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Kang is the leader in ecological building materials industry

Introduction: As the saying goes, when the sea is low tide, you will see who is swimming naked. With the continued years of real estate fever fever, resulting in the related industry domino ribs effect has gradually emerged. The same is in such a large background, the Kang plastic group not only to adopt a conservative strategy, shrink the market front, but strong belief, the trend of growth, to the "Ecological building materials leader Enterprise" this ambitious goal to launch a sprint. What is the master of the cards, what advantages, to make their own calm, in order to endanger the machine? Decoding enterprise success, bi-virtual network High-end dialogue column on the general plastic Technology Group.

Chen Xiangdong Talk about leaving: The leader of the narrow-minded subordinates warn't a big deal

Remember: Whoever--including Mr Yu--who is obsessed with power, is ruining his future. I do no problem, but I want to be able to engage in strategic design, decision layout January 13, the new Oriental Education Technology Group announced the CEO Chen Xiangdong left, this is the 2014 education industry's first blockbuster news. Chen Xiangdong The first time to accept the exclusive interview, from his point of view of "leaving the inside." December 2012 and March 2013, I went to Harvard Business School to learn two leadership lessons. One is Harvard's very classic "sincere leadership" project ...

Three key points of success of Roche Marketing

The two days of discussion about the hammer mobile phone has been overwhelming, many East building a natural not much. I am neither hammer powder nor hammer black, not even pay attention to the appearance of the hammer phone, pricing and who to sell, single from the East building familiar with the public relations marketing perspective to talk about the Luo and Hammer mobile phone conference of the desirable place. Let me generalize what I call "Roche Marketing". Usually, we judge a marketing event to be unsuccessful, just to see if it has evolved into a social livelihood event. It is because only by allowing ordinary people to perceive, not only in a small circle, can count as success. ...

Luo the key decision of hammer technology critical moment

Hammer Technology CEO Luo should Yantan invited to participate in the listing ceremony of the mo. After returning home from the United States, he was interviewed about his key decisions at some critical moments in the development of hammer technology this year. About the development of the hammer Science and technology 1. You said on the microblog, in Times Square of that moment, was thoroughly hit, specifically what hit you? The experience of the market, you in your own business management, planning, what new feelings? Yantan, investors Zhenggang and friends, have given you some in doing business, dealing with public opinion, supplier relations, financing and other aspects of the proposal? Royong ...

Mr Yu: In preparation for private universities, rural children are the key admissions target

The new Oriental Science and Technology Education Group, the largest private education and training group in China, spent a restless summer. The NYSE-listed new Oriental, which announced the realignment of the VIE structure (Variable interest entities) in July this year, has been a new prey for the US securities Research (Muddy Waters Study), after the US SEC investigation, which was the first to be the U.S. 's shorting agency, Share prices fell from $22 a share to $9.5 a week. New Oriental fought back. In the experience of the management of stock repurchase, the establishment of a special committee to start the solo ...

A case of deep reflection on the failure of entrepreneurship

Before starting their own business, it is best to go to the advanced company to work for several years, personally feel how a business is operating, employees are how dedicated and responsible.   In addition to the dissemination of truth, the most noble behavior of mankind is to admit mistakes openly, to deeply reflect the mistakes, to accept the profound lessons, to let oneself quickly awaken, can also make other people get profound enlightenment, avoid making the same mistakes, save all kinds of resources, and smoothly embark on the healthy development Road. First, the entrepreneurial failure case in the late 80, I resigned from the post of university teacher, came to a small joint venture, did not do three ...

Four spirits of the entrepreneur

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall The entrepreneurial spirit is not a tightly managed bureaucracy but from the founders of Asian companies such as Panasonic, Honda and Morita, the founders of European companies such as Unilever, Daimler and Branson, from Watson, Disney and Wharton, the founders of the legendary American companies, also come from small business owners who have been unknown but have contributed 95% per cent to economic growth. The world's greatest entrepreneurs have the following four basic features: mission, product/Service vision, fast ...

From the media transformation "sell sweet potato" fan logic

Bang uncle, network Reds, 92 American boys, self-deprecating "seven or eight line artists can not do to become a net red", but there are a group of female fans. From the university began to "rely on the face" in Renren, Weibo and other social circles, he has a unique insight into social psychology, psychological psychology. To die, to be a leader of opinion, to withstand being sprayed, to be interesting, to "the emotional capital of value-added users" ... He has his own network of red literacy. From the initial face, to the hand, and then to the take-away O2O, Uncle Bang to complete a from the media to the restaurant entrepreneur turned, not looking at the face of the business ...

Ten schools of marketing: from the essence

Mintzberg is known as the "deviant in Management", in its strategic course: the strategic Management School, he did not give a clear definition of strategy, but the strategic theory to 10 schools, and to comment on. The simple explanation of strategy from one perspective, he argues, is like elephant: The man who touches his nose says the elephant is a snake, the man who touched the ear said that the elephant is a fan, the person who touches the knee says the elephant is a tree, the person who touches the tail says elephant is a rope, the person that touches elephant body says elephant is a wall ... We may as well use this method to think and deconstruct the strategic tube ...

Angel with gold coins: walking through the valley of Death with the entrepreneur

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall as an important way to finance personal entrepreneurship, angel investment in China's development is still in infancy. Whether it is the idea of "not ripe or not", or the trend of the Angel investment Organization, it is essentially defined that angel investment is also a business.   Success in "Death Valley" is the primary goal for entrepreneurs and angel investors. Not every project is "dead", not every project has Facebook potential, the only certainty is that the angel, the angel with gold coins come ...

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