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TCP/IP details (6, 7, 8) ICMP, ping, traceroute, Chapter 6 and Chapter 8

I. Origin of ICMPThe best datagram communication service provided by the IP address has no connection service, but it cannot solve the problems of Low-layer datagram loss, duplication, delay or disorder, the TCP Connection Service established on the

PING|TRACEROUTE|MTR tool for network troubleshooting under Linux (ZZ)

1.pingThe ping uses an ICMP echo request and a loopback reply message. The packet sent out by the Ping tool does not pass the TCP/UDP protocol, but goes through the IP protocol. The time that the ping command calculates is the total round-trip time

A better alternative to basic command line tools

A better alternative to basic command line tools The command line may sound scary sometimes, especially when you are new to it, you may even have a nightmare about the command line. Gradually, however, we will realize that the command line is not so

Network Testing and Fault Diagnosis Methods and tools v0.1b

1. Network debugging tool overview; If we connect a machine to the network and configure the network configuration tool, we need to use the network debugging tool to determine whether the machine has been connected to the network and whether the

More than 80 Linux system administrator-required monitoring tools

With the continuous development of the Internet industry, a variety of monitoring tools are countless. Here is a list of the most complete monitoring tools on the Web. So you can have more than 80 ways to manage your machine. In this article, we

Monitoring tools for more than 80 Linux system administrators

Source: Serverdensity translation Source: Linux ChinaWith the continuous development of the Internet industry, a variety of monitoring tools are countless. Here is a list of the most complete monitoring tools on the Web. So you can have more than 80

Android Network programming Series A network layer of the TCP/IP protocol family

This reference article is mainly used for the diffusion of knowledge points in subsequent articles, in this special backup and diffusion learning Exchange.The internetwork includes: IP, ICMP, IGMP, and protocols that are actually working on the

High-performance Browser network (performance Browser Networking) Chapter I.

 Translator Note: This article is "High performance Browser Networking" translation version, using Google Translator Tookit tool translation, the original text in many formats lost, follow-up needs to be unified.Please refer to the original text:

Linux Common Network Tools: Route scan of the MTR

In addition to the previous article "Linux Common Network Tools: Route scanning traceroute" introduced in the Traceroute, General Linux also built-in another common route scanning Tool mtr.The MTR is better used in some ways than traceroute, and it

New Linux literacy and linux literacy

New Linux literacy and linux literacyI. Linux features 1. free/open-source;2. multithreading/multiple users are supported;3. Good security;4. superior memory and file management.   Linux requires at least 4 M --> embedded developmentIi. File

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