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The three-step principle of marketing promotion

Millet in the hunger and thirst tactics under the promotion of marketing methods are eclipsed, but in the halo of the marketing of hunger and thirst under the various major marketing techniques are also played dripping to do! Today we come to understand the traditional marketing practices. First, the focus on marketing planning in the early stage of what we need is to let their products attract enough attention rate, then what is the rate of attention? Let's take a recent case to explain! Perhaps everyone recently heard yy sky-high purchase to do online education platform. And yy use is the early cause of concern in the site has not been released before the launch ...

SEO Process-is in the running ring

Sometimes Mas will hear friends around said, I have the basics of SEO things have done next what should I do? But have you ever thought that you really finished everything? (Or should SEO really be able to finish it?) Since you feel like you're done with your traffic? In fact, the problem Maas a few days ago also in the search outside the question and answer to see, there are friends answered, here Maas on the basis of this and you say that the process of SEO. 1. First, normal seoer the first step will be the keyword analysis, analysis of the words we do not say more ...

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