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Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothed moving average

Types of moving AveragesThe moving average can be divided into "arithmetic moving average", "weighted moving average", "exponential smoothed moving average" three kinds.1. Arithmetic moving average (MA)The arithmetic moving average is a simple and

Moving weighted average & All-month average

I. Basic Principles 1. weighted average method. It is also called once every month. this means to calculate the weighted average unit cost of inventory by removing the total purchase cost of the current month and the inventory cost at the beginning

Exponential weighted moving average (exponential weighted moving Average) __ Depth Learning

introduction of EMA 1, Evolutionary arithmetic average (weighted equal)-> weighted average (weighted unequal)-> moving average (about is only to take the most recent N-th data for calculation)-> bulk Normalization (BN) and various optimization

A moving weighted average algorithm under abnormal conditions

A moving weighted average algorithm under abnormal conditionsWhat is the moving weighted average method?Baidu's explanation: The Moving weighted average method refers to the cost of each purchase plus the cost of the original inventory, divided by

Weighted average method, moving weighted average method, FIFO method (calculation strategy)

Weighted average method, cost/Quantity = Average Cost/one for the forward and backward price difference is not significant, and regular month end closingMoving weighted average method, if need to reflect information in a timely manner is moving

EWMA (exponentially Weighted moving Average) exponential weighted moving average

Original Bo: http://blog.csdn.net/sony_zhang/article/details/7256646 EWMA (exponentially Weighted moving Average) exponential weighted moving average is a commonly used sequence data processing method. At T-moment, EWMA (t) can be obtained

Excel-Moving Average analysis (trend analysis)

Zookeeper From the author's website data analysis: data-driven website management, optimization and operation: http://item.jd.com/11295690.html The moving average can effectively eliminate the random fluctuations of actual data values, so as to

Moving average filter (moving average filter)

Moving average filter is based on statistical law, the continuous sampling data as a fixed length of n queue, after a new measurement, the first data of the above queue is removed, the rest of the N-1 data is moved forward, and the new sampling data

Moving Average algorithm formula

Ma/sma/dma/ema moving Average algorithm Formula 1, simple moving average MA usage: MA (x,n): X's N-day simple moving Average algorithm (X1+X2+X3+...+XN)/n2, moving average SMA usage: SMA (X,N,M), N-day moving average for x, m/ N is the weight given

Moving Average (moving average, MA)

The moving average method is a common method used to predict the demand of the company's products and the company's production capacity in the next period or several periods with a set of recent actual data values. The moving average method is

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