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Microsoft interview 100 question series: answers to a combined linked list question [42nd Questions]

Microsoft interview 100 questions V0.1 42nd questions merged linked list answers July, netizen January 2, 2011 ------------------------------------ This article reference: I have compiled Microsoft interview 100 series V0.1 42nd Questions and Replies from netizens.I declare that I am entitled to copyright to any mat

Microsoft Interview 100 Series: string matching algorithm to find substrings that contain a character set

the character set, and after front++, one character is missing, so//to Count--. The second picture reflects the processcount--; Front++; Break; }} Front++; } } } Elsecnt[* (p+rear)]++; } //the current character is not in the character setrear++; } cout"Shortest Sub-string:"; for(intI=minfront; i) couti); coutEndl;} intMain () {//Char *src= "ab1dkj2ksjf3ae32ks1iji2sk1ksl3ab;iksaj1223"; //Char *src= "2sk1ksl3ab;iksaj1223"; //Char *src= "ab1dkj2ksjf3ae

Microsoft Interview 100 Questions Series algorithm experience

Microsoft 100 Questions Series addressAnswer addressThe essay, when it is his own practice in this kind of algorithm some ideas, some experience, some understanding, some reference, when self-citation, will be attached to the corresponding link!Title: Turn the two-dollar lookup tree into a sorted doubly linked list (tree)Description: Enter a two-dollar lookup tre

Word captions and cross-reference features

What are you most afraid of when you write a long document? Suppose you wrote a 300-page document with more than 100 illustrations in it, and in writing, the illustrations were labeled "Figure 1", "Figure 2". But boss look after tell you, there are two diagrams also need to insert a picture. This is okay, new insert a picture, after all the markings are to be postponed 1, if the end of the article inserted a new map, the workload is still small; but i

Word question note and cross-reference

Assume that you have written a 300-page document with 100 illustrations, and the illustrations have been labeled as "Figure 1" and "Figure 2. At this time, I suddenly found that I want to modify the image. I still inserted a picture between the two images. You should have thought about how to change the image label? Another articleArticleIf there are many tables in it. Create an index for all tables at the end of the article. Click the index to loca

What is word Cross reference

This article describes what word cross-references are, and how word cross-references use water tips For example, in this article, place the cursor after the word "like" and click the Insert-reference-cross-reference of the menu bar to open the

Softmax,softmax loss and cross entropy of convolution neural network series _tensorflow

picture below, from reference 1 (you're really lazy to paint). The left part of the equal sign of this picture is what the whole connection layer does, W is the parameter of the whole connection layer, we also call the weight value, x is the input of the full connection layer, which is the characteristic. You can see from the graph that feature X is the vector of n*1, how do you get it? This feature is obtained by the processing of multiple convolut

Softmax,softmax loss and cross entropy of convolutional neural network series

layer is cleared. Take a look at this picture from Reference 1 (I'm too lazy to draw). The left part of the equal sign of this graph is the whole connected layer, W is the parameter of the fully connected layer, we also call the weight value, andx is the input of the fully connected layer, which is the feature. It can be seen from the graph that feature X is a vector of n*1, and how is this obtained? This feature is obtained by a plurality of convol

IOS Development Series-Objective-C memory management (written by the predecessors, for reference, awesome)

IOS Development Series-Objective-C memory management (written by the predecessors, for reference, awesome)Overview We know that a large number of objects need to be created during the program running. Similar to other advanced languages, objects in ObjC are stored in the heap, the system does not automatically release the memory in the heap (note that the basic types are managed by the system and placed on

[C ++ excellent speech] pointer and reference of basic Series 1

[C ++ self-explanation] basic Series 1 pointer and reference 0 Preface Pointer, reference, pointer and reference are different.1 pointer Variable:In the code, you often apply for and name a bucket by defining variables, and use the bucket by the variable name. // Variable int nNum; // int-type storage space declared as

C ++ 0x series: Right Value reference

C ++ Standards Committee website to view the series of proposals (see references at the end of the article ). Or read this article.   Source I have read historical records? The story is a simple introduction... One day, Xiao Xiaofeng blew the wind, in a hand not to see the night of the five fingers... I used the const reference to accept the parameter, but swallowed the temporary variable. I used non-const

[C # advanced series] 05 primitive type, reference type, and Value Type,

[C # advanced series] 05 primitive type, reference type, and Value Type, Primitive type and FCL type FCL refers to Int32, which is supported by CLR. The primitive type refers to the int type, which is supported by the C # compiler. In fact, it will still be converted to the Int32 type after compilation. Those who have learned C will surely remember that int may have different bytes on 32-bit machines and 64

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