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Build a simple demo application Watson Films

This article builds a simple demo application by using Watson Question and Answer (q&a) technology and the Q&a APIs exposed by Watson. Watson Films. Cognition exists in almost any activity that human beings do, such as language comprehension, sensation, judgment, athletic skills, learning, spatial processing and social behavior. We are increasingly expected to use machines that exhibit the same cognitive behavior. IBM Watson stands for the cognitive system (a new gauge ...).

Windows Azure new Services and enhancements

Today, we are ushered in a new era of hybrid clouds, bringing together the best not cloud and cloud computing. Virtual machines, virtual networks, and Web sites are now available as new preview services for Windows Azure. SQL reports are now typically available to customers, and a local redundant storage option has been added to provide additional customer choices, and several enhancements to Windows Azure's existing services are now available. These updates help customers build and use their own unique ways to publish their applications in the cloud. In addition, some price and metering updates add to the overall value. These ...

High-availability security in the cloud, and look at the Auth0 across the provider cloudy architecture

Auth0 is a "status as a service" start-up company, but also a heavy cloud service users. For them, service outages mean that a lot of user-managed applications cannot log in, so availability is critical to them. Recently, Auth0 Engineering director Jose Romaniello shared a cloudy architecture that they could exempt across providers from a wide range of Microsoft Azure downtime. Auth0 is a "status as a service" start-up company that allows users to ignore the underlying infrastructure for mobile ...

Cloud services: How to build and deploy

The Azure Management portal provides you with two ways to build and deploy a cloud service: Quick Build and custom build (customized create). This article mainly describes how to build a new cloud service using the Quick Build method, and then upload and deploy cloud service packs in Azure using the upload (Update) feature. If you use this approach, the Azure Admin portal provides easy links to meet all your requirements. If you are in the structure of ...

How do I build and deploy cloud services?

The Azure Management portal provides you with two ways to build and deploy a cloud service: Quick Build and custom build (customized create). This article describes how to use the quick build method to build a new cloud service, and then use the upload (Update) feature to upload and deploy cloud service packs in Azure. If you use this approach, the Azure Admin portal provides easy links to meet all your requirements. If you...

Why do developers want to know about azure action services?

Azure Action Services provides a cloud platform based backend solution for action application developers, which now supports the use of the Web API in addition to the use of JavaScript (node.js) to access the backend platform Technology, the operational logic of the backend platform, so for developers who want to develop the API for the action device application, Azure Action Service is quite attractive: for the complete operation of all platform ...

The hottest 11 open source security tools on GitHub

Malware analysis, penetration testing, and computer forensics - GitHub hosts a host of compelling security tools that address the real needs of computing environments of all sizes. As the cornerstone of open source development, "all holes are superficial" has become a well-known principle or even a credo. As widely known as Linus's law, the theory that open code can improve the efficiency of project vulnerability detection is also widely accepted by IT professionals when discussing the security benefits of the open source model. Now, with the popularity of GitHub ...

Twitter: A simple tweet behind the powerful open source power

Absrtact: 7 years ago, one of the ideas, the success of today's popular social network and microblogging service--twitter. Twitter now has more than 200 million monthly active subscribers, and about 500 million tweets are sent every day.   Behind all this is the support of a large number of open source projects. Twitter, known as the "Internet SMS Service", allows users to post no more than 140 tweets, the idea from Twitter's co-founder, Jack Dorsey, which was dubbed "the dumbest Ever" by analysts 7 years ago ...

Take you to the IBM Bluemix platform Cloud

It is based on this trend that IBM released its own public cloud products, the product name is IBM Bluemix, is currently in the open testing phase. Bluemix is built on the Apache Open source project Cloud Foundry, and provides the quality service (services) developed by IBM and its partners for use by IT practitioners. This article takes the core component of Bluemix platform-Bluemix Java Runtime as the main line, to introduce to the reader IBM public ...

43 Free cloud computing technology services

43 Free cloud computing services, the cloud computing integrated development environment, source code management, problem tracking, cloud database, CMS, payment gateway, code hosting, load testing, monitoring, help and web analytics, 11 areas of free cloud computing technology summarized. Since March, the Xeround team has been brainstorming to present a free cloud computing technology "feast" for application developers-listing 43 cloud computing services that make it easier for programmers to develop applications and, more importantly, free! All they do is release your IT resources ...

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