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PHP cropping pictures

($source _path); Break; Case' Image/jpeg ':$source _image= Imagecreatefromjpeg ($source _path); Break; Case' Image/png ':$source _image= Imagecreatefrompng ($source _path); Break;default:return false; Break;}$target _image= Imagecreatetruecolor ($target _width,$target _height);$cropped _image= Imagecreatetruecolor ($cropped _width,$cropped _height);//croppingImagecopy ($cropped _image,$source _image, 0, 0,$source _x,$source _y,$cropped _width,$cropped _height);//ZoomImagecopyresampled ($target

Use of cropper.js cropping pictures

options to see this blog, I would like to post the code.DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>HeadLang= "en"> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> Metaname= "Viewport"content= "width=device-width,minimum-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0"/> Linkrel= "stylesheet"href=".. /css/cropper.css "/> title>Cropper cropping a picture and uploading the demotitle> style>. Container{width:70%;float: Left; }. IMG{width:50%; }. Preview-box{width:320px;Height:180px;Overflow:Hidd

PHP cropping pictures

)/2;}Imagecopy ($this->dimage, $this->simage, $dst _x, $dst _y, $src _x, $src _y, $this->src_width, $this->src_ height);}BreakCase 3://Keep all image size and create need sizeif ($ratio _w > 1 $ratio _h > 1) {$DST _x = (int) (ABS ($DST _width-$this->src_width)/2);$DST _y = (int) (ABS ($DST _height-$this->src_height)/2);Imagecopy ($this->dimage, $this->simage, $dst _x, $dst _y,0,0, $this->src_width, $this->src_height);}else{$ratio = $ratio _w > $ratio _h? $ratio _h: $ratio _w;$tmp _w = (int) ($t

Using Focuspoint.js to achieve responsive cropping of pictures

script that gets the coordinates of the picture: click to view.2. Introduction of JS and CSS on the pageYou need to introduce Jquery,focuspoint scripts and style files to the page:3. Mark Picture ContainerSpecifies the image size and image container focus point coordinates. Note: I know this is not really supposed to need to specify the size of the image, but I find this more reliable than reading from the image. For example:4. Call the Focuspoint pluginThe basic call requires only one line of

PHP CodeIgniter the way to implement intelligent cropping of pictures

CodeIgniter is a set of application development frameworks and toolkits that are used by developers of PHP Web sites. CodeIgniter is a simple and fast PHP MVC framework. Ellislab's staff released the CodeIgniter. After many companies have tried to experience all of the PHP MVC frameworks, CodeIgniter is a winner, largely because it provides the organization with enough free support to allow developers to work more quickly. Freedom means that when you use CodeIgniter, you do not have to name the

. NET cropping pictures

Private voidgetimg () {if(Request.Files.Count 1){return;}varImgup = request.files[0];string[] imgsize = request["imgsize"]. Split ('');intx = Convert.ToInt32 (decimal. Parse (imgsize[0]. ToString ()));inty = Convert.ToInt32 (decimal. Parse (imgsize[1]. ToString ()));intW = Convert.ToInt32 (decimal. Parse (imgsize[2]. ToString ()));intH = Convert.ToInt32 (decimal. Parse (imgsize[3]. ToString ())); Stream Stream=Imgup. InputStream;//defining an intercept rectangleSystem.Drawing.Rectangle Croparea

Getting Started with Word animation tutorial 67: Cropping pictures

Using Word's cropping feature, you can hide unwanted portions of your picture. Method One: Drag the mouse to crop 1. Select the picture you want to crop. 2. Click the Crop button on the Picture toolbar to change the mouse pointer to a unique "double Shi" shape. 3. Move the pointer over the picture handle, drag inside the picture, hide parts of the picture, drag outside the picture, enlarge the blank area around the picture, and then drag the left

Some articles about dragging, zooming, cropping of pictures

Http:// custom Controls--picture clippingHttp:// Teach you to build scalable ImageView (bottom)Call the Android-brought picture crop articles about dragging, zooming,

Java cropping pictures

Java cropped picture saved to the specified location/*** Picture Clipping Universal Interface * *@paramsrc source picture address, image format PNG *@paramdest Destination Image address *@paramx Image starting point x coordinate *@paramY Picture starting point y coordinate *@paramW Picture Width *@paramh Picture Height *@throwsIOException Exception Handling*/ Public voidCutimage (string src, String dest,intXintYintWinth) {Try{ //get the PNG image of the ImageReader iteratorIterato

