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Technology constantly updated mobile games will soon usher in a better development

Silicon Valley October 31 and client-side games, web games, the domestic mobile game is still in the "small" state, which with the domestic 3G network coverage of the low environment is closely related.      In the eyes of many mobile gaming practitioners, mobile gaming, which is restricted to the domestic network environment, dances like a "shackle". "From the developed country's 3G coverage, Japan accounted for 95%, South Korea accounted for 85%, the United States accounted for 64%, and China only 6% of 3G coverage." "Mobile game developer Mocha World CEO Song that if the domestic 3G coverage can be achieved ...

Jifeng Li Peng: the popularization and development trend of China's Android games

Organized by the Qing Branch group z-club106 period-"mobile games" this afternoon in Beijing 3W Coffee, Jifeng senior vice President Li Peng attended the salon, and delivered keynote speeches.   The following is a transcript of the speech: Good afternoon, I am Li Peng of jifeng nets, I mainly according to some of our company's models to share my experience and data, if there are deficiencies, we can add a moment. First of all, the current Chinese Android holdings around 80 million, iOS is 30 million left ...

Two black hands behind the death of online games: hackers and servers

Recently, hear more play in doing a Chinese network game death file of the topic, I saw the content of the manuscript in advance, review the past development of Chinese online games 10 years of history, every year there are a lot of games out, and every year there are a lot of games completely disappear.  As a worker who has been in the game industry for many years, seeing this topic, I can't help thinking about the reasons why Chinese online games are so much dead, first of all, I think of the two behind them: black and hacker. Our story starts with a web game. As the first domestic Java engine based on the development of 2.5D graphics MMO ...

Analysis of operation mode of Flash games website

Flash is a web-rich media and strong interactive technology developed by Macromedia Inc. (now acquired by Adobe), originally designed to develop interactive or animated web site components. Flash has made rapid progress in recent years, according to Adobe Statistics, its internet PC desktop penetration rate reached an astonishing 99%, while Java is 85.1%.   At present, Flash is more vigorously to the PDA and smartphone terminal development. Flash technology contains a set of programmable scripting parsers, called ActionScript, that use with ...

Win on the mobile End Forum: Business opportunities in related areas of beauty games

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall "win in the mobile and cloud" round table (Tencent technology photo) Tencent Science and technology news, April 7, today, the seventh annual Chinese Internet webmaster in Beijing International Conference Center held in 2012. In the afternoon, the Petal net CEO Liu Pingyang, Microsoft China Platform Division technical Director Zhaoliwei, the Flash gathers the network CEO Liu Xingliang, the Qing Ke Ventures the Director general Manager Yes, the application CEO Rochuan, the cool plate chairman Huangmingming, positive benefits wireless APPCA ...

Traditional brands call the app idea: The public will make the ads into games

Now, you use mobile phone to drive the latest Porsche 911Carrera Drive in the north Inner Mongolia Yunlong Lake Snow track, see the number of dashboard constantly breakthrough, hear the sound of the engine amazing, over the bend, you feel the snow Ridge drift, snow shake tail.  Will you say it in your heart: it's so cool!  Unconsciously, you have a "commercial" applauded-this is just a popular sports car app. More and more traditional brands are starting to play the app idea. Starbucks takes you to the coffee shop and shares the mood; Lenovo TV Beauty in the microblogging platform to interact to let you know the product;

Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile gaming

Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile games and news and technology January 11, 2013, 2013 Global Mobile Games Annual Conference and Channel List Awards ceremony held in Beijing Jing Instrument Hotel. This conference revolves around "move, game, channel, rank" This series of keywords launches the discussion, and with "channel how to make money for the game enterprise?"   "As an important issue, we invite industry experts and professionals to discuss further." The forum is chaired by Shanghua Vice president of the Alliance, Houle game President Huang Jian, China Hand Travel Entertainment Group COO Liu Xiachou, Guangyu online Vice President Chen, the CEO King of the World ...

Catch fish net enable new domain name again exerting Force mobile game Field

Famous internet site-catch fish network recently bought and enabled the domain name as its mobile games portal, then catch fish why will enable the new site? All this stems from catching fish net to Chinese mobile phone game foreground optimistic, at present, catching fish and when the three websites such as music, air network, and so on, catching the fish will have a far-reaching impact on China's mobile phone game market, it is learned that 3gyou WAP, Web Parts will be parallel development, the current site to develop WAP domain,   The development of the web domain will be done later. Mobile games have always been important ...

2013 China Open source software 10 major annual hot projects

The end of 2013, we based on the past year's user access, exchange and sharing and the project itself update frequency and other aspects of the open source China's nearly 30,000 open source software statistics, so that the top 10 most popular open source software, for reference only. The list is mainly for domestic open source software, the list of 10 open source software is not the same type, although put together is not very scientific.   We only select from a few angles, including user access, software updates, and user discussion of the software. 1. Goagent ...

Mobile Gaming changes: iOS no longer good Android income looming tens of millions

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby text/Sohu It He Feng smartphone gaming market is changing, iOS no longer dominate the world, has been ignored as "applause" of Android subversive forces are constantly distributed. Not only to choose the platform, game developers are also in the casual game and the recosting game range tangle.   And the combined transport of the full swing, as well as the operator channels, developers can not be negligent. iOS no longer good Android starts making money ...

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