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Oppo launched beyond the N3, R5 reconstructed image Peak

October 29, 2014 Beijing AO Ya Exhibition Center, OPPO held a "one more step" new product launch, at the same time the introduction of N, r two major product series beyond the--oppo N3 and OPPO R5, and the first release of "OPPO Lifestyle", Mobile as the core of the Oppo product Eco-circle debut. Oppo deputy General Manager Wu in the press conference to explain this conference theme "One More Step": "in product design pursuit of the ultimate road, further; in the continuous creation of the real use ...

Oppo Happy Weekend Fifth: The official mall to buy Sennheiser headphones

Oppo Happy Weekend, the official mall brings you a different surprise! Oppo Official Mall Link: Http://store.opposhop.com.cn/activity/happyfriday005/index.htmlOPPO Happy weekend is the Oppo official mall for the feedback online users, deliberately at the weekend to hold the discount purchase activities. This week Oppo Happy weekend Fifth, Oppo Official Mall special for the current popular four nuclear full HD flagship intelligent Oppo find 5, cited ...

Code name for color OPPO Find 5 The latest version of ROM full experience

OPPO Find 5 ROM Experience-small fresh taste recently, OPPO's newest custom ROM has begun a small range of public testing, which can be seen with a more refreshing style based on leaked UI images. Today we've got the public beta ROM, which has a code name for color, but Oppo officially did not respond. OPPO Find 5 has been successfully brushed into the latest custom ROM, also based on Android 4.1.1 depth customization. For the first time, it redesigned most UI interfaces. ADO, ...

A detailed comparison between Millet Miui V5 and Oppo Coloros 2.0

With the progress of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the intelligent life. In these smart devices, the most inseparable from our daily life of the non-smart phone. As early as 1993, IBM, who was at the forefront of technology, made IBM Simon with BellSouth Telecom, thus opening the door to the smartphone age. But because of different people's different definition of the smartphone, the forming of the smartphone has suffered a long period of bottleneck. Until 2002, Nokia mobile phone and Symbian after four years of efforts to formally lead us into the intelligent era, intellectual ...

Similar Funtouch os/color OS system Comparison

Domestic smartphone manufacturers in the past one or two years the rapid development of internal hardware, and gradually narrowing the gap with international manufacturers, especially some of the flagship mobile phone brands, hardware configuration has been completely with the foreign brands. But correspondingly, compared to foreign brands in the system optimization and experience, domestic brands in the system customization is lagging behind the hardware configuration, especially in line with the use of the custom system is not much. Vivo and Oppo these two belong to step high brand recently exerting force, respectively released respective newest Os--funtouch OS and color OS ...

Those poor homemade phone designs

Recently, I just said on Weibo: "Do not blow the phone now can die?" Do you have time to blow the heap of hardware to do UX optimization for UI design? A light look at the interface of the total people do not interested in buying machines, either the cottage or fancy or no design sense, deserved no market failure, so the domestic mobile phone design has been evaluated. First, the model of commercial marketing of coarse grains, pit Dad's ultimate, relying on the cottage fruit Miui started (at that time also barely able to say that there is some improvement) mixed up now, from the thought of the beginning from the revised CM changed to AOSP, the result?

American Mito's "self-portrait" mobile phone Meitukiss released

Abstract: Beauty Mito's self-portrait mobile phone Meitukiss released. The smartphone, which they claim to be the world's first 8 million-pixel front-facing camera, carries a MT6589 four-core 1.2GHz processor, a 4.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels, as a selling point in front of the Mito "self-portrait" mobile phone Meitukiss released. They are known as "the world's first 8 million-pixel front camera" smartphone, with MT6589 four nuclear 1.2GHz processor, 4.5-inch IPS material ...

Decrypt high-end smart machine chess where the domestic manufacturers road

Most investors have just been involved in the stock market, will find a strange phenomenon, in front of the stock market to watch, uniform of the trading board a word lined up, but buy their own stock is often bought on the fall, sold on the rise, completely into a chaos. The stock is just a game for big dealers. Today's smart-phone market is not so, Android's flight to revive the dying Motorola, so that Samsung leaped to the top of the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, millet company only three years to achieve the market value of tens of billions of dollars, it seems to be ...

Hammer new system Smartisan OS 1.3 benchmark: Speed boost

With the end of Mr. Luo's introspective speech, he and his hammer cell phone have also been through the headlines of various tech media, but we are not here today to say teacher Luo is good and bad, we focus on products. In yesterday's speech, Luo announced two new products: White Hammer mobile phone and Smartisan OS 1.3 version, I did not see the phone, but the system upgrades I have experienced the first time. I do not have a 4G version of the Hammer has not upgraded the new system for a long time, for a brush machine obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, this is almost not tolerated. To know that the domestic hand ...

Experience is king, do you want to spell hardware?

Under the tide of mobile internet, only through the comprehensive integration of software, hardware, experience and design, can users bring a unique and wonderful experience, to avoid falling into the mud of model homogenization and price. Ring look at the current mobile phone market, there is no lack of hear a mainstream voice, that is, "do not spell hardware, experience for the king." Why? In a few short years, Android's processor evolved from a single core to a dual-core, and then into the four nuclear era. In the quad-core era, the processor's frequency is from hundreds of m to more than 2GHz, and the screen size is gradually 5 inches, the resolution on the ...

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