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Black Hat and white hat revenue is strong seo "Good hat"

Now most stationmaster more or less all know a little seo, can say SEO already gradually popularize. Of course, there is still a relatively distinct level of division, there are high people also have entry-level, but this is only a time accumulation and learning summed up the difference. And we all know, SEO is actually divided into black hat seo and white hat se

SEO noun explanation--white hat, black hat, gray hat is what

SEO optimization of friends, white hat, black hat, gray hat these words should be not unfamiliar. However, for the small white webmaster, may not be very clear, in fact, I also through the usual experience summed up some, I hope you can understand a little.White

SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

The seoer who have had some experience are clear, SEO can be divided into two kinds of strategy: white Hat and black hat, these two different strategies to use the ratio is probably 6:4, that is to say, most seoer or will be more fond of white hat seo, because they think tha

White hat seo and black hat seo how do we choose

Some seoer only white hat seo interest, black hat SEO is to sneer at. These people think that Black hat seo use of the means are the next three abuses, is immoral. In fact, I think the Black Hat seo and white

What's the difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker?

What is a white hat hacker? White hat hacker hacker, also known as white Hat Anonymous or white hat, is one of the hackers. Typi

SEO Diagnosis: Advocate "White hat seo" refused "Black Hat seo"

, fortunately, I did not find the wrong SEO diagnostic team, they from the site to do a comprehensive check to the site to return to the normal keyword rankings only half a month of time, this is I did not think of, Speed and technology are I do not dare to compliment, if it is my own to do the words are really a little grasp of it? How long can recover, can recover is a problem! After this lesson, I will never dare to use "Black hat seo" to do the s

Three implicit optimization operations between white hat and black hat

Many of our webmaster in the Web site optimization operation process, in particular, the new station, to operate a lot of things, there is a front to see the optimization of the operation, such as sending SEO articles, add links, design homepage, and so on, there are no foreground to see the optimization operation, I call the recessive optimization operation, the recessive optimization operation is to the search engine, or to assist other optimization operations to do, today's article, I will ta

About Baidu white hat seo and black hat seo explanation

SEO (Search engine optimization, SEO) refers to the optimization of the number and sort position of the Web page in the search engine's natural search results (non-commercial promotion results) and the purpose of this behavior, is to get more free flow from the search engine, and better display the image. While SEM (search engine marketing, SEO), it includes both SEO and paid business promotion optimization. SEO Since the advent of around 1997, gradually differentiated into two types of SEO beha

Black Hat white hat

Label: style color c ar line RGB size Mil A group of people have a dance party with a hat on their heads. There are only black and white hats, and at least one black hat. Everyone can see the colors of others' hats, but not their own. The host will show you what hats others wear on their heads and turn off the lights. If someone thinks they are wearing black hat

13 Web Security-python Network test tools + White hat hacker must, big God finishing, small white can be collected first

Python has a number of well-established libraries, including penetration testing tools, so the vast majority of white hat hackers use the Python language, which is more conducive to the use of Python provided by these libraries to participate in vulnerability research, reverse engineering and infiltration work.This article lists 13 Python network test tools, a total of reference learning.1, scapy,scapy3k: S

White hat seo How are you doing in China?

Baidu Encyclopedia "white hat seo" entry such definition "White hat seo": "White hat seo as the name implies is frankly clear, reveal in the outside." is a fair approach, is the use of the mainstream search engine distribution gui

White hat seo why better

This article is written by SEOmoz Randfish, when a man named Kris wrote an article "White hat SEO is a joke", causing a lot of repercussions in the community, and received a lot of support voice. Randfish is always to white hat seo proud, he naturally very uncomfortable, wrote this article told everyone should adhere t

Interpretation of Baidu Optimization Guide: White hat seo "normal" operation

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. A few days ago Baidu SEO related words have been set up Baidu's SEO recommendations, the proposal focused on the white hat seo and black hat SEO targeted recommendations, this point in the previous article, "Baidu for SEO suggestions Friendship force pretty white

White Hat operation Manual of qualified seoer: Maximize SEO Effect

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. I do not know how many of you are concerned about white hat seo, the individual because likes to carry on the white hat SEO operation, regarding this word the attention degree is relatively high, but also advocated my friend to carry on the

White hat seo Trend

White Hat SEO is undoubtedly the most popular search engine site optimization method. Any of his SEO programs are implemented based on user experience and the mainstream search engine SEO specifications. Now SEO is not what the new industry, the major search engines are open to SEO transparent, Guide seoer correct and search engine communication. And for the Black Hat

Read >>>> white hat talk web security <<<< summary → I recommend a book

"White hat Speaks web security" Wu HanqingJust beginning to read this book is attracted by this book, feel very good, to recommend, recently read this book, feel Good Essence on record, as the saying goes >>> good head than a rotten pen Information is not equal to knowledge, now read books, record, feel very good Wu → The core competency of security engineers is not how many 0day he has, how many securit

Why is Seo always better with a white hat?

There are only a few things in this world that I think are not white or black, but it is in this scope to make junk information and use honest and legitimate methods for search engine optimization. In my opinion, if you want to build a real brand and business, 100% of white hats will be rewarded. Because: There is always a better way to use the time and money. It takes time and money to make garbage. It is

Later optimization methods tend to be in the white hat mode

The optimization methods can be divided into white hats and black hats. The two optimization methods have the opposite nature. The former adopts a formal method as the content of practice. The latter has a fast speed-up and has made some cost-effective content. At the initial stage of optimization The optimization methods can be divided into white hats and black hats. The two optimization methods have the o

Website Quick Ranking Method Daquan, white hat article

So the site optimization of people are thinking of a problem, is how to make the site quickly ranked, want to go, it seems to see, or those stereotyped practices, or black hat practices. This black hat practice, it is easy to lead to the death of the site, there are many people wandering on the road of death. When choosing a black hat or

"Resources" web security Engineer-NetEase "white hat hack" training camp

Always want to understand web security knowledge, before bought a famous "White hat Talk web security", although the book is well written, but more suitable for some basic students. have been thinking that there is no basis for a small white introductory tutorial, finally in the NetEase cloud class found this course:Web Security Engineer-NetEase "

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