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Analysis says video advertising is becoming the best channel for game promotion

2009 is the year of the Chinese web game. In the past six months, the Web game collective blowout, there is a "disorderly flower gradually want to charming eye" momentum.  However, in stark contrast to this lively scene is: to be able to attract players in the first time, leaving the player a deep impression of the few works. And why? The fundamental, or because the quality of these games did not meet the expectations of the players. However, put aside the quality first, publicity is reasonable will also have a great impact on the web game. How can web games be better to promote themselves? The author thinks that we must use ...

Sony events on Christmas Eve the PS Game Award will be issued today

The network (compiled/eskimo) Sony recently announced that it will hold a two-week Christmas-themed game promotion in the virtual community on the home line of PlayStation, Japan, on 9th this month. At that time, 14 game publishers will be in the virtual Community square and the theater to promote their new works, Christmas Day to participate in the visitors will also receive a mysterious gift. Exhibitors include: Capcom ("Monster Hunter: Portable Version 3"), Q-games ("Pixel Garbage 2"), Square Enix ("The Parasitic Night: The third life ...").

Korean realistic fishing Game "breeze" for the first time outside public

Today, South Korea Neowizgames announced the news that it will agent Justnine development of the realistic fishing game "breeze".  "Breeze" also officially released today the game Promotion page, and this is the first time the game outside public. "Breeze" is the justnine time-consuming 3 years of research and development of the realistic fishing game. The game is separated from the simple way to play, the introduction of the MMORPG model of the task system, to provide a unique game fun. The breeze will show the world's fishing venues and more than 2000 species of fish, including the Han River in Korea. Inside the game ...

Xbox Independent Game Festival Epicdungeon great success

(Compilation/Sky White) after the Xbox Live has moved the independent game to the more visible Games and demo area, some independent game developers have made persistent efforts to launch a "Indie Games Winter on Live" in the first week of December. Uprising (independent production game Winter Megathrust Attack) "Independent game promotion, in this event, there will be 14 independent games in December to land the store, each game price of 80 to 400 Microsoft Points (about 1 to 5 U.S. dollars). But according to the current ...

Wanda Group provides offline resources combined with Kunlun games to promote hand tour

Summary: Wanda Group provides offline resources United Kunlun Game Promotion Hand tour donews game November 4 News Wanda Group and the Kunlun game jointly announced the cooperation, pay attention to the Kunlun game's hand Tour products "Crazy Tribe" for joint promotion.   According to official disclosure, Wanda Wanda Group to provide offline resources combined with the Kunlun game Promotion Hand tour donews game November 4 News Wanda Group and the Kunlun game jointly announced the cooperation, pay attention to the Kunlun game's hand Tour products "Crazy Tribe" for joint promotion. According to official disclosure, Wanda Group in this meeting ...

How independent game developers promote games

This article is not intended to answer "how do I start PR" or "How to make sure my game exposure". I don't know the answer to these questions, it's your game, you should know more about yourself than I do. This article is also not a comprehensive guide to independent marketing.   However, no matter how you perform on the RP, you should be able to get some inspiration from this proposal.   Therefore, you can immediately take the five measures listed in this article to improve your independent game market. Public-relations-word from ...

Do you know how hot YouTube is in the West?

In Western countries, YouTube video has become one of the important carriers of game promotion and dissemination. But how hot is YouTube gaming video? Recently, tubular labs, a market research firm, released an information map that collated and interpreted a number of important data from YouTube gaming videos in 2014. The main points of this information map include: 1. YouTube video game videos attracted 364 billion viewers over the past year. 15% of YouTube's total content is related to the game. 2.2014 years, Youtu ...

2015 Microsoft Sony two main host Kill, Xbox one PS4 or will divide the world

2014 is the first year of the two major generations of mainframe launch battle, this year, Sony's PS4 whether the installed capacity or game software are the leading competitor Xbox One a lot. But the Xbox One is fine, and the distance between the two is shrinking, through a price cut and a holiday game promotion that has been catching up PS4. However, the new year has come, this year PS4 will be able to hold their own land and not be the Xbox One to overtake it? In this respect, the gaming industry "well-known" analyst Pachter ...

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