wma moving average

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Moving Average algorithm formula

Ma/sma/dma/ema moving Average algorithm Formula 1, simple moving average MA usage: MA (x,n): X's N-day simple moving Average algorithm (X1+X2+X3+...+XN)/n2, moving average SMA usage: SMA (X,N,M), N-day moving average for x, m/ N is the weight given

Research and development of high-frequency trading algorithm--moving average algorithm

Today, consider the application of the common EMA algorithm. In various trading software, we can often see MA indicator,EMA indicator and SMA indicator. First explain SMA Two semantics, if you are directly searching for SMA indicators in Baidu,

Mean value algorithm of MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6

Mean value algorithm of MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6 average algorithms are often used in various indicator formulas, but most beginners may not understand their specific differences, organized as follows.MA (x,n) simple

Audio sampling Concept

Digital audio systems reproduce the original sound by converting the acoustic waveform into a series of binary data. The device used in this step is A/D) it Samples sound waves at tens of thousands of times per second. Each sampling record the state

Audio sampling and audio sampling frequency and Bit Rate in MP3

MP3 is only a type of audio format. However, audio has several important parameters, such as kHz, bit, audio channel, and kbps. the formats are different, and the algorithms are different. Therefore, when the above parameters are the same, the

How can I transplant the market software indicators to the qianfa stock automatic trading software?

Can I move the indicators of traditional market software?Yes, and moving here is also very easy. Our stock Auto Trading software already provides some basic functions. So far, the functions provided by our stock Auto Trading software include: Ma

USB Data Acquisition Card USB1208LS, 1608FS Daqami software features

USB1208LS 1608FS Data acquisition card supporting Daqami software introductionThe Daqami software is used to capture, display and record input signals from analog, digital and counter channels for most of NI MCC's DAQ devices.Easy drag-and-drop

Little-known U disk common sense

what is a USB flash drive u disk, full name "USB flash drive", English "USB flash disk". It is a USB interface with no physical drive micro high-capacity mobile storage products, can be connected via USB interface to the computer for Plug and play.

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