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Web design common JavaScript Classic code

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall 1. Add to Favorites <script language="Javascript"> function Bookmarkit () {window.external.addFavorite (' http://your url ', ' Your site name Called ')}&amp;</script>

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D bees

Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D Bee published in 2013-03-29 13:43| Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong Month Research and Development weekly Javascriptpatrick Wyatt Game development Third party application open platform Open source Polycode Summary: Busy week finally past, leisure time may wish to savor our carefully presented for you this technical feast. Current Issue: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3 ...

JavaScript compatible IE,FF settings home, add favorite code

If you want to be compatible with multiple browsers to determine the user's browser type, if it is Firefox or ie6,7,8, so that they can not be judged by the difference between the operation. &lt;html xmlns= "" &gt; &lt;head runat= "Server" &gt; &lt;title&gt; Untitled page &lt;/title&gt;

Join my personal website, develop the website optimization/Promotion Program

How to optimize the site, how to promote, whether it is blog station, enterprise station or portal station must have a website before the site planning, the following is the junction of my personal website, I developed a website optimization/promotion program to provide you with discussion. How to optimize the website? How to promote the website? The main purpose of website optimization is to achieve comprehensive optimization of the site, so that the site in search engines have a better natural ranking ability, so as to enhance the website sales ability to enhance the effectiveness of brand promotion. Each column, each page as a small site for its controllable optimization, from the basic site layout, site structure ...

HTML5 Games Platform announces some team members to join Facebook

Beijing Time April 24 news, according to foreign media reports, HTML5 game platform just announced that some members of the team will join Facebook. The news was confirmed by Facebook. But will not shut down and continue to operate under the leadership of co-founder Peter Reyland Peter Relan and its entrepreneurial incubator Youweb team. including Ben Savitch (Ben Savage), spaceport.i ...

Website Design Front Introduction Series (i): the front-end various optimization

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall still has one hours to 2012, that can also have a bit of time to write a bit of spit things, hehe ... December 2011 is definitely my work since the maximum pressure of one months, has been busy to sleep less time, part-time reading less time, the body began to alarm, shoulder responsibility pressure I really breathless ...   As an ordinary north drift, in Beijing similar to me such a sea of humanity, especially in our industry. I love life very much, every minute is precious;

Is usability so important?

Please forgive me for having taken such a controversial title, the title of the original is "browser is not what". I personally feel that the author is a bit out of the question, but that doesn't affect the point of view that it wants to present. Usability has always been one of the main points of contention in our front. But think about whether we deserve to invest in additional, &gt;javascript, blind readers or those who disable Http:// " A lot of ...

How to optimize your Web advertising code and speed

Intermediary transaction "&gt;seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby How to create multiple advertising bits? In JS Riga: &lt;div class=ggad&gt;&lt;span id= "K_ad_chongzhi&amp;qu ...

Beware of the pitfalls of website analysis and monitoring implementation (next)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "Preface" continues to discuss in the website analysis monitoring implementation in some places needing attention.   For the last article, please see: Vigilant Web site analysis and monitoring implementation of the trap (above).   "Body" in the previous article, we explored the three areas where monitoring and implementation issues are easily monitored, such as cross-domain monitoring, reporting structure, and page dynamic event monitoring, which we then discuss outside chain monitoring, page redirection, monitoring framework pages, code conflicts, and custom basic monitoring settings. Trap four: Outside ...

Build a simple demo application Watson Films

This article builds a simple demo application by using Watson Question and Answer (q&amp;a) technology and the Q&amp;a APIs exposed by Watson. Watson Films. Cognition exists in almost any activity that human beings do, such as language comprehension, sensation, judgment, athletic skills, learning, spatial processing and social behavior. We are increasingly expected to use machines that exhibit the same cognitive behavior. IBM Watson stands for the cognitive system (a new gauge ...).

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