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Java thread sharing restricted resources solve resource competition thinking in java4 21.3, vpn thread Limited

. ++ CurrentEvenValue; return currentEvenValue;} finally {lock. unlock ();}} /// // public static void main (String [] args) {EvenChecker. test (new MutexEvenGenerator () ;}/ ** output: press control-c to exit */ Package org. rui. thread. res; import java. util. concurrent. timeUnit; import java. util. concurrent. locks. reentrantLock;/*** the synchronized keyword cannot try to get the lock and the final acquisition will fail * or both attempt to get the lock for a period of time, and then disc

35 excellent HTML5-based web games

:// "/>Solitaire 650) this. width = 650; "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-11741 "title =" Solitaire "alt =" "width =" 600 "height =" 309 "src =" "/>Angry Birds 650) this. length = 650; "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-11761 "title =" angry birds "alt =" "width =" 600 "height =" 414 "src =" "/>Pirates Daisies 650) this.

Unity Direct-attached Android real machine in profiler performance analysis test

Basic steps:1. Unity Open the project you want to test: file–build Settings2, such as, according to the order of the figure 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 operation, if done, 2 is gray, can not be clicked, 4 and 5 need to correspond.3, make sure that the phone connected to the computer, USB debugging has been turned on, be sure to shut down the Windows Firewall, the firewall will block most ports, affect the phone port connection (this big pit has been engaged me for a long time).Find your Android SDK directory

Java Theory and Practice: block memory leakage with weak references

efficiency of this method is very low. If there is a way to send a notification when the weak referenced referent is collected by garbage collection, this isReference queue.The reference queue is the primary method for the garbage collector to return information about the object lifecycle to the application. Weak references have two constructor functions: one takes only the referent as the parameter, and the other takes the reference queue as the parameter. If weak references are created using

Java theory and Practice: blocking memory leaks with weak references---reprint

Map there are many live items, then this method is inefficient. If there is a way to make a notification when a weakly referenced referent is garbage collected, this is the role of the reference queue .A reference queue is the primary method by which the garbage collector returns information about the object's life cycle to the application. A weak reference has two constructors: one takes referent as a parameter, and the other takes a reference queue as a parameter. If you create a weak referen

Java Theory and Practice: block memory leakage with weak references

to send a notification when the weak referenced referent is collected by garbage collection, this is the role of the reference queue. The reference queue is the primary method for the garbage collector to return information about the object lifecycle to the application. Weak references have two constructor functions: one takes only the referent as the parameter, and the other takes the reference queue as the parameter. If a weak reference is created using an associated reference queue, when th

Java concurrent Programming--four (Synchronized\lock\volatile) lock mechanism principle and correlation __ programming

be used for resource cleanup. 2.ReentrantLock gives us finer granularity of control public class Attemptlocking {private lock lock = new Reentrantlock (); private void untimed () {//Lock.lock (); Boolean captured = Lock.trylock (); try {System.out.println ("Trylock ()" + captured); Finally {if (captured) {Lock.unlock (); }} private void Timed () {Boolean captured = false; try {captured = Lock.trylo

Is Flash still mainstream in webgame? -

phones, and flash will be used in pc. So it's not who killed them, but complementary to a certain extent! HTML5 will have a good development in lightweight games in the future, but in recent years, large WebGame Flash must be the mainstream two games developed by our company in the Early Days: js + html, however, there are many problems in performance, and the lack of long connection support such as socket makes it difficult to implement instant combat and other functions. Commercial games cann

Diesel-powered wrist watches is among the wonderful versions within the view business

enhanced technologies as well as technology mate Rials the actual strong stainless, very sapphire cup along with other devices to create the actual comparable items along With carrying out chronometer precisely. It really is incredible the the-the-inexpensive cost post are actually operating very easily in most conditions! It's not necessary to maintain this within the container like a valuable view; It ' s pleasant as well as functional usually. The particular as well as fine detail info of ev

Google + game exit tide, Gem square, bubble island say goodbye one after another

Recall that when Google + was launched last year, it was a smooth sailing event. It attracted tens of millions of people to join the event in a period of time. In addition, there were also many bright star games, but Google + did not really trigger the fire of the community, on the contrary, Pinterest has become a rising star in another community. Because Google + has few active users, some game developers decide to withdraw from the social platform called "online Ghost City,

Top 10 classic Java mobile games

it. Super Mario Bros is a famous Horizontal Pass game developed by Nintendo. It is one of the most popular series games in the history of electronic games, and has become famous as early as Nintendo's era of red and white machines, this game has been transplanted to almost all Nintendo game consoles, including computers and mobile phones. Pac-Man is a classic game developed by Namco. The yellow genie, the hero of the player's control game, eats all the beans hidden in the Maze and cannot be cau

30 incredible, fun, and practical HTML5 mobile apps

Scrabble. You only need to enter the title to get all possible words! Platform: IOS Filelist Filelist is a time-consuming game. The target is to use the filler ball to fill the screen with more than 50%. Click on the screen to create a ball. It will keep increasing until you open the screen, touch other filler balls, or hit the ball in the jump. Platform: IOS Kingdom game A browser-based real-time online strategy game where you can compete with thousands of other players. You need to build

Shanzhai past: Behind the game of parody

code, just replace the Chinese Kanagi fire and soil elements, will be foreign warlock to Chinese monks, white skin directly dyed yellow ... As for the game plot, it doesn't matter. What is it? In fact , the meaning behind the "Super Mary in Wheelchairs" mentioned in the previous column is the origin of the Chinese cottage game. Have to say, the cottage game pernicious influence so far, almost every new platform game launched, will appear seemingly "suddenly a night spring breeze, thousand trees

A programmer in the United States "game Proposal" won the heart of his girlfriend

A professional programmer in the United States modified his girlfriend's favorite video gameProgramShe proposed to her in the game. As a result, she not only won the beauty of the game, but also won the rewards of game invention companies.Burney Peng is a financial software programmer. As his girlfriend tamy Lee prefers to play a bejeweled game produced by PopCap in the United States, he secretly modifies the game program, when players accumulate cert

Android game development 1: Introduction to game categories

Today, I want to systematically learn about android games and prepare to study the libgdx engine. I. Causal Games (casual Games) Probably the biggest segment of games on the Android Market consists of so-called Causal games. So what exactly is a causal game? That question has no concrete Answer, but causal games share a few common traits. Usually, they feature great Accessibility, so even nongamers can pick them up easily, increasing the pool Potential players immensely. A game session is mean

[Cocos2d-x/ios source]< The challenge of the gods > The new play of three-elimination

Shimen the main contribution, respect the work of the author, please do not reprint.If the article is helpful to you, you are welcome to donate to the author, support the Shimen, donate the amount at random, ^_^I want to donate: Click DonateCocos2d-x source Download: Dot I teleportGames Official Download:HTTP://DWZ.CN/RWTJLGame video preview: Development Blog:Http:// Source Transfer : Http://[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Code engine: Cocos2d-x, Xcode "perfec

Python and Pygame game development pdf

Function 2228. 30 backwards compatibility with Python 2 2258. Getrandomvelocity () function 2268. 32 Find a place to add new squirrelsand Grass 2268. 33 Creating enemy squirrel data Structures 2288. 34 flipping the squirrel image 2288. 35 Creating a grass data structure 2298. 36 Check whether outside the active area 2298. 37 Summary of this chapter 2309th Star Pusher 2319. 1 How to play Star pusher 2319. 2 Star Pusher Source code 2329. 3 Initialization Settings 2459. 4 data structures in Star p

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