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6 books related to business strategy

of good or bad strategy cases, but the overall old, most of the last century in the 780 's. Given that the book was published in 2011, there is reason to doubt that the author would take his case off, saying only that he was right. 4 Stars | The whole history of business model: a summary of business models that have emerged in the United States, Japan and

Keyword strategy issues for business-to-business websites

Talking about the optimization of business-to-business sites, many search engine optimizer do not know how to do, because most of today's search engine optimizer is engaged in the optimization of the company's Web site, can reach the optimization of the Web site search Engine optimization staff is few, but the company has to build a business-to-web site, Since th

"The whole history of business strategy": The mainstream Business school theory hundred Years of melee history: the orientation School and the ability school hit, the innovation school prevailed. Five-Star recommendation

This book summarizes the mainstream ideas of business school professors over the past 100 years, and the practical consequences of companies that use these ideas for guidance. Can be a quick read on mainstream business school ideas.There are a lot of charts in this book that are not working well on the Kindle and are also available on the KINDLEPC version.Here is a excerpt from some of the most important po

Reading Notes on ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 1 several problems that are easily overlooked and misunderstood in implementing ERP 9th information strategy and Enterprise Business Strategy

9.1 informatization strategy and enterprise management strategy Different enterprises have different focuses on their business strategies in different periods. Therefore, the demands for informatization vary at different stages. If the enterprise's strategic focus is on product upgrades, the application of CAD, PDM, Capp, GT, GAM and other information technolog

ORACLE12C Performance optimization strategy: Strategy 1-3: Match table types and business requirements

Note: Table of Contents"oracle12c Performance Optimization strategy: Introduction Directory Table "Problem description You've just started using the Oracle database and learned a few things about the various table types available. For example, you can spend choices between a heap organization table, an index organization table, and so on. You want to create a database app, and you need to determine the type of table it uses Solution Solutions

Ten books on the impact of Chinese business management 10 people

Article Source: Managers seeWe often say that a business without management is like a disunity. In such enterprises, the lack of good leadership management core, lack of good management mechanism, employees do not know how to better serve the enterprise, but also do not know how to heart to a place to think, the strength of a place. Just imagine, such a team, how can have a strong competitiveness, create good performance? How can the brutal competitio

Microsoft Business Intelligence entry: three heavyweight books are less than Microsoft's online tutorials

Recently, a project involves business intelligence and hopes to understand the basic principles and operations through reading books. However, I finally found that several heavyweight books were not comparable to Microsoft's online tutorials. The following is a detailed evaluation of these books and Microsoft online tu

2G/3G switching and business hosting allocation strategy

Overview of 1.2G/3G Network Wireless resource planning GSM network is the most widely used mobile communication network in 2G network, and has more than 1 billion GSM users in more than 200 countries and regions. China Mobile is currently the world's largest GSM operator, with close to 300 million user capacity of 2G network resources and perfect coverage, 3G network construction in the initial period, 3G network may be limited to continuous coverage of urban areas, how to use the existing 2G n

Website operation: The network marketing strategy of the website of the Business-to-consumer

Strategy | network | Network Marketing | website operation The network marketing strategy of the Business-to-consumer website The core of business is marketing! L e-commerce is the core of network marketing! L B 2C website to reduce costs, improve revenue , the most important thing is to work the

The network marketing strategy of the Business-to-consumer website

Strategy | network | Network Marketing First page The core of business is marketing, the core of E-commerce is Network marketing. The business website wants to reduce costs, raise revenue and, most importantly, work on online marketing. How does the Web site systematically and scientifically carry out network marketing work? Here to share some experience to every

Website operation: The innovation strategy of the mode of Business-to-consumer

Strategy | website operation : The innovation strategy of the mode of the Business-to-consumer How to innovate your business model ( two ) This year before the Spring Festival, an international famous investor sent me a book ---blue ocean strategy

The strategy of business management

question, but the boss keeps looking at the watch.Finally, there is a fact that there is a basic universal application of "on-top management". The boss doesn't like it when you come in and chatter about the problem without proposing a plan of action to deal with it. "Tell me the solution, don't just say the question." "That's what my first boss said. Yes, you might be looking for a boss to get her or him to solve an important problem, but you still need to come up with your own approach. She ma

Analysis of business marketing strategy of "seven tone tones"

Strategy The 2005 ring tone Market in China will enter a mature period, the conservative estimate will be 20% of the telephone users will become the ringtone users, this part of the user will be in the equipment manufacturing, content and service areas to generate tens of billions of of the market demand. "Seven tones" is China Telecom's ring tone business of the unified brand, the

Real estate business learning (01): low-cost operation strategy

Recently, due to work, you need to learn the relevant knowledge of real estate enterprises. Therefore, sorting out some learning results can be regarded as a result display for your learning actions, and also examining your learning depth, third, I will share my learning experience with you. The content of the first lesson shows a policy report on low-cost operations of real estate enterprises. Currently, the real estate market is very popular. Many people think that real estate enterprises sho

Business Web site Design Strategy

web| Strategy | design | Site believe that a large number of people know that many of our domestic web site design projects have a feature, that is the design and production confused. The so-called design site, is simply the customer to the data graphics, regardless of any other factors, such as whether the site to achieve the expected business benefits, so that the site really give users the information th

Product manager's business strategy: Product scorecard

Article Description: How does the CEO know whether the product manager has made the decision according to the business strategy, has obtained the actual and the result? How does the CEO know that the product manager's job is consistent with his own business strategy? How do CEOs communicate

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