just one side of Windows 8 Windows 8 Desktop also contains a lot of useful improvements. If you are also a desktop user, you can browse and feel that these improvements will determine whether you should upgrade.   If Microsoft does not remove the traditional Start menu and add a new interface, we might consider upgrading. Startup Speed Windows 8 uses some new features to promote ...

Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP single hard disk installation dual system

Single hard disk Andi system, originally HARDY+XP, no CDROM, the original partition Device Id system/dev/sda1 7&     HTML >nbsp; HPFS/NTFS # Windows operating system/dev/sd ...

Windows 8.1 Preview version can be unloaded

Windows 8.1 Preview (Preview) can not be unloaded, Microsoft said in the official question and Answer page, the Windows 8.1 Preview version does not support uninstall, you can restore the entire system to the factory state. If your computer is pre-installed with Windows 8, you can use a computer refresh to restore it to Windows 8. Your personal files will not be affected, but non-computer pre-installed applications will need to be reinstalled, and Windows 8 application stores may no longer provide the applications you installed when using the preview version. ...

Simplify the guide by using the hard disk to install Windows 7 (command-free prompt)

The original system (2000/xp/ ">2003/vista/2008/win7/pe") and the WIN7 system to be installed are not 32 bits/ 64-bit limit; there is no limit to whether a single system or a multiple system is installed; Install process free from command prompt operation, virtual CD-ROM after loading or ultraiso/winrar decompression ISO file to hard disk a non-system partition root directory (...)

Windows Vista was supposed to have features that didn't.

PC Web site summarizes 18 windows (including the latest version of Http:// ">vista and Vista SP1) should have no features , and gives the third party remedial procedure recommendation: 1, similar to the expose function on the Mac, presses the F3 you to run all programs to have the thumbnail way to show in front of you, for you optionally activates, this for runs many ...

Large rollup of various Windows 7 installation methods

One, the conventional method (also the most simple and effective way): 1. Unzip the downloaded ISO file to a disk, note that this disk is not the one you intend to install the Win7 system into 2. Double-click the Setup.exe in the folder after unpacking, follow the prompts to install two, http:// "> Virtual optical Drive Virtual image installation (ordinary person's Loading method): 1. Use virtual light like Damon tool ...

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