brother printer print but not scan

Want to know brother printer print but not scan? we have a huge selection of brother printer print but not scan information on

Getting started with Linux: Installing a brother printer in Linux

Getting started with Linux: Installing a brother printer in Linux Q: I have a brother HL-2270DW laser printer and I want to print documents from my Linux machine. How can I install a proper driver on my computer and use it? The brother's brand is famous for its affordable co

How to troubleshoot problems where a printer cannot print and the document fails to print

symptoms and solutions for printers that cannot print: First symptom: The document failed to print, a yellow exclamation mark appears in the lower-right corner of the taskbar, and prompts "the document failed to print." The USB connection fault of USB printer, bad contact and abnormal

What if the printer is offline and cannot print?

appear in Figure 2 to find the new hardware icon, the printer driver installed can be normal use! If the above method has been tried or not, it is likely that the printer hardware or computer system failure, printer hardware, computer system left in the post-talk! Finally add a few words: when you can determine the print

Remote unauthorized print vulnerability caused by improper design of a printer of HP

.0x01-culpritStep 1: I guess the most likely Operation and Maintenance device is to scan the port of the entire network segment, so I used nmap to scan the printer. Nmap first lists the port opening status, and then performs service identification. Then, the printer suddenly crashes. Amount... It seems that I underst

HP DeskJet 2131 Inkjet printer Print Setup tutorial

The new HP DeskJet 2131 inkjet printer, according to the instructions installed after the installation of the computer, the discovery Scan, copy function is normal use, except printing function can not be used normally.The problem is as follows: Print the test page in the installed printer Assistant can output normall

Are you hungry? A printer automatically receives a print order ticket (tutorial)

Hungry, the United States to sell out with a printer automatically pick up the order of the small ticket. Many businesses because of the pressure of catering industry competition, opened a lot of home delivery platform, so businesses will face such a difficult problem, so many foreign sales platform if you want to use a printer feasible. Today little Bai Jun to share with you the experience is, hungry, Baid

Java calls the printer to print pictures

(); Printrequestattributeset Pras = new Hashprintrequestattributeset ();p ras.add (orientationrequested.portrait); Pras.add (New Copies (count));p Ras.add (Printquality.high);D ocattributeset das = new Hashdocattributeset ();// Sets the size of the printed paper (in millimeters) das.add (new Mediaprintablearea (0, 0,, 296,; FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream (fileName);D oc Doc = new Simpledoc (Fin, DOF, das);D ocprintjob job = Ps.createprin Tjob (); Job.print (Do

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