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Preview: Oracle NoSQL database

Over the past few years, the world of NoSQL databases has been filled with interesting new projects, ambitious statements and a lot of promises. It is rumored that the latest NoSQL database software package achieves significant performance improvements by adjusting all the structures and the three times-fold checksum that the database creator has been hoping to increase over the years. What about reliability? The reliability is overrated, according to Wall Street programmers who didn't use the NoSQL database to run large-scale enterprise applications but only trivial deals. What about the tabulation structure? Too rigid and limited. e.g.

Oracle Hair SME Server for database application

Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison says he does not care whether the company's X64 server business will be wiped out. But Oracle did once again launch a database application tool based on X64 servers. Oracle's Database utility today is one of four new "engineering systems" that Oracle promises to launch in the coming weeks. Presumably this is the rumored "Exadata Mini" that Oracle plans to launch. Equipped with dual Xeon 5600 processor or eight Xeon 750 ...

Oracle will continue to drive innovation across Oracle converged middleware product suite

Oracle's Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle will continue to promote innovation across Oracle converged middleware (Oracle Fusion Middleware) product suite to further enhance the industry's leading business innovation platform for enterprise and cloud environments. With more than 2,000 customer-driven innovative products delivered over the past 12 months, Oracle continues to enhance Oracle Fusion middleware components, including Oracle SOA Suite Oracle ...

Oracle Large Data machine using Oracle Audit Vault and Database firewall

Oracle Global Congress, September 24, 2013-Bringing large data into the business can create opportunities for business change, but the growing number and complexity of large data can also pose challenges. With Oracle Unified information architecture, customers can easily and economically integrate Hadoop and NoSQL platforms with data warehousing and business Analytics solutions to maximize the value of large data. Although Hadoop provides an extensible foundation for large data projects, the lack of intrinsic security has been an obstacle to many enterprises adopting Hadoop. To solve this problem ...

Oracle: Determined to challenge and defeat IBM and SAP

After Oracle formally acquired SUN in 2010, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison disclosed to the public that it will compete with and beat IBM in high-end systems and compete with SAP in the application area And beat it. In 2013, Oracle's high-end M systems redefined extreme performance by defeating IBM Power systems in terms of price / performance and memory capacity. In addition, Oracle SaaS applications have been fully brought to market, with subscriptions up 35% by the end of the year. & nb ...

The origin of Oracle NoSQL database

Previously NoSQL databases were indifferent to new and emerging projects around the world, and we often heard those with ambitious trumpeter patting their chests to ensure that their new nosql applications would break all the old frames and bring new things. In reality, however, it is overblown that NoSQL is still unable to get into Wall Street, even if the trendy developers are only willing to use it for trivial matters in their lives. Because of the limitations of the table structure is too large, if you can discard these, the speed of the database can be improved quality. At this moment, ...

Oracle Push Cloud Strategy Trilogy build self-help private cloud

From the concept of cloud computing to the real implementation of cloud computing enterprise deployment, cloud computing market as fast as the cloud.        In the face of ongoing market changes and diverse cloud deployment scenarios and different service forms and usage based on user types, how to choose the best solution for the enterprise's own it and business needs, and how to find the most appropriate cloud strategy to be a serious challenge for all enterprises that have a cloud transition or cloud upgrade. According to Ioug R ...

Inventory 2013:21 Best Open Source database

As a software developer or DBA, one of the essential tasks is to deal with databases, such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and so on. As we all know, MySQL is currently the most widely used and the best free open source database, in addition, there are some you do not know or useless but excellent open source database, such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Couchba ...

Oracle to launch Oracle Big Data sql

BEIJING, July 22, 2014--companies are looking for innovative ways to manage as many data and data sources as possible. While technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL provide specific ways to deal with large data problems, these technologies may introduce islands of data that can complicate data access and data analysis needed to form critical insights. In order to maximize the value of information and better handle large data, enterprises need to gradually change the data management architecture into a large data management system to seamlessly integrate various sources, all types of data, including Hadoop, relational databases, and nos ...

Database Security Policy

Database security Policy Database security issues have been around the database administrator's nightmare, the loss of database data and the database by illegal user intrusion makes the database administrator physically and mentally exhausted. This paper puts forward some security policies around the security of the database, hoping to help the database administrator, no longer nightmares every night. Database security issues should include two parts: first, the security of database data it should be able to ensure that when the database system downtime, when the database data storage media is corrupted and when the database user misoperation, database data ...

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