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Software Development Series (1) Business vs Software, business vs Software Developers

During software development, I often encounter this problem: "When a software function is implemented, the business personnel say one set, and the software personnel say one set ". Here, we can find out a pair of friends who are both conflicting and dependent on business and

"MINA" uses MINA to do the communication between business suits, realizes the business load balance idea

Learn Mina purpose or build communication architecture, learn Mina we know how to implement the client and the service side, that is, a normal channel we know how to buildBut the problem is that we use environmental communication in two ways1. Front-end communication In fact, this is a better implementation, provide a Mina server side, for the front-end lan

Software perspective-from software engineering to business engineering

business personnel, Software engineers will be transferred to the Development of platforms and tools, and business application solutions will be learned by the business and know how to useStandard ModelModeling business personnel to build. Standardized models need to be emp

Inspiration from offshore business (2) splitting software business

The masters in the software industry believe that all problems can be solved by the technical or technical personnel themselves. Therefore, the problem that needs to be addressed by the demand analyst requires developers to "embrace changes". The problem that should be addressed by testers requires developers to "test-driven development ", the problems solved by technical management need to be "self-organized" by the development team. The document eng

"Industrial serial port and network software communication Platform (Superio) tutorial" nine. Rewrite the communication interface function to implement special communication methods

, the Sendbytes parameter is the data information to be sent , you can override this interface function to complete a special send data request. Such as:After receiving the data, you need to change the serial port settings to the default configuration to avoid affecting other device-driven communications, such as:Author qq:504547114QQ Group: 54256083Official website:"Industrial serial port and network software

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of UF ERP software system and the advantage of integrated business software system

Every fast-growing enterprise is striving to find the best business system to manage its expanding business. As a result, various applications are installed in different departments in various functional areas. resulting in inefficient business processes and the emergence of software integration requirements. But how d

High-end applications of VoIP phones for Business Communication

, and phone software with unsatisfactory call quality is indeed filled with the market. The domestic VoIP network telephone industry needs to establish a strategic thinking for the protection of large brands, provide the public's actual call and call experience for network phones through core technologies and innovative consciousness, and continuously Establish industry trust and technical breakthroughs to improve the high-end application of VoIP in

Business Analysis of Cisco Unified Communication System

IP Phone 7985G visual phone, and many Cisco Unified Communication clients. Cisco Unified Communication System Client Cisco uniied CallManager and Cisco uniied CallManager Express support a large number of multimedia client applications, further improving user productivity and simplifying business processes. Cisco uniied Personal Communicator is applicable to Cis

One of the Business Guide series of the Project Manager: Preface and project nature (Agile development, customer, communication, and remittance)

battlefield of game and confrontation, and both parties did not initiate the project because of the game or confrontation. This chapter will return to the project start point to explore the project values that both parties shall share. Understanding responsibility Software Project Managers are often considered to be internal managers who focus on four dimensions: progress, quality, cost, and demand. They are not responsible for negotiation, re

Use Unified Communication to drive business processes

With the development of communication technology, each of us has many communication devices and can use them skillfully. Such as mobile phones, emails, and online chats. However, it is precisely because of the increase in unordered communication methods that the communication efficiency has declined. Avaya provides a f

How Unified Communication helps the company's business

If your company has not yet started to use the Unified Communication Technology, or if you are still not familiar with the Unified Communication, you can miss out on the professional technologies, lower costs, and higher productivity that unified communication can bring to your enterprise. Unified Communication meets y

An overview of HTTP system based on business class communication

An HTTP system based on business class communication, as long as it consists of HTTP server and HTTP client. This series of discussion is based on the implementation of Delphi, in fact, can be extended to other language platform above. Interested friends can try. In Delphi, the server can use Tidhttpserver directly, the client will be able to use the tidhttp directly to complete the process of

Industrial serial port and network software communication platform (SuperIO 2.0) released, network software superio

the configuration software is relatively high, some special businesses or complex businesses cannot be completed. Based on the actual situation, we plan to develop a platform-type software. The core part is the data collection part, which is relatively fixed. the design of similar business functions such as data presentation and data export is flexible, there a

Discussion on Mobile Communication ussd business

From: Ussd (Unstructured Supplementary Service data) is definedA mechanism for the Location Register (HLR) to transmit information and instructions. It provides a text-based interface for mobile communication users.To manage users' business. For example, if you enter "** 21*1234567 # Send" on your mobile phone, all the calls of this user will be tran

"Industrial serial and network software Communication Platform (Superio) tutorial" eight. Superio communication mechanism and device-driven docking instructions

Superio Related information Download: Description of the communication mechanismThe general mechanism of communication using call answering, is the host computer software to send the request Data command, the next computer terminal received the command, and verify the success, return the corresponding data.(1) Serial

Enterprise-level agile software development platform based on DOTNET component technology-agileeas. NET platform development guide-Business implementation

Business hierarchy Based on industry experience, layering is a simple method to solve complex problems. Through layering, you can break down a complex problem into small problems of different levels of applications, it is less difficult to solve small problems at all layers than to solve the general problem. The most successful layer is the computer network communication protocol, ISO/OSI, TCP/IP. In in

(v): C + + Distributed real-time application framework-supporting complex business communication relationships

C + + Distributed real-time application framework-supporting complex business communication relationshipsTechnical cooperation QQ Group: 436466587 Welcome to discuss ExchangeCopyright NOTICE: This article copyright and the technology used belong to Smartguys team all, for plagiarism, not by the consent to reprint and other acts to retain the right to legal investigation!For Cdraf (CPP distributed real-time

Business modeling use case diagram of software project requirement development process Practice

The Software engineering project is to rebuild the Office business Process management platform, need to inherit the original 370 processes on the basis, but also need to provide rapid process development capabilities, and requirements to reflect the normative process management, as well as the execution of the process, efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately for enterprise management innovation to provide

[Tutorial on industrial serial port and network software communication platform (SuperIO)] 4. Develop device drivers and network software superio

[Tutorial on industrial serial port and network software communication platform (SuperIO)] 4. Develop device drivers and network software superioSuperIO-related information download: Development Preparation Copy all files in the "Development Kit" to the "bin" directory of the project, or a dedicated generated directory under the

On "business" Factors in software projects

field expert is that although he is familiar with the field, however, he is familiar with the past and the status quo of this field, and the software system should solve the problem of how to change the status quo. If the ability to predict and analyze and judge the status quo is lacking, it is also difficult for field experts to replace the role of system analysts. System Analysis is a kind of capability that requires the support of methodology

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