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GNU Readline Library and programming introduction

The bash command line must know that Bash has several features: TABKeys can be used to command completion ↑or ↓ keys can be used to quickly enter history commands There are also interactive line edit shortcut keys: C-A/ C-

Compile bash to implement syslogs of history

Compile bash to implement syslogs of history1. Compile BASH to implement bash's syslog logging function 1. this article will use the bash software to implement the history Logging Function to syslog logs, and this method can be used to realize

Basic analysis of Linux operating system (vii)--bash (Shell) Basics (1)

In everyday English, the shell can be translated into shells, most of which means a device or structure that can protect the inner core. In computer science, the shell actually refers to a provider that can use the entire computer's resources

Php command line-based extension Readline

PHP extension-Readline extension based on command line Introduction The readline extension function provides interfaces for accessing the GNU Readline library. these functions provide editable command lines. in Bash, you can use arrow buttons to

Compiling bash to implement syslog logging for history

First, compile bash to implement the syslog logging function of Bash 1. This paper will realize the function of history record to syslog log through bash software, and it can be transferred to the remote log centralized server in real-time, which

PHP command-line-based extension readline

Brief introduction The ReadLine extension function implements the interface for accessing the GNU ReadLine library. These functions provide a command line that can be edited. An example is a Bash that allows you to use the arrow keys to insert

Bash reference manual 6 (Bash features)

6 Bash features This section describes the unique features of Bash.* Call Bash: command line options acceptable to Bash.* Bash Startup File: When and how to execute the script in Bash.* Interactive Shell: What is an interactive shell.* Bash

Bash reference manual 6 (Bash features) continued 2. bash Reference Manual

Bash reference manual 6 (Bash features) continued 2. bash Reference Manual 6.3 Interactive shell * What is an interactive shell? What makes a shel interactive.* Is it an interactive shell? How to determine whether a shell is interactive.* What are

ReadLine () library installation and use, implementation of command completion

Before the implementation of a simple shell, want to implement the command line auto-completion function, and then surf the Internet to check the data, found that most of them mentionedReadLine () library, after the Aberdeen understanding, found

More efficient use of bash--shortcut keys under Linux

Under Linux, the status of Bash is negligible, and the daily management and operation of Linux is mostly done in bash, so in order to improve the productivity of Linux, it becomes the problem of how to use bash efficiently. While some of the special

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