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Start Tp-link 8-port Gigabit Switch

Hundred trillion switch to the desktop is currently the most common, with the promotion of network applications, the existing hundred trillion has been unable to meet the needs of Goxia, to have a quality upgrade must be upgraded to gigabit, online looking for this tp-link sg1008+, specifically selected a plastic shell, so easy to carry! In fact, to buy this gigabit switch is to carry the use, the exchange

What is a workgroup-level Fiber Channel switch?

fiber switches are often divided into different categories based on their functions and features. Generally, the hardware may be based on the same basic architecture or the same ASIC chip, but the software functions are different. The price of the Fiber Channel switch is determined based on the requirements it can meet. A high-redundancy core-level switch is an exception. It is often developed and designed

STP root switch, specified port, root port, blocking port

STP determines each switch port (specified port: DP; root port: RP; Blocked port: AP)Judgment steps:1. Election of the root switch:Judging object: Select one of all switches running the STP protocol;Judging by: The switch selects

Switch port Speed Limit summary

you want to create, and then OK. Then connected to the COM port, in the COM1 attribute Portland rate Select "9600", Data bit Select "8", parity check Select "None", Stop bit Select "1", Flow control Select "None", or click "Restore Default" to determine the access to the 2950 configuration interface. 2950 If the dialog configuration mode option appears for the first boot, select Yes to enter the dialog con

A summary of various models of Huawei switch Port mirroring configuration Method-routers, switches

A lot of friends are asking Huawei about the image of the switch. Through my existing data and documents, the various models of the switch mirroring methods are summarized. So that friends can easily check! Before the configuration, the basic concept of port mirroring is still a certain understanding! First, the concept of po

Port mirroring configuration of Huawei Switch

]rulepermitipsource10.10.1.10destinationany [SwitchA-acl-link-3000] rulepermitipsourceanydestination10.10.1.10 3. Will pass through the port G1/0/1, matches the ACL rule the message to mirror to the monitoring port [SWITCHA]INTERFACEGIGABITETHERNET1/0/1 [SWITCHA-GIGABITETHERNET1/0/1] Mirrored-toinboundip-group3000monitor-interface [SWITCHA-GIGABITETHERNET1/0/1] Mirrored-tooutboundip-group3000monitor-inter

Huawei switch port application

allows packets sent by default VLAN without tags. 1.4 Fabric port Mode The Fabric port is the port between units in IRF. It is only used for interconnection between units and cannot connect users. 2 Application of Hybrid port Mode By introducing the various link port modes

Port speed limit of Huawei switch

the direction of message flow limit to the speed limit to 3Mbps [Switcha-ethernet0/1]line-rate Inbound 1 The total rate at which a message is sent or received by the port is indicated here at 8 levels, with a value range of 1~8, which means that when the port is working at a 10M rate, 1~

Common switch Port mirroring configuration

In the tree menu on the left of the switch management interface, select switch (switch) >>> Ports (port) >>> "portmirroring" (port mirroring), and the right opens "portmirroring" (Port Mirroring) page. The parameters in this page

Huawei S5300 Switch Configuration interface-based local port mirroring

range is 1~4094. When you configure the watch port, if you do not specify a VLAN, the type of the observed port is local mirroring, and if you specify a VLAN, the type of the watch port is the remote mirror. 2. Configure the Mirror Port#将ETHERNET0/0/1----ETHERNET0/0/10 interface is configured as a mirrored

Two switch configuration modes to configure Port-based VLAN as an example

) #Exit//Exit VLAN configuration state sw02(config) # interface Ethernet G1//Enter port configuration status sw02(config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 100//Configuring VLANSW02 for Ports(config-if)Exit//exit port configuration status sw02(config)Exit//exit configuration State sw02#show VLAN//Show VLAN configuration VLAN Name PortsTypeAuthorization---------------------------------------------------------------

Huawei Switch Port Isolation

Huawei switch Port isolation, the implementation of the switch port is not interoperable, directly under each interface configuration port-isolate enable command. However, the Port-isolate command cannot be configured on an Allied

Steps for configuring port monitoring and mirroring of A Huawei switch (1)

Huawei switch Port monitoring), and the Port connecting to the listening device is called the "analysis Port" Analyzer Port ). Run the following command to configure a port listener for a Huawei switch:Feature rovingAnalysis add,

How to configure the port image of a Huawei Switch

I. Port Mirroring concept: Port Mirror is used for network performance monitoring. It can be understood as follows: Establish an image relationship between port A and port B. In this way, data transmitted through port A will be copied to

Huawei Switch Port Security

Session 1 Port SecurityThe MAC address in the network is the constant physical address in the device, the control of the MAC address access control the switch port access, so port security is also the security of the Mac. In the switch, the cam (content addressable memory, t

Zabbix 3.0 Monitoring Switch (1)--Port traffic monitoring

置SNMP协议的读团体字符, must be consistent with the settings on the switch.⑥units #设置端口流量的单位.⑦use Custom Multiplier # tick, and set the value to 8, if not set, units Unit is bps.⑧update interval #根据服务器的性能和监控的设备数量来设置, the default is also available.650) this.width=650; "title=" 8 "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0

Allow all experts to resolve the port image configuration of the switch

To configure a vswitch port image, experts can understand the following knowledge about the vswitch port image configuration. You only need to complete the vswitch port image configuration in a few minutes. The local connection is also mentioned in this article. Vswitch images such as 3026]Vswitches such as S2008/S2016/S2026/S2403H/S3026 support

Calculation of the bandwidth and port rate of the Resolution switch board

bandwidth description: When the Ethernet frame is 64 bytes, the fixed overhead of the 8 byte frame header and the 12 byte frame gap must be considered. Therefore, the packet forwarding rate of A 1-gigabit Ethernet port when forwarding a 64-byte packet is 1.488 Mpps. The 10-in-10 Gigabit Ethernet packet forwarding rate is 148.8 kpps.◆ For 10-Gigabit Ethernet, the packet forwarding rate of a wire speed

24-port full-Gigabit Switch forwarding performance and line congestion Test

-Gigabit Switch with excellent performance does not have HOL. The test time is 15 seconds. Deep test on address learning rate and address table The address table thoroughly tests the number of MAC address tables for 24 full gigabit switches. The address learning rate checks the speed at which 24 full Gigabit Switches learn MAC addresses. We have used 24 ports A, B, and C of all gigabit switches. Ports A and B are used for sending learning frames and t

Huawei H3C Access Switch port binding basic configuration

bound IP and Mac (2) 1 port next to a small switch binding mode such as: 1th ports under a 8-port access to a small switch, the switch has 3 computers, 3 computer IP and Mac as follows 1 Computer's ip: mac:00-1a-4d-

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