adaptive moving average

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Moving Average algorithm formula

Ma/sma/dma/ema moving Average algorithm Formula 1, simple moving average MA usage: MA (x,n): X's N-day simple moving Average algorithm (X1+X2+X3+...+XN)/n2, moving average SMA usage: SMA (X,N,M), N-day moving average for x, m/ N is the weight given

Adaptive Background Mixture Models for real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of adaptive hybrid background model Chris stauffer W. e.l grimsonbob Kuo Translation: Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zhangye City, Ma 02139 SummaryCommon methods for real-time

Algorithm of average filtering of "lower computer Software"

In 10 kinds of classical software filtering algorithms, we can see that many algorithms are the average filter algorithm variant, in fact, the most commonly used is also the average filter algorithm. But the traditional average filter algorithm is

Highly Adaptive Layout and Adaptive Layout

Highly Adaptive Layout and Adaptive Layout Highly adaptive growth is often used in Webpage layout. For example, the left side is the content of the article. As the content of the article changes, the height is not fixed, and the right side is

Video-based vehicle identification technology

I. Overview of Intelligent Transportation Technology The Intelligent Transportation System (Intelligence Transport System, its) is a frontier research topic in the World transportation field, which integrates the theories of electronic information

Esmd Method _ Mathematics Science

Monograph "The method of pole symmetry mode decomposition--The new way of data analysis and scientific exploration" has been published in 2015.5, please pay attention to.Http:// The latest free esmd

Video content analysis technology that improves security and Video Monitoring Efficiency

The transformation from analog video to digital video is bringing long-awaited benefits to the security system. The main advantage is that digital compression allows the transmission and storage of more image data. However, the new advantage comes

Stochastic Optimization Techniques

Stochastic Optimization TechniquesNeural networks is often trained stochastically, i.e. using a method where the objective function changes at each Iterati On. This stochastic variation are due to the model being trained on different data during

Foreground Target Detection 1 (Summary)

Motion foreground object detection has always been one of the difficulties and hot spots in the field of visual monitoring at home and abroad. Its purpose is to extract the changed area from the background image from the sequence image, effective

Principle of Gaussian mixture Algorithm in opencv

Note: The following content is translated by the author from the International Conference. In view of my limited level, the translation will inevitably be incorrect. Please be more inclusive. Original: An Improved Adaptive Background Mixture Model

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