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Business Intelligence systems-corporate business, system execution statistics and analytics

OpeningCommercial intelligence systems, business INTELLIGENCE,BI, data centers, different names, and other responsibilities, the following collectively referred to as the BI system.BI load is the impact of the company's business, the implementation of the system and the effect of revision. , to carry out comparative objective statistics and analysis. For the seni

In-depth and simple data analysis: Not in-depth enough. Suitable for technical and business personnel to read as an entry to statistics

Deep and simple data analysis is one of the "deep and simple" series of American o'reilly press. This series is characterized by a lot of thoughts on how to make readers more comfortable to read and remember more content in the book. Although the book is thick, there are many illustrations. Illustrations and texts are often mixed together without obvious boundaries. It is really easy to read. It is easier t

Business Intelligence system--statistics and analysis of company operation, system operation, etc.

OpeningCommercial intelligence systems, business INTELLIGENCE,BI, data centers, the names of different, the same responsibilities, the following unified called BI system.BI load for the company's operational effectiveness, system operation and revision effect, based on the data level, comparative objective statistics and analysis, for the senior management of the company's operations, for the product depart

Small Business book Awards Community Choice Winners

Community Choice WinnersCommunity Choice Awards winners represent the top public vote getters in eight Awards categories as chosen by fans and the Small business community. Also, the top vote getter for the Awards is named the overall Community Choice Winner. In other words, the Community Choice Winners is based solely on popular appeal with the community-the Community loves T hem!Winners of this year ' s Community Choice Awards were:Overall Community

QR code-java generates a QR code business card and automatically saves it to the mobile phone address book...

QR code-java generates a QR code business card and automatically saves it to the mobile phone address book... Technology qq exchange group: JavaDream: 2515720721. First introduce an api. Zxing is a bar code provided by Google. The parsing tool provides the generation and resolution of QR codes. Now I will briefly introduce how to use Java to generate and parse QR codes using Zxing. 2. QR code generation 1.1

Analysis of core cloud computing technologies Mini Book Three-business model of cloud computing

This book is almost re-printed. Thank you for your support. The online purchase channel is Dangdang.And China-Pub. In terms of the business model of cloud computing, the most mainstream is the "Power Plant" model mentioned at the beginning of this book. In addition to this model, the "Supermarket" model is also highly praised by some people in the industry. The f

Yan Hui's book: programmer, building your business Consciousness

《 ProgramBuilding your business consciousness is an unpublished book written by Yan Hui of programmer magazine. You can see Chapter 1 here. There are few programmers in China, but they are not books about development technology. So I am also very interested in this book, although I have not fully agreed on all the points of view. For example, the first chapte

Book "HTML5 App Business Development Practical course" after reading small sense (a)

popular, well-known open source technologies, including BOOTSTRAP3, Requirejs, Knockoutjs, HTML5, jquery and JavaScript, plus WEX5 's specially introduced mobile app framework- Cordova Development Technology. All this enables applications developed with WEX5 to span browsers, various mobile clients (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Naturally, web apps that use WEX5 can run easily in the environment.In addition, the start-up technology for WEX5 technology research and development speed, quality

Mysql-I want to find a report tool to show my business data and use it for analysis and statistics!

I have an ERP platform. the back-end database is mysql, and the statistics reports in ERP are relatively small. leaders sometimes want to make some adjustments based on their business conditions, and the relationship between data indicators also changes frequently, modifying the reports in ERP is very troublesome, and you need to modify the code. I want to find a simple and easy-to-use Report tool to take o

VC talk about the problems that must be solved in Business plan book

VC talk about the problems that must be solved in Business plan book If all the entrepreneurs have consciously considered and answered these questions, it will be much easier.Here are the questions that should be answered:1 What is your vision?* What is your vision?* What problems are you going to solve? Who's the object?* What kind of person do you want to be in the future?2 What are your market opportuni

Abandoned Business Plan Book

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Python calculates the number of book page statistics problem instance _python

This article is an example of Python Computing book page number statistics problem, is a Python program design of a more typical application example. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Problem Description: For a given page number n, calculate how many digits are used in all page numbers 0,1,2,3,4...,9 The instance code is as follows: def count_num1 (page_num): num_ze

Oracle Common Business Data Statistics SQL

--String Segmentation ExampleSELECTREGEXP_SUBSTR ('17,20,23','[^,]+',1, Level,'I') as STR fromDUAL CONNECT by Level LENGTH ('17,20,23')-LENGTH (Regexp_replace ('17,20,23',',',"'))+1; CREATE TABLETm_change (ID Number, Transit_znoVARCHAR2(Ten), SRCVARCHAR2( -), desVARCHAR2( -));CREATE TABLETemp_tm_change (ID Number, Transit_znoVARCHAR2(Ten), SRCVARCHAR2( -), desVARCHAR2( -));--Original DataSELECTT.*, ROWID fromTm_change t;--Output DataSELECTT.* fromTemp_tm_change t;DELETE fromTemp_tm_change

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