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How does the hotel brand do well in the 2013 digital marketing plan?

This article comes from Socialbeta Content partners @ Global Tour. 2012 is half past, now is the time to think about what has happened this year to the hotel operators and how they should plan for next year's digital marketing budget analysis. Some of the hot topics of concern this year include the emergence of Solomo (the combination of social, localized and mobile apps, hereinafter referred to as "Solomo"), the emergence of Tablet PCs as a unique marketing and distribution channel, and new social media platforms such as Google + and Pinterest ...

Every guest several times hovering cliff edge, where the customer quality of the next to go

"300 Shirts" is considered an important product after "millet". At present, has not officially listed, and the old side began to vigorously put into the product of the emergency clothing, but unfortunately he dressed in the emergency clothing by the heavy rain in the photos did not win the number of tweets forwarded, but also attracted a lot of questions,   An analyst with CITIC Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd, instead asked the old man, "is the core of the suit a rain-proof?" However, in every guest for so many years, this is not a fan claimed to create the ultimate production ...

has been very reluctant to name the past.

has been very reluctant to name the past, but last weekend a brush over the micro-letter Friends Circle article ("Old: the fun of the company will vanish"), finally I can not help, the decision is also the time to be honest. This article as far as possible objectively record the facts and personal ideas, but because the involved things some 10 years ago, inevitably have errors and omissions, as I senile dementia bar. I and the old acquaintance in 2005 I and old eldest brother met in 2005, when the blog or a new thing, Sina blog has not been born, I was in the online random search, found that the domestic more know ...

How to promote the Independent online shop

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall facing the Consumer-to-consumer platform many sellers, the competition is intense, how to stand out? In the face of naked price wars, people are struggling, how to make a way? Facing the shackles of Consumer-to-consumer open shop platform, how to let everything become more free? Facing the Consumer-to-consumer platform charging trend, where are you going? In the solution of these problems the vast number of network operators have reached a consensus------Consumer-to-consumer platform online shop will be with the business of independent online shop coexist, the two complementary. But facing the outgoing independent shop ...

Online games fans spell out tens of millions of secondary school graduates existing staff 50 people

Staring at the computer screen, hands quickly on the keyboard for a while, Song Xulan glanced at the lower right corner of the clock: 4:30, and many years ago those crazy game of the early morning, the window of the sky slightly exposed the dawn, Song Xulan a bed, sank sleeping. Other people just graduated from the age, Song Xulan under the hands of more than 50 employees, the responsibility has let her have no slack, "I am now for my employees are working, more pressure than before." "From the students obsessed with online games, to the tens of millions of net shopkeepers, Song Xulan only used a short span of 4 years." Now, she turns the mania of playing games ...

The father of modern marketing Kotler: Marketing into the new media era

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall [guide] marketing managers will be younger in the future, the average age will be 30 years old, rather than the age group 50 years old, these managers than these traditional marketers understand the new media.   Tencent Science and technology in today's sponsored by Tencent for marketing high-level Mindstorm Conference, "The father of modern marketing" Philip did "master the Media World" and "how to build a strong brand" to share. Philip &middo ...

When the virus encounters emotion: 10 of all American online marketing

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby lead: let consumers through social media attention to your products seems to become more and more difficult. Let the company's brand from these mass content to complete the virus-type spread no less than the Arabian Nights.        In fact, the trigger of the emotion is to detonate viral transmission. Nowadays, it seems more and more difficult for consumers to pay attention to your products through social media. YouTube users upload 100 hours of video every 60 seconds, and Facebook shares every 24 hours ...

Instagram helping entrepreneurs to run their businesses

Instagram is a photo-sharing app bought by Facebook at the beginning of the year, but its users seem to have found it, though it hasn't found a way to generate revenue. The founders found that Instagram could help them with their business and achieve a good expected result.   They have joined a long, innovative team in the hope of creating new services on a variety of existing platforms in innovative ways, and this Instagram, with 1 billion users, is naturally the best choice. For example, Pri ...

6 strategies for effectively attracting and maintaining fans (17 cases)

The author of this article @ Taiwan cattle, both on the previous [view]2012 social Media marketing success Law for our Socialbeta brought a good article, this article summed up 6 kinds of attract users and fans to maintain the relationship of the strategy, reasonable. Especially for us to bring some cases of Taiwan, very enlightening, I believe that read must have a harvest. Through socialized marketing, enterprises can inject vivid character and vitality into their brand. In particular, even without the staggering cost of TV commercials to do firepower support, companies can still use official blogs or officials at ordinary times ...

Millet fame, talk about many, praise all have

Millet fame, talk about many, praise all have, but praise mostly for the surface and fragments, not for managers to reveal a complete millet success of the truth and way. It's a hassle! Managers need not idols, but benchmarking. Idols are used to worship, benchmarking is used to analyze and learn. I have a tribute to Millet, which I began to praise Gree and Huawei ten years ago. I do not worship millet, but respect, so recommended managers to study millet. Because Millet is the benchmark of the Community business era, it has created a new model, method, a new way, simply say "through the construction of gu ..."

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