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SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

passed, your site has reached the home page, but no one to buy a cotton-padded jacket, which is very sad. So this time we have to fancy short-term benefits, reasonable use of black hat SEO to quickly upgrade rankings, this is the wise choice. Of course, if your product life cycle is heavier, suitable for all seasons, then it is recommended that you take white

SEO Diagnosis: Advocate "White hat seo" refused "Black Hat seo"

, ask why you will fall, the last few days how did not fall or something? I really have no language, how to explain all the reasons, The key is that when you explain she will think you contradict her, the atmosphere will become very embarrassed. The boss was so eager to see the effect, to rank and flow, finally, I also have to try "Black Hat seo", through some improper methods, such as, buy black links, ma

White hat seo why better

This article is written by SEOmoz Randfish, when a man named Kris wrote an article "White hat SEO is a joke", causing a lot of repercussions in the community, and received a lot of support voice. Randfish is always to white hat seo proud, he naturally very uncomfortable, wrote this article told everyone should adhere t

White Hat SEO The basic process and principle of the search engine work

the vast number of SEO practitioners should have found whether Baidu or Google or other commercial search engines, they will require seoer not to care about the algorithm, not to care about the search engine, but to pay more attention to the user experience. Here we can understand that as a metaphor, search engine is to buy watermelon people, and SEO are the people of watermelon, buy watermelon people ask

How to use several popular SEO white hat method to produce a large number of high-quality pages

Included in a certain degree of the search engine on the site friendly degree, also a large number of included pages to prove your flow and keyword ranking, of course, there is not necessarily on behalf of the flow and keywords, such as you are doing industry, although your site content is included, if the title, the content is not done, So it doesn't produce a lot of traffic. In many industry sites, are using a number of SEO white

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