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Li 瑒: Create the world's first genuine free movie Network

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall "You must enter the narrow gate." For the gate is wide, the road is large, and there are many who enter, and the door is narrow, the road is small, and the people who find it are few.   "This is a passage from Jesus in the Bible," he said. The "narrow door" of the Bible is a door that can only be found by searching.  U.S. Ming Communications Group chairman, Quark Film Network CEO Li 瑒 is trying to explore the quark network of "narrow door", Maverick choose to go "genuine free" "narrow door." ...

A new webmaster to do the movie site some feelings

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall first let me introduce myself, I am a secondary school students, learning is electrical automation, Although I majored in electrical, but my own real interest is the Internet in this respect, I was in the first day to know the webmaster this word, specifically how to know do not remember, just remember when the beginning of the special worship of those ...

Tsai: I don't love your money. My movie is only for 20 people.

Shanghai Art Museum Hall in the Tsai "river" poster "Long Live" poster "do Not scatter" poster "If I Only love the money in your purse, I certainly cater to you." But I do not love your money, I hope you become a better, textured audience. One critic said that my movie was enough for 20 people, and that 20 people saw it. "Wen, figure/This newspaper in Shanghai reporter Shi Yixuan, Liu put his film almost not earn money, see his film audience very little, works in the mainland market almost blank; he announced the withdrawal of the Taiwan Golden Horse Award, but stood on the street to sell tickets;

We're catalyzing the "pornographic door" effect.

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest adsense Group buy Cloud host technology Hall recently," Yan Zhao Door "actor Edison Chen returned to Hong Kong held remember the reception,   Declared a permanent exit from the Hong Kong Entertainment circle. This remark, not a lot of media headlines. This is more and more fierce "pornographic scandal" do not know when to be calm. In everyone's great call to read, laugh, scold after, there is no regulation ...

Make the most successful movie station tips! Novice do station must read!

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall speaking of film station, many people know that competition is very fierce, almost just learn to do the site novice will do   , but the transitory of success is very few. 1: Not Enough money, 2: No technology, 3: the site repeats too much, 4: content is almost all collected, 5: template overflow. There are a few more than one by one ...

Zhong: Every website has a door to the brothel.

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall write this article without any intention to belittle and destroy the major websites,   Only objectively describe the current existence of a variety of web sites, this phenomenon is common to many netizens may produce an illusion that every site seems to be the same person founded!!! You do not see the Tao Station Sea, each station hits the highest rate is ...

Whether you cloud or not clouds anyway I cloud

Even if it's just a matter of thinking about it, the beautiful picture of the cloud era described here is somewhat desirable. Dedicate a cold joke that many people may have seen. A Chinese student in the United States to send fast food. He never took a calculator and looked up at the clouds every time he checked with the customers. The surprised people use calculator to verify the result that he calculates all right, realized this is called "cloud computing". Cloud computing can be regarded as a technical field of hot words, and the original "Mother Shout you go home to eat", "God Horse Cloud", now "no matter how you, I anyway ..."

Hanging a Ma Zixuan on the door to all kinds of classic online pickup style

According to the survey of the Brick family: a man at least nine times a day to think of women. Confucius said: Eat color sex also. The nature of men is, of course, to bubble mm! Now the network is so developed, in the online games in the bubble mm can not only meet their own many desires, but also in the server to do the limelight Ah!  There has been a male player bask in the online games in the beauty of the girl immediately after a lot of games crown to "Love Saint" Name, this shows that the online bubble mm is not only a technology, but also can rise to the "art" of the height ... But do "art" that must be paid, MM certainly will not follow you in vain. ...

Text: Mobile Internet and cloud computing sub-forum

Mobile Internet and cloud computing sub-forum Sina Science and technology news March 25 afternoon, 2012 China (Shenzhen) It understanding of the Summit is officially convened today, the image of mobile interconnection and cloud computing forum site. Left: Wang Weijia Wireless President of the United States, China Broadband Capital Chairman Tian, Fortinet founder Xie, Kingdee Group board Chairman and CEO Shaochun, Technicoler Special Arts group Greater China President Wu, Yulong Communications chairman and President Guo Deying, ARM China President Wu Xionghang (   Weibo). Wang Weijia: Please take your seats ...

Do Web sites like the end of the Year movie box office scramble

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall 2008 blink of an eye to pass, the lunar film also began to snatch the box office commanding Heights!   The same site at the end of the year also staged traffic battle! "Peach Blossom Yun" started the first cannon, "Mei Lanfang", "Ye asked" is aggressively, "Women are not bad" and immediately on file, and then "not sincere don't disturb" ... This lunar festival file looks a bit crowded ...

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