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Bootstrap DatePicker not working in pop-up form modal

SolutionsAdd the following snippet after the Show method$ (' #modalCard '). Modal ('show ');-Example open pop-up form$ (' #modalCard '). Modal (' hide ');$ (' #modalCard '). On (' '() {$ ('. '). DateTimePicker ({$ (' #dpReceiveDate '). DateTimePicker ({ "Yyyy-mm-dd" ,StartDate: "01-01-2015", EndDate: "

How to use the bootstrap modal component to customize alert,confirm and modal dialogs _javascript tips

matter of fact: Mask this effect, the bootstrap of the modal component itself has been supported; Drag and resize, this feature is icing on the cake, but for the software itself, and there must be a number of additional benefits, so I choose not to do this redundant processing; Alert and dialog do not need to be too personalized, to be able to unify style, to change the browser's original frame experien

Simple use of the Bootstrap Modal Dialog Box and the bootstrap Modal Dialog Box

Simple use of the Bootstrap Modal Dialog Box and the bootstrap Modal Dialog Box Modal)Is a child form that overwrites the parent form. Normally, the purpose is to display the content fr

BootStrap modal modal window using summary _javascript technique

-backdrop= "static" does not close when you click the background, set to backdrop= "false" no background If the modal window is closed when ESC is pressed, the modal window is closed when it is pressed, and setting to Data-keyboard= "false" does not close the modal window when you click ESC ( For this property to be in effect, set the property t

About Bootstrap modal solutions that can't pop up in IOS9 (iOS 9 bootstrap modal iOS 9 noticework) _javascript Tips

Recent projects with the bootstrap front-end, mobile phone just updated IOS9 found that modal there is a bug, Home point pop-up box will appear problems, find a lot of information finally find a solution. Add the following code in the CSS Css Body { padding-right:0px!important } . modal-open { overflow-y: auto; } Ps:bootstrap DatePicker does

Application of Bootstrap modal window, bootstrap modal window

Application of Bootstrap modal window, bootstrap modal window The documents on the Bootstrap Chinese site are hard to understand and can also be written as notes. Indicates the modal class to be awakened in data-target. The others

Bootstrap Modal box (Modal) Plug-in code parsing, bootstrapmodal

Bootstrap Modal box (Modal) Plug-in code parsing, bootstrapmodal The Bootstrap Modal box (Modal) Plug-in Modal box is a child form that over

Bootstrap modal Box (Modal) plug-in code parsing _javascript tips

The Bootstrap modal Box (Modal) Plug-in modal box (Modal) is a subform that is overwritten on the parent form. Typically, the intent is to display content from a single source, and you can interact without leaving the parent

Bootstrap Study (ii)-----modal modal frame

Generate popup (Modal) HTML codeNew Task pop-up box -Divclass= "Modal Fade"ID= "Createprojectmodal"TabIndex= "-1"role= "Dialog"Aria-labelledby= "Createprojectmodallabel"> Divclass= "Modal-dialog"role= "Document"> Divclass= "Modal-content"> formrole= "form

Bootstrap modal Box (Modal) plugin _javascript tips for everyday learning

In this lesson we mainly learn about the Bootstrap modal box plug-ins, this is an interactive web site is very common window function plug-ins. More about Bootstrap modal box plug-in content please click on the topic "Bootstrap modal

"Go" bootstrap Modal box (modal) load data using the remote method, only one solution can be loaded once

:[JavaScript]View Plaincopyprint? $ ("#myModal"). On ("hidden", function () { $ (this). Removedata ("modal"); }); You can also remove the data before you open the dialog box, the effect is the same.Note: The above code is based on Bootstrap v2, if you use Bootstrape v3, the modal dialog's HTML and event notation are somewhat different, fo

Bootstrap JavaScript Plugin---popup box (modal frame) Modal

Brief introduction:A pop-up box is a frequently used component that is commonly used for pop-up prompts, confirmation messages, and form content.Complete structural analysis (can have no head and bottom):code example:the head of the popup box - Divclass= "Modal Fade"> Divclass= "Modal-dialog"> Divclass= "

Bootstrap modal modal frame drag-and-drop extension

Supervisor requires bootstrap modal with drag-and-drop movement effect. The code is as follows:Js1 //bootstrap modal frame window move extension, called after Bootstrap initialization2 varBtmodalmoveex =function () {3 functionMoveex ($ This) {4 var$head = $ This.

Bootstrap modal box (modal) vertical center of the instance code _javascript tips

Bootstrap website Download: Today, share a problem with the bootstrap framework, using a large number of pop-up windows (modal) during product development. Just start learning to use the process of discovering that this window can not be vertically centered, always biased, and can not be dragged, looked at the use of the instructions also

Bootstrap open modal modal window causes page jitter resolution

When you use the bootstrap modal modal window component, the trigger will find that the page has a jitter behavior. This is because it hides the browser scroll bar, the page is equivalent to a wide, closed modal window, the page appears again scroll bar, the page has become narrower, this stretch of a contraction will

Modal frame in bootstrap (modal, pop-up layer)

Modal boxes (modal) in Bootstrap, unlike ToolTips, modal boxes appear as pop-up dialogs with the smallest and most useful set of features. Be sure to place the HTML code for the modal box at the highest level of the document (that is, as a direct child of the body tag) to

Bootstrap modals (modal frame) descriptionThe Bootstrap modals (modal box) is created using a custom Jquery plugin. It can be used to create modal windows to enrich the user experience, or to add us

About the "Bootstrap modal modal box pop-up moment disappears"

The premise is that you did not repeatedly introduce Bootstrap.js\bootstrap.min.js and modal.js. Provide a small example.class= "Btnbtn-primary btn-lg" type= "button" data-toggle = "modal" data-target= "#myModal">launchdemomodal Button >Note type= "button", in the need to trigger the button, add this paragraph is good, I have been engaged for half an hourType = "button" to trigger modal box.Reference UR

Bootstrap Basic Plug-in Learning Notes modal dialog box (a) _javascript tips

Bootstrap with a lot of jquery plug-ins, to the user to do front-end development provides a great convenience. For each plug-in, there are 2 ways to reference: one is a separate reference, that is, using Bootstrap's separate *.js file, this way you need to note that some plug-ins and CSS components may rely on other plug-ins, so the individual reference, you need to find out that the inclusion of a relationship with the reference The second is to dire

Bootstrap fixed the BUG that the date control was masked by the modal box. bootstrap Mode

Bootstrap fixed the BUG that the date control was masked by the modal box. bootstrap Mode Bootstrap BUG fixes about the date control being masked by the modal box When using the bootstrap-datepicker.js plug-in, the date value cann

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