Create a Material Design-style Android app-define the shadow and cropping view, materialandroid

Create a Material Design-style Android app-define the shadow and cropping view, materialandroid I have previously written about using the topic and ListView, CardView, and Material Design Styles. Both of them can be backward compatible through the support library. The shadow and view cropping to be written today are not backward compatible. Please note. Material

Android 4.3 system cropping-delete unused apps and add your own app

compilingcommand line to the project root folder, run: SOURCE build/envsetup.shChoosecombo (select default Direct carriage return)Make-j2 There are also those who say this directly. I don't have a test: Make cleanMakeWhen the compilation is complete, start the virtual machine:./EMULATOR-AVD Androidname-system Out/target/product/generic/system.img Methods for compiling individual modules $.build/envsetup.shMMM packages/apps/contacts/Demo sample compile Contac

Orchard Farm cropping game compounding split mode app system development

spend, fruit growth is difficult to meet the consumption of players; For example: games can buy magic growth, magic growth can have reverse circulation function (fruit production fruit);As we all know, consumption is a powerful driving force to promote the development of the whole society, and the Hundred-year network is riding the big wave of sharing economy, based on the huge consumption market of our country, the traditional interest relationship between factories, businessmen and consumers

05. Image cropping for Windows Store app,

05. Image cropping for Windows Store app, In the Win Phone Silverlight api, there is a PhotoChooserTask selector that specifies the width and height attributes. when selecting an image, You can crop the data by using the following code: PhotoChooserTask photoChooserTask = new PhotoChooserTask (); photoChooserTask. completed + = new EventHandler After selecting an image, you can crop it: This interactio

java-php request Seven Cow server get uploadtoken can't upload pictures on Android app

I use PHP to request seven cattle server to get Uploadtoken, the Uploadtoken to the JSON data output to the Android app upload images, using my own server to obtain the Uploadtoken can not upload pictures ( Laugh/seven ... ), I use an example of the official web site to generate Uploadtoken in the app can be used to upload

Ios--app Custom albums-get pictures from your custom albums

I. Get a single picture idea: 1. Use Uiimagepickercontroller to get pictures from your system's own app (Photos \ Camera) 2. Set up the agent, abide by the agent agreement 注意This UIImagePickerController class is special and requires compliance with two agent protocols@interface ViewController () 3. Ways to implement ProxiesdidFinishPickingMediaWithInfo - (void) getima

Storage address for Java Web App users uploading pictures

change the path later, you only need to change the value of the Upload_image_path parameter in Web. XML, and update the links in the database without having to change the code. Hard coding really hurts. Do not know whether the database can also be pre-defined a variable or something, and then also directly bound to the configuration file, so that there is no need to manually update the database.As for the other big God said to use the storage of cloud storage, small in this will not, which God

Click to jump to the system gallery and display the selected pictures to the app

Sometimes you need to jump to the system map to select a map, then use the following code to implement/**Click to jump to the system gallery and display the selected pictures to the app*/ Public classMainactivityextendsActivity {PrivateImageView IV; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); IV=(ImageView

Android App Development-----------------accept cameras to take pictures of radio and video broadcasts

Yesterday, suddenly asked to take photos and videos to obtain the time, to get accurate time is generally the time to press the shutter button or press the Stop button to generate the file is more accurate.Because, if you click on the open app to take the photo or video button to get the time, it is necessary and real photo or video time error. Because there is time to load the camera, the focus time, and, after the user enters the photo page, it is p

Django (eight) the first Django app adds style sheets and pictures

In Django, files such as CSS and pictures need to be placed under the static file.Then create the following files in turn:Polls/static/polls/style.cssThen modify the Style.css as follows:Li a { color:green;}Next, add the following code to the polls/index.html:{% load staticfiles%} rel= "stylesheet" type= "text/css" href= "{% static" Polls/style.css '%} '/>EffectNext add a background image:Add the image background.gif under directory C:\mysi

View the pictures in the app pack below iOS

When we get some iOS app packs, we find that the PNG images inside are not visible using the system preview. Since the PNG image is automatically optimized when Xcode builds the application package, and the optimized picture cannot be viewed directly using preview, this optimization tool is pngcrush. It also provides the ability to restore, making the picture visible again.The batch processing scripts are as follows:#/bin/shfilelist= ' Find $1-name '

